July 18, 2024

iGaming technology company Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) announced Tuesday a new partnership with German-based operator Merkur Gaming for the provision of its automated affiliate marketing compliance tool, GiG Comply.
GiG Comply will allow Merkur to set up bespoke criteria and checklist parameters to scan web pages for content including links, iGaming code red words, and regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions. “GiG comply uses its rules engine to analyze real snapshots from affiliates’ campaigns and provides operators with the promotional content that is being used in their brands’ promotions,” the company explained in a press release.
GiG describes the iGaming industry in Germany as “a robustly regulated marketplace,” which makes compliance a priority for operators like Merkur, placing an emphasis on the need to protect their brands. According to the tech provider, its tool can be tailored to cover any market-specific requirements, which will allow Merkur to ensure that it remains in line with regulations in the jurisdiction.
We’re delighted to announce a new partnership for our automated affiliate marketing compliance tool GiG Comply, with German based operator Merkur#iGaming, #OnlineCasino #Casino #affiliatemarketing #techsolutions $GiG #GiGMedia #compliancehttps://t.co/6H5Aizv75X
Jonas Warrer, Chief Marketing Officer at GiG, said: “It’s important that GiG Comply will continue to help Merkur, as it does our other partners, to remain proactive and in control of its marketing compliance. We’re delighted to be able to ensure affiliates are fully aligned with their brand and responsible gaming requirements.”
Martin Collins, Affiliate Lead at Merkur, added: “With everything we do here at Merkur Partners we aim to do it right, especially when it comes to compliance. All our brands are operated by local licenses both on and offline and where we abide by the rules. Having GiG Comply on board as a strategic partner is a great starting point as both sides come with a vast knowledge of the iGaming world, and with ever-changing regulations, we will make a great partnership.”
It’s official, we’re delighted to have announced this morning the creation of a brand new North American hub.#iGaming, #OnlineCasino #Casino #Platform #techsolutions $GiG #sportsbookhttps://t.co/27cRiDJILH
In line with its global expansion plans, GiG announced last week further investment in North America with the creation of a US hub led by co-founder Ben Clemes, who will assume the position of President of GiG North America. The company expects the new hub to be operational during Q2, 2023. 
GiG has been operational in the US since 2018, beginning with the powering of the Hard Rock brand in New Jersey. Since then, the group has taken on an increasingly significant role in the North American market by signing new partnerships and through additional investment.


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