July 18, 2024

The visionary and innovator Eman Pulis is responsible for the success and enormous growth of the SiGMA Group. Starting as a small startup, Sigma is today a reference when we talk about betting events in the world.
Pulis believed, despite the pandemic and the entire global health crisis, that innovation was possible, and also created, in 2021, a “4 shows” event that included SiGMA, AGS, Med-Tech World and AIBC as part of Malta Week , in November 2021. And several “international supershows” in 2022.
One of the biggest igaming fairs in the world, SiGMA Week, which takes place in Malta from the 14th to the 18th of November, and expects to bring together more than 25 thousand people on the days of the event, already has all the arrangements in place, and at the same time, there will be a digital health event – Med-Tech World, as part of Malta Week at Hilton Malta.
iGaming Brazil spoke with the founder and CEO of the SiGMA Group, Eman Pulis, who, among other things, talked about the expectation and preparations for the event in Malta, plans to open an office in Brazil and the organization of an event in the country, in 2023.
iGaming Brazil – How will the next SiGMA event in November in Malta be? What news does it bring, surprises, in terms of technology?
Eman Pulis – We’re so excited for Malta Week, which kicks off from the 14th to the 18th of November, at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre in Ta’ Qali. Although November is typically seen as a cold shoulder month for Malta, we’re expecting to welcome 25,000 to Malta Week, where 3 of our biggest brands – SiGMA, AIBC, and AGS – will come together under one roof, connecting sponsors, affiliates, and exhibitors on an international scale and boosting the island’s leisure and entertainment sectors. We’re also holding a digital health event – Med-Tech World as part of Malta Week at the Hilton Malta.
The alignment of these sectors will allow investors to leverage the significant crossover potential for multi-faceted business deals and to double down on opportunities to connect with some of the leading affiliates, policy makers, thought leaders, affiliates, and operators in the industry. 
Due to increased demand from delegates we’ve increased our expo floor footprint to include a third tent – which means double the conferences and exhibitors as last year. We’re also holding a whole range of friendly competitive events, such as padel, football, poker, and golf tourneys. 
The expo facilitates opportunities for some of the leading projects, start-ups, regulators and institutional investors to have a physical presence at the core of a buzzing network for business development and partnership building. 
Delegates can expect plenty of content exploring the latest in the gaming, emerging tech, and affiliate marketing industries, as well as a packed expo floor showcasing top products and demos and featuring gaming areas, competitions, and some really
The summits serve as vital platforms for thought-leadership, with industry veterans spearheading the future of the industry through inspiring keynotes, enlightening panels and educational workshops.
A top-tier lineup of conference speakers is already in the works, with some leading influencers and policy makers expected to join the discussion fray. We’ve also booked premier entertainment for our traditional closing night events, with US rapper Fat Joe confirmed to perform. 
iGaming Brazil – How many companies/people do you expect to receive on this occasion? What comparison to last year’s event do you make?
Eman Pulis – Our expo floor is already almost sold out, with around 700 carefully curated high level exhibitors confirmed. An increased footprint this year means we were able to expand the number of opportunities we could offer exhibitors – increasing the diversity of opportunities for our delegates.
iGaming Brazil – How was the event in the Balkans, held last month? What assessment do you make?
Eman Pulis – Belgrade is a great city with a lot to offer – especially when it comes to sourcing top talent. Our first event in the region exceeded our expectations, welcoming over 2,700 delegates, many of whom flew in especially for the event. As always, networking was a top priority, and we made sure there were plenty of events happening throughout our time there that paved the way for investors, operators, and affiliates to connect. 
iGaming Brazil – Brazil represents a great attraction for the betting market, and with the regulation the tendency is for this to grow. So what do you expect will happen in the next few years after this fact. What will change in the Brazilian market?
Eman Pulis – Brazil stands at the forefront of opportunity. The implementation of a solid regulatory framework will put the country in the running to become a strong hub for the gaming sector in the LatAm region. While regulations for land-based and online gaming are still being revised, the market looks set to grow significantly over the next few years as more and more companies continue to see the benefits. We’re also excited to see how the country has embraced the emerging tech industry and look forward to exploring the opportunities for innovation and development that go hand-in-hand with forward-thinking tech such as Blockchain and AI.
iGaming Brazil – Is that why you chose to have an office in São Paulo two years ago, already thinking about the great potential of the Brazilian market?
Eman Pulis – While we had initially planned to open an office in São Paulo, we unfortunately had to take a step back and put those plans on hold due to the global health pandemic.
This was a tough time for many companies, but ultimately, the industry has come out stronger than ever, united and resilient in the face of change. These past 2 years have provided an unexpected silver lining for us – giving us valuable time to focus on refining our process, explore new ideas, and invest in our team.
iGaming Brazil – What differences do you see between the Latin American and European audiences in terms of betting?
Eman Pulis – While there are similarities, especially when it comes to football fever, it’s fair to say that sports are king amongst the LatAm markets – with football, baseketball, and MMA dominating.
In fact, SiGMA is partnered with Centurion FC, and will be bringing mixed martial arts entertainment to all its events. In addition to continuing to see healthy growth when it comes to Esports, it is likely that bettors in LatAm will also look to explore betting markets outside of sports – especially as the region develops and diversifies – something that will flourish as regulation continues to shape growth in the gaming landscape. 
iGaming Brazil – Does SiGMA intend to hold any face-to-face events in Brazil?
Eman Pulis – Yes, we’re very excited to announce that we hope to hold our first summit in the LatAm market in São Paulo next spring. Keep an eye on our website for more information.

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