June 19, 2024

A DIGITAL marketer earns up to $1,860 per WEEK with an online side hustle that you can do from your own home in your own time.
According to a video from side hustle pro and marketer "Mr. Phil", who goes by makemoneywithphil on TikTok, there's at least one avenue you should be seeking to make more passive income.
Phil explained that even if you're new to side hustles, his suggestion shouldn't be intimidating.
"Making one thousand dollars a week online, as a beginner, is not as hard as people think it is," he said.
His suggestion as far as one side hustle that he does personally involves affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing involves you promoting a product or service online for another company.
They then pay you a commission for any traffic or sales that come from it.
To show proof of its success, Phil revealed a couple of his pay stubs to his viewers.
The month of April into the beginning of May was visible on his receipts, with earnings per week like $503.78, $1,073.81, and even $1,860.22.
In total, all of the earnings from Phil's paystubs over about one month and a half totaled $7,494.37.
That's quite a bit of extra cash in your pocket in just about a month.
While he didn't specify exactly how he does it, another TikToker has shared a five-step guide to affiliate marketing.
She said she earns up to $15,000 a month from promoting products online.
Phil also noted that there are various types of side hustles instead of affiliate marketing that can earn you this kind of cash or better.
"There are hundreds of ways to make money online, just find one that works for you," he said.
These are additional streams of income you can add on top of your full-time job.
If you're looking for different avenues, one side hustle aficionado just tried 26 different kinds and has recommendations for the best ones.
You can even earn $120 over a weekend just for hanging out with a dog.
For some people, the right side hustle can even earn enough to allow you to quit your full-time position and solely focus on it.
This happened to a woman in the UK who claims to have made £119million ($139million) in sales last year.
With any side hustle, keep in mind your earnings are taxable.
Entrepreneur Joshua Mayo has also recently revealed a way to make $10,000 per day straight from your home through YouTube.
The US Sun also has an entire page dedicated to more information on the best and most profitable side hustles.
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