March 27, 2023

Instacart shoppers can now browse Lizzo’s grocery cart with a new in-app discovery feature. 
You might not be able to sing like Lizzo, but thanks to Instacart, you can snack like her. 
This month, Instacart unveiled a new in-app feature that allows customers to shop curated grocery lists created by influencers, public figures and yes, Lizzo herself. The feature, called “Carts,” is designed to help shoppers discover new products while bridging the gap between consumers and fan-favorite pop-culture personalities. 
The national ad campaign for Carts launched with a whimsical 1-minute video of Lizzo (one of the platform’s first big-time celebrity endorsements) titled “The World Is Your Cart.” In the production, the Grammy Award-winning musician sits in a gold bubble bath scrolling through the Instacart app on her phone as grocery store items spawn to life in a fantastical yet fever dream-like fashion. 
“A shoot where I get to sit in a bubble bath and shop all day? Sign me up Instacart,” said Lizzo in a statement. “This spot is so dynamic, and people will see me shopping and imagining what each item could lead to, from a desertscape of Takis – which are always in my cart – to a rain shower of cherries. I’m also excited to share my shoppable Cart which includes so many of my favorite things. I hope that my Cart inspires people to get all the stuff they love or maybe even try something different!”
The campaign follows Instacart’s reported plan to go public by the end of 2022. This year, the San Francisco-based company expanded their suite of display advertising offerings, rolled out a new paid subscription-based service model (Instacart+), debuted an affiliate marketing program called “Tastemakers” and have continued to find more ways for brand partners to monetize their content via the digital grocery ecosystem.
What’s in Lizzo’s Cart? Curious shoppers will find a few of the vegan’s favorites: Non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream, Oreos, Perrier sparkling water, and Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap, amongst other goods. Celebrities – they’re just like us! 


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