October 4, 2022

On May 1, the fourth AdCombo Challenge, The Great AdVenture, began. The prizes are now even more luxurious! This year all affiliate marketers who has AdCombo account can compete for an ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE IV, $70,000, and many other valuable guaranteed and raffled prizes!
Previously only the Top 50 had a chance to win prizes, but this year AdCombo changed the mechanics of the Challenge to allow different levels of affiliates to squeeze the maximum out of CPA marketing! What is different this time?

This year AdCombo introduced regional Top. It means that every month webmaster have a chance to get extra Golden Keys for the highest number of approved leads in regions. Affiliate can get up to 7 additional challenge points in one month, which is equivalent to $70,000. The mechanic let more partners get into the Top 50.

If a team is on the rise or a participant is running ad campaigns solo, AdCombo want to support new partners and give them a chance to get Golden Keys in real money on their balance. Starting up is always hard. The company understand, appreciate it, and want to support their affiliates!
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