February 5, 2023

HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / April 29, 2022 / FPM.Global is proud to announce that it has been named ‘Affiliate Program of the Year' at the 2022 Affiliate Grand Slam (AGS) Awards, which took place in Dubai. Rising stars and thought leaders in the affiliate marketing and tech industries attended a lavish evening gala to network and recognize the individuals and organisations who are leading innovation and making waves throughout the industry. Over the course of the evening, awards were given out for excellence in the digital marketing & affiliate sector, including the coveted ‘Affiliate Program of the Year' title, which went to FPM.Global. The event judges highlighted howFPM.Global is "changing the way we look at affiliate programs in 2022."
About the AGS Award
AGS is a series of events hosted around the world that bring together movers and shakers in several related business fields, including FinTech, Blockchain, Affiliate Marketing, and iGaming. AGS its ‘Affiliate Program of the Year' Award aims to honour "the best program that saved our lucky affiliates from countless hours spent organising."
About FPM.Global
Financial Partners Marketing (FPM) Global is a leading global partner network, specialising in exclusive financial offers. Its mission is to facilitate its partners' abilities to monetize their client base and web traffic. The company's flagship products offer its affiliates the opportunity to promote some of the highest-earning brands in the FinTech industry which, through their platforms, are either offering stock investments and CFDs trading or managing cryptocurrencies and digital assets.
FPM.Global is no stranger to prestigious accolades, having already been named ‘Best Partner Program' at the European Global Banking and Finance Awards in 2021. FPM.Global has attracted praise for its flexible and rewarding payment plans, from lump sums to revenue sharing over time, the strength of its associated brands in the online trading and digital asset markets, and the ease-of-use of its platform, which provides partners with detailed statistics on client conversions and activity. Furthermore, FPM.Global also offers its partners a wide variety of promo materials, with direct support by a personal manager. To date, FPM.Global's effectiveness has been endorsed by over 20,000 partners around the world.
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(Bloomberg) — John Paulson became a billionaire after his hedge fund effectively shorted more than $25 billion of mortgage securities at the dawn of the global financial crisis. As he sizes up yet another frothy housing market some 15 years later, the founder of Paulson & Co. says another downturn in US home prices may be in the cards — but the banking system is in a much better condition to handle it. Paulson sat down with Bloomberg for a wide-ranging interview at the Union League of Philadel
The first half of the year saw the benchmark S&P 500 (SNPINDEX: ^GSPC) produce its worst return since 1970. With the S&P 500 and Nasdaq respectively declining 24% and 34%, respectively, at their peaks, both indexes have firmly entered bear market territory. Given the heightened volatility and uncertainty that accompanies bear markets, it has a lot of investors wondering where the market will bottom.
The tax agency is about to hand out more than a billion dollars to taxpayers.
It is the worst year for buying the stock-market dip since the 1930s. Instead of rebounding after a tumble, stocks have continued to fall, denting a strategy that soared in popularity over the past decade.
Cathie Wood's Ark Innovation ETF, which focuses on such stocks, has plunged by nearly 75% from its early 2021 peak, and some individual companies have fallen further. Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD),  Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: META), and Twilio (NYSE: TWLO) are likely three such stocks. Jake Lerch (Advanced Micro Devices): There's plenty of carnage in the stock market among tech stocks, and AMD is no exception.
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Tesla's billionaire CEO has a chance to expand his influence, but he can also give his critics new ammunition.
Answer: It sounds like you’re feeling stressed about money and questioning your decisions, so we asked financial advisers and money pros what you’re doing right and what you might want to change. “I would base your savings rate towards a home, and how much you can temporarily divert from the student loan debt towards a home, on how much you think the home will cost,” says Joe Favorito, certified financial planner at Landmark Wealth Management.
Stocks have taken a bumpy ride this year. The S&P 500 was in a free fall for the first six months of 2022, tumbling about 24% from peak to trough on fears that rising interest rates to combat inflation could cause a recession. With the market growing fearful again, our contributors think that some stocks are starting to look like great bargains.
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Today, with the stock market in meltdown mode, it’s natural to look back at other times of financial woe. The market environment in the 1970s can be particularly instructive.
Energy in the next few years is biased “towards higher prices," says one oil analyst.
‘When I married my husband, he sold his house, which was valued at about $100,000 more than mine, but he had no equity in it.’
Last week, Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) unveiled its new RTX graphics chips based on its "Lovelace" architecture. The chips have some impressive performance metrics, making an exciting leap forward in performance over the prior Ampere generation. The highest-end RTX Lovelace 4090 graphics cards will retail for $1,599, and the 4080 cards will go for a lower range, between $899 and $1,199.
These EV stocks are way down, but that's no guarantee that investors who buy shares now will make money.
AT&T (NYSE: T) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) both underwent dramatic transformations over the past year. AT&T divested DirecTV, merged WarnerMedia with Discovery to create Warner Bros. Discovery (NASDAQ: WBD) , and sold many of its non-core assets to prioritize the growth of its core telecom business.
(Bloomberg) — Week by week, the bond-market crash just keeps getting worse and there’s no clear end in sight.With central banks worldwide aggressively ratcheting up interest rates in the face of stubbornly high inflation, prices are tumbling as traders race to catch up. And with that has come a grim parade of superlatives on how bad it has become.On Friday, the UK’s five-year bonds tumbled by the most since at least 1992 after the government rolled out a massive tax-cut plan that may only stren
These rock-solid income stocks, with yields ranging from 5% to 7%, can pad aged investors' pocketbooks while making them richer.
The S&P 500 could be set for a long period of sideways trading that make the returns of the last decade seem like a dream.
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