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This article breaks down everything you should know about Affiliate Marketing – What it is, how to start and the best affiliate marketing programs or websites in Nigeria.
Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way for internet-savvy entrepreneurs to make money online. While the possibilities for making money online are endless, it is one of the most dynamic ways to do so. This article on Naijaknowhow contains everything you should know about affiliate marketing, how to start and the best affiliate marketing programs or sites in Nigeria.
Affiliate marketing can then only be done with affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate programs can range from web hosting services like Namecheap to online stores like Jumia and in this article, we’d be looking at the top affiliate sites to earn money online in Nigeria. Let’s dive right into it.
But before we go into the details, I would like to answer the frequently asked questions concerning this topic. Questions such as:
All these questions and more would be answered in this article.
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According to Investopedia.com, it is an advertising model in which a company pays others (e.g bloggers) to advertise their products to generate sales.
To explain further, Affiliate Marketing is a marketing strategy that involves promoting products and services of other businesses and in return, you get paid a commission if someone purchases a product through your affiliate link.
Affiliates place ads or market the products of merchants or vendors on their website, app or blog. Then fees known as commissions are paid to them every time a purchase has been made through their affiliate link.
As an affiliate, your main task is to drive traffic to your vendors’ sites and find customers for their products. You need to have at least basic knowledge of the products you are promoting. In the event that customers ask you questions, you should be able to answer them professionally which will make them willing to buy.
You don’t necessarily have to own a website or app but you do need to have an online presence that is you should at least have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. As long as you have followers and friends, you have an audience that may be inclined to click on the links you post.
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To start affiliate marketing in Nigeria is quite easy. All you need to do is:
Anyone can be an affiliate marketer if they are ready to put in the work. It does not require any degrees or technical skills. All you need is your smartphone and a good internet connection.
Jumia is a company built around marketplace, logistics and payment services. It is reputed to be Nigeria’s number 1 online shopping site. They offer over 6,000,000 products and have over 10,000 active vendors. Jumia Affiliate Program is also known as Jumia KOL Program and is one of the top affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.
Jumia’s affiliate process has been designed to guarantee ease of use. The process is as follows:
Jumia offers up to 9% commission on sales made by a buyer who was led to the site through your affiliate link. Commissions are paid within the 15th and 25th day of the month for orders placed in that month on the condition that at least 10,000 naira has been realized by your sales. If not the payment will roll over to the next month.
Konga is a Nigerian online store founded in 2012. They offer over 100,000 products and sell to over 50 million buyers across Nigeria. On average, the Konga commission can go up to 9%.
It is acclaimed to be Nigeria’s no. 1 betting website. The site ranks among the most visited websites in Nigeria at the time of writing this article. Their products include online casinos, sports betting and virtual gaming experience. If you’re in search of another really awesome affiliate marketing program in Nigeria, then try this option.
NB: Commission is based on player performance and is not always guaranteed. All selections with odds of 101 are subject to 0% commission.
Payporte.com is an online store that started in 2014. They deal in clothes both male and female, but they have diversified over the years into accessories like bags and purses. They also sell home appliances and tech gadgets as well. They guarantee fast delivery for every product ordered.
Travelstart is an African online travel agency with branches across Africa. Their services include hotel bookings, car rentals, holiday packages and so on. Since they have a wide audience in Africa, it is very profitable to work for Travelstart.
As an affiliate for TravelStart, your main task is to promote sales and drive traffic to the TravelStart website. You’ll earn money every time someone makes a booking through your affiliate links.
The process is simple.
Wakanow, just like TravelStart is an African online travel company with a presence all over Africa and a dedicated effort to expand outside the coasts of Africa. They offer easy and affordable travel services with a friend a top-notch booking portal for flights and accommodation and a high-level payment system. It was founded in 2008.
To start an affiliate program with Wakanow is not free unlike other programs in this article. The steps you need to take are:
The commission is profitable as you get 50% of the registration fee each time the referee pays the affiliate registration fee.
And there you have it. There are lots of affiliate marketing sites or programs in Nigeria and a lot more globally but this list contains the best sites which guarantee ease of use and profitable commission rates. If you are interested in making money through affiliate marketing, start with these programs today. Until next time, Au Revoir.
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