July 18, 2024

IN just two hours a day, you can make $1,000 working from a couch.
It’s a side hustle that TikTok influencer FinanciallyFreeOnline, who also goes by Jillian, recently created a video about to her nearly 60,000 followers.
In her video, she’s pictured sitting on her couch in a hoodie with the caption, “Me yesterday working two hours from my couch and making $1024 all because I started a side hustle anyone can do.”
“You’re just as capable as I am,” Jillian said to her followers.
“Just have to give yourself a chance.”
So what exactly is this elusive side hustle? Affiliate marketing.
Strictly speaking, affiliate marketing is the process where publishers can earn a commission by promoting a product or service made by another retailer or advertiser.
By using an affiliate link, the affiliate partner is rewarded a payout for bringing better results to the company.
A key way to build your affiliate marketing abilities is to create quality content.
This way, your audience will respect what you create and be more likely to use an affiliate link for a company you recommend.
It also helps to build a niche, so audiences know and highly trust your perspective in a specific market.
Some of the best beginner affiliate marketing choices are software or information products.
Whatever you do, choose something that complements the content you already make.
During times of extreme inflation, more and more Americans have opted to become their own boss and create a side gig.
Whichever side hustle you embark on, it often helps for it to be something you’re passionate about or at least something that doesn’t feel too much like work.
Some, like this woman’s pet waste removal service, require a bit of work outside the home.
With others, you can open up your computer and instantly start working.
You can get paid up to $850 to talk while you’re doing chores.
Meanwhile, making deliveries for a few hours a day can net you an additional $1,000.
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