October 1, 2023

NEWARK, N.J., and LYON, France (PRWEB)
APLUSA, a global healthcare marketing research firm, announced today that its U.S. affiliate, APLUSA Bell Falla, will change its name to ‘APLUSA’. Coming more than six years after the acquisition of Bell Falla and Associates by APLUSA Research Inc., this change represents the full integration of the U.S. affiliate into the APLUSA global organization.
Although the legal name of APLUSA’s U.S. affiliate will continue to be APLUSA Bell Falla LLC until the name change process has been completed, for marketing and branding purposes the company will now begin to refer to itself under the new corporate name.
“This name change will simplify the brand for our customers around the world,” says Christine Maï, APLUSA's Deputy General Manager and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, “With this rebranding, we affirm APLUSA’s commitment to the U.S. biopharmaceutical market.
Kevin Kelly, the head of APLUSA’s business in the U.S., adds, “We look forward to even greater collaboration with our APLUSA colleagues around the world and to continuing to introduce APLUSA’s exceptional healthcare market research offerings to an even greater number of U.S.-based biopharmaceutical clients.”
APLUSA is one of the world’s leading independent market research companies dedicated to healthcare. Thanks to the excellence and commitment of our teams, our challenge for globalization has been well and truly met. More than half of our turnover is generated overseas, two-thirds of our services are international (conducted in 75 countries), and our teams are a true reflection of our business: multi-nationals. We are now, globally, among the Top 5 Global Healthcare Market Research Companies, and the Top 3 Independent Players.
For more information on APLUSA, please visit us at https://www.aplusaresearch.com.
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