February 24, 2024

End-to-end commerce enablement company, AnyMind Group has announced the launch of additional functionalities for its influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, that enable marketers to better discover user-generated content (UGC), trending influencers and posts, and take action, and manage and track referral codes for influencers.
With these functions, an AnyTag user can now identify trending influencers to work with and trending posts for content ideas, run campaigns and measure conversions, and acquire UGC that can be used as creatives on e-commerce channels for greater authenticity.
Also, AnyTag users can now better leverage influencers for affiliate marketing by uploading, managing, and tracking referral codes for influencers through AnyTag, which also enables the attribution of e-commerce sales to individual influencers.
The additions come at a time when the company is gearing its various platforms, including AnyTag, for next-generation commerce – the next step in how businesses operate – where business can be done out of a single platform, is borderless and open, and data can be maximized freely across traditionally-siloed business functions.
Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group, said, “This year, we have so far launched platforms for conversational commerce and e-commerce management, but also continued to improve existing products such as AnyTag, AnyCreator, and AnyManager, gearing all of these products towards an interconnected future.”
Some of the new features are:
UGC Management
Available in the Enterprise Plan for AnyTag’s social media analytics module, the UGC management feature enables brands and business owners to discover content generated by social media users across Instagram that use brand mentions, brand tags, and brand hashtags, view this content, request permission to reuse a piece of content, and manage approval status within AnyTag.  
Trending Posts and Trending Influencers
The company has also released a new “Trends” module on AnyTag, which includes Trending Posts and Trending Influencers. Trending Posts helps platform users identify content on a specific day or category that is trending across 19 markets including Southeast Asia, East Asia, India, and the Middle East, whilst Trending Influencers helps platform users identify social media influencers globally who have achieved significant follower growth over the past one, three, six and 12 months.
Referral Code Management
In addition, AnyTag now supports the individual and bulk upload, management, and tracking of referral codes for influencers, enabling platform users to easily combine their influencer marketing campaigns with affiliate marketing campaigns, and attribute e-commerce sales to individual influencers. AnyTag users can now choose to track clicks and conversions either through existing pixel integration functionality or by referral code.
Purwa Jain, Managing Director of Product Growth for AnyMind Group, said, “This is just the start of the next step for AnyTag, as we look to make influencer marketing more attributable, effective and interconnected. Last quarter, we provided influencers with more ways to engage with their followers and fans through AnyCreator and we’ve now added greater capabilities for marketers on AnyTag for lower funnel campaigns, as we look to build a more sustainable ecosystem for influencer marketing across Asia.” 
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