February 24, 2024

Coinigy is one of the most renowned multi-exchange trading platforms that provide access to global financial markets where all kinds of businesses, big or small, can rely on information provided by the platform to power the decision-making skills of the crypto traders. This crypto trading platform has a team of talented developers, dedicated evangelists, and analysts who believe in cryptocurrency trading and in providing the best of the financial markets. The trading terminal of the cryptocurrency trading platform offers stop-loss and limit order types, and Coinigy handles synthetic stop-limit orders and is available on various exchanges. However, read our Coinigy review further and know about the platform in detail.
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In addition, the exchange platform is designed for both beginner traders and advanced traders with a simplistic design to streamline automated trading operations. The cryptocurrency trading platform offers unlimited chart layouts and analytical and live data alongside powerful tools and technical indicators. This platform can centralize multiple various exchange accounts in one interface to make portfolio tracking much simpler than otherwise.
Let us now delve deeper into this Coinigy review to learn more about the crypto trading platform and different features offered by the exchange, including trading fees, mobile support, security, trading tools, trading platforms, and many more.

Coinigy is one of the best digital asset exchange services in the financial market that allow traders to execute trades on multiple exchanges and customize trading strategies with the help of more than 130 technical indicators. Coinigy has partnered with CryptoTrader to allow the import of transaction history and generate crypto tax reporting for investors and traders. This platform can also share these tax reports with tax professionals. The exchange supports more than 4000 digital assets and forex trading pairs and gives access to various global financial markets.
Coinigy Platform Overview
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The interface is simple and neatly arranged, where traders can access all exchanges on one platform. The multiple accounts and order types allow users to choose their best combination and enjoy unlimited trading and other essential features and functionality. Another great tool new users can use is the subscription to Copy trading signals for Bitmex and Binance. Coinigy is a promising startup offering 24*7 live chat support and a knowledge base for beginners new to the crypto world.

Coinigy is one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms that offers complete access to multiple exchanges, including Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Coinbase, FTX, and more. What makes Coinigy more desirable than its competitors in the market is its ability to connect with more than 45 crypto exchanges, allowing users to get real-time access to spot trading, margin trading, copy trading, price data, arbitrage opportunities, and aggregation tools.
Being the world’s best crypto exchange, Coinigy offers email and SMS price alerts to keep users updated. Another great advantage of using Coinigy is the modern anti-theft device technology that allows users to monitor their crypto wallets and carry out portfolio tracking from a single place.
Why Choose Coinigy?
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Coinigy is one of the most transparent cryptocurrency trading platforms that does not charge any additional fees from its users. However, traders may be charged a small fee depending on their subscription after the trial period.
Coinigy offers extensive tools, technical indicators, charts, and live data feeds that can be accessed from various mobile devices using iOS and Android apps.
API integration allows users to interact with Coinigy Account and Exchange Accounts, refresh balances, set alerts, place or cancel orders, and poll for market information. The API integration also allows direct and real-time interaction and consistent portfolio management of advanced and powerful trading and charting on different accounts.
Coinigy offers downloadable trade history where users can get full access to historical market data on BTC and other cryptocurrencies available in RAW and 0HLCV formats.
Coinigy users can also use the Coinigy mobile app and plug-ins to enjoy seamless integration with popular software and operating systems like Android and iOS. Coinigy directly integrates with Google Sheets which allows interaction with Bitcoin and other crypto balances, and CryptoTicker from Firefox and Chrome also provides price updates and access to favorite charts. The in-browser tools and apps include the Coinigy app, ArbMatrix, Bitcoin Chart Scanner, and Social Scanner.
Coinigy Features
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To create an account with Coinigy, users must go to the official website and navigate to Sign Up, which is available on the right- corner of the landing page. New traders can use the free plan with the Starter account, enjoy a 30-day free trial with access to most of the Coinigy features, and manage cryptocurrency portfolios. A registration field will appear on the screen, which needs to be filled with a valid email ID and a strong password using alphanumeric characters.
Accept the site’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and click Register to create the account. An email will be sent to the trader’s registered Email ID. Open the embedded link to confirm and verify the email address. Use the Email ID and password to log in to the newly created Coinigy account.
Coinigy Sign Up Process
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Once the Coinigy free account has been created, it is time to link the exchange accounts by navigating to Accounts available on the top bar of the site’s menu. Traders can choose from the different digital exchanges supported by Coinigy, choose an exchange and connect the real account with the trading platform using the unique individual API. The same procedure needs to be followed to link all accounts of major exchanges to Coinigy.
The Coinigy company does not offer any wallet. Hence, traders need to choose their wallet to track it using a unique wallet address by adding an address key to initiate the process of connecting them to the trading platform. Once that is complete, users can start trading different cryptocurrencies by navigating to the platform’s dashboard to initiate charting, trading, and tracking of more than 4000 different coins and trading pairs spread across more than 45 compatible cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coinigy offers a great affiliate program for its users to partner with the world’s top exchange company and builds a growing community across countries. The Coinigy affiliate program features a commission plan where every user can get a $15 per paid client who signs up at Coinigy. Hence, every partner can benefit by bringing more traction to the Coinigy webpage. Whenever the referral clicks on the link sent by the affiliate and purchases a subscription, the account gets credited $15 instantly.
Coinigy Affiliate Program
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Coinigy takes security very seriously and has taken multiple steps to ensure client data is safe and secure on the trading platform. The Coinigy website uses an EAS 256-bit encryption protocol that protects sensitive user data. Every user request is verified, encrypted, and secured by SSL (secure socket layer). The multi-tiered server architecture used by Coinigy ensures server integrity. The platform directly does not handle client funds as they are safely stored in the wallets of major exchanges.
The user requests are checked and filtered for CSRF, XSS, Clickjacking, and Session Impersonation attacks. With 30 years of expertise in security practices, Coinigy has posted in Google’s data centers and uses Google Authenticator’s two-factor authentication method, one of the best services that do not use third-party servers. It also encourages users to set restrictions on API integration keys, limiting the capabilities of users who use Coinigy.

As mentioned in this Coinigy review, it is a recognized platform famous for a variety of trading features and for providing access to 45 different exchanges. What makes Coinigy one of the best companies in the financial market is the kind of customer service offered by the platform. Coinigy comprises an effective customer service team that offers services via multiple channels, including a 24*7 live chat facility.
Traders can access the live chat feature by navigating to the Support button and entering the query in the chat box. They can also submit a ticket via the helpdesk available on the support page, and customers can leave a message via email at [email protected] They can also access the enriching FAQ/knowledge base that answers the frequently asked questions concerning the use of Coinigy, such as methods of deposits, security and functions of private keys, the process of purchasing coins, managing accounts, and many more.
Coinigy Customer Support
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To summarize this Coinigy review, the Coinigy trader platform is the best for crypto traders who wish to consolidate several accounts into a single platform. The efficiency and enhanced speed of Coinigy are bolstered so that users do not have to flip through multiple windows. Coinigy offers prices, stocks, and visual tools to track different device portfolios.
The Starter free account allows unlimited trading transactions to several exchanges with a 30-day free trial. During this trial period, users get access to charts, price alerts, technical analysis, and much more without being concerned about any risks of losing money. With the best trading strategies, traders can invest or trade on Coinigy to earn profit and avoid losses.

Yes, Coinigy is one of the safest trading platforms for every trader worldwide. The site uses advanced and modern security features and provides a transparent platform where all the prices and fees are mentioned for all account types.
Coinify allows traders to save chart layouts such as intervals and symbols. To do this, users must navigate to the website’s top right corner and click on the button with an Up arrow.
Yes, Coinigy takes security with high priority and uses multi-tiered server architecture with complex credentials to ensure server integrity.
Yes, Coinigy offers a referral program, and the website founders pay $15 for every referral registration on the platform.
Coinigy uses the following security measures – AES 256-bit encryption, secure SSL protocol, and two-factor authentication to protect passwords and other sensitive client information and funds.


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