March 1, 2024
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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Gas prices are slowly coming down, but are high compared to one year ago, and people continue to search for ways to save money at the pump. 
With the high prices for fuel, many people are looking for ways to save or even get free gas. There’s a website that claims it’ll pay for your gas, but it’s not quite the good deal that it seems. 
Gas club members share information about the website through QR code stickers that are place in public places.
When you scan the QR code, it goes to a website called Our Gas Club, which touts a million-dollar gas giveaway. 
“It’s a marketing program,” said Troy Mason, who developed website. “We are using gas as a promotion.” 
Originally marketed as, the website name was recently changed. 
“When we first started this program, we named it Free Gas Club,” Mason said. “We realized the name for what we were trying to do — it misleads people — so we changed the name.” 
So where does the free gas come in? First, you must join the website.
“When they register with us, they get a dollar’s worth of gasoline and when they register other people, they get a couple of dollars of free gas,” Mason said. “But, that’s just the promotion.” 
The business of the club is really selling — selling products where you make a commission. 
Mason said people in the club who sell products can either get cash as a commission or they can get gasoline cards as a commission for the sells.
“That’s all it is,” Mason said. 
It’s called affiliate marketing, and the Federal Trade Commission defines it as: “[m]arketing in which affiliates promote a brand or product, drive internet traffic to a sales site, and are rewarded when a visitor purchases a product.”
However, there are rules and regulations to affiliate marketing, which you should familiarize yourself with before becoming involved.
When asked, Mason denied it was a pyramid scheme.
“We pay 40 percent (commission) to people. It’s an affiliate program.” 
Before you jump into anything like this, make sure to learn more about how affiliate marketing works. Make sure to be careful and understand exactly what you are getting into before committing. 
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