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You should know about the most successful affiliate site called Kidneyurology.com . It would have been bought at a domain auction and converted into an affiliate site to get the maximum traffic and sales.
It is ranked in Google’s TOP search results for the most profitable search terms of many health-related affiliate niches. This is my competitor, so I know this website very well. I started to research it at the beginning of its rankings on Google.
Since buying the expired domain at auction and setting up the money site, the traffic has grown from zero ( July 2022) to 135,000 visitors a month, according to SEMrush, which can be viewed in the public domain. 
Go to SEMrush’s “Traffic” section for the Kidneyurology.com website and see this result for yourself.
This article is a case study about a site that reached the TOP positions in Google in less than a month. This example is the key to understanding the SEO method of using expired domains to build an affiliate site, about which I created the whole online SEO course “How to turn expired auction domains into GOLD”
Click here to learn more about my SEO course.
This Single Case Study Shows the Power of the Expired Domains
I could give an example of another 20 sites right in this article, but I do not want to show all the cards right now. I will do it sequentially. Each such successful site is worthy of deep analysis. 
Authoritative domains rule Google rankings, and I’ll prove it to you with the example of a site that now leads most of the medical niche ahead of the most trusted resources on the market.
I’m talking about the current ratings of this site at the moment on August 13, 2022. While SEOs are giving up and buying ads, while black hat SEO is dying and 99.9% of all Google ranking methods are down, smart and experienced SEOs still getting powerful traffic from Google and converting it into sales using expired domains. I’ll prove it to you with my case study with statistics and exposing SEO techniques.
Although I put all the most important in the lessons of my online SEO training course on how to find, analyze and buy trusted expired domains at auctions, which you can access instantly by simply choosing a package and paying for it, the price is $175 for the BASIC package and $229 for the PREMIUM package.
In this bog post, I will partially share some information with you, but the main secrets of this expired domains SEO method are available in my online course, which I offer in two packages.
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It Works Because You Can Test it Yourself, and Right Now
I want you to see for yourself that this tactic works. You don’t need to believe anyone – you need to see the actual ratings, traffic, and SEO metrics with your own eyes in SEMrush, Ahrefs, MOZ, Ubersuggest, Majestic, and SimilarWeb .
Do you want to get the same ratings on Google? Then you need to buy a high-quality expired domain at the auction, or better, not just one, since there is no perfect formula for creating a successful site based on an expired domain. For example, 80% of purchased expired domains to Google’s TOP, but the remaining 20% did not see the first rankings in the SERPs.
An average price for a good authoritative domain at auction can range from $200 to $10,000. Moreover, the more quality and authority parameters an expired domain has, the more chances to reach Google’s TOP for very competitive search terms, get excellent traffic and convert it well into sales.
Download my Quick Start Guide for FREE by simply subscribing to my newsletter. This guide will help you to start this business
Изображение выглядит как текст Автоматически созданное описание
Website Authority as the Key to Successful Rankings in 2022
At the same time, domains with 500 authority backlinks can bypass other sites with 800 or even 3000 backlinks. Why? Because there is no math here, some links may be more authoritative, and some domains are more trusted than others.
Domain authority is good rankings for almost all pages on the site, as long as they are well optimized and well written. So regardless of what Google says it ranks for specific pages, domain authority actually determines the ranking of almost all of its articles if you create them correctly.
The Course Lessons Hide the Basics of this SEO Method
I wrote a lot about this in my PREMIUM package, which I only give access to my paid subscribers.
Everyone would use this technique, and it would lose its effectiveness. But I’ll show some of the cards right here, leaving all the trumps on the lesson pages of my SEO course on how to find high quality expired domains. And by the way, I also made my free guide on getting started with this SEO technique. You can download it here.
I will try to give a lot of the important information about the Expired Domain SEO method for free. I don’t want you just to buy my course on how to get to the TOP of Google today and make money on affiliate programs. 
I want you to succeed, to achieve results so that my course will help you do what you have been planning for a long time. This is my main goal. That is why I update my course, listen to your comments, make new lessons, and always support my paid users.
Expertise is Also the Goal of this Article

Agree that you want to buy access to online SEO courses written by a professional and an insider. Therefore, I try to give as much important information as possible so that you are convinced that the course is really valuable for you and that studying it is important in your work as an investor in Expired domains.
I try to give examples and give my assessment simply because I have been doing this expired domain SEO technique for a long time(8 years), honing it and making it even more effective daily. So what is needed for that? That’s right – be an active auction bidder and follow the changes in the niche.
My Course is Live
SEO tutorials, blog posts, and forum threads lose their relevance partially or completely in a few months or less, so the course needs to be supplemented and updated. I do this regularly, and I can guarantee lifetime access to my paid subscribers.
You will see the latest and most relevant lessons in the PREMIUM package. The BASIC package is more about SEO(how to find and analyze domains). It does not contain the important “MONEY SITE” module, which talks about how to set up an authoritative WordPress site, that converts great into sales.

So why is Kidneyurology .com website become the subject of this article:
It holds the TOP spots in Google in the health niche
It was built from the expired domain that was released to one of the domain auction platforms not so long time ago
It has up-to-date ratings, traffic, and sales as of August 13, 2022
It successfully converts traffic into sales
It passed well the latest Google updates without losing ratings
Website Analysis From a Niche Insider. Lucky not for Everyone
So, I am pleased to talk about those sites I know well. Therefore, all information in this article is from the insider. The fewer people who know these insights and the faster you start using it, the more likely you are to be at the forefront of those who will repeat the success of this lucky one.
Why lucky? Because he did everything right (the owner of kidneyurology.com), and he was a little lucky because no one knows exactly what made his website better than others. Many use the Expired domain SEO method, but very few succeed, even by investing thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. 
SEO Course is a Must to Get the Results with Expired Domains
Everything is too complicated. And that is why I made my SEO course because it is a whole method of finding, analyzing and buying expired domains at auctions(Godaddy, Namesilo, Namejet, Catch Club, Drop Catch, etc.). 
If you make only one mistake, you can lose your chances to rise on TOP. You must be aware of many technical details and features to convince Google that your website is trustworthy.
Yes, it is quite simple and is not some kind of know-how or cool life hack. The whole point is in the sequence of actions, in scrupulousness, and many details that simply cannot be missed. I talk about them in the lessons of my course.
Today you can get any SEO or traffic data about any site and everything it does in SEO services. All information is taken from closed sources. Suppose the owner wanted to hide its SEO data. 
In that case, he could write a rule for this in the .htaccess file blocking popular spiders like Majestic, Ahrefs, Semrush, and others from collecting information about the domain.
This is how you should do it so that you cannot be analyzed as easily as the Kidneyurology. com website. All information about it is available in all SEO tools.

The Secret to High Google Rankings 2022. Read All
My main secret is not inside my online SEO course. However, I will tell it right away, catch and do not thank:
It’s too easy to be a secret. Tactics and techniques in SEO are constantly changing, but something that has remained stable for many years is the SEO method of buying expired domains and turning them into money sites. 
Indeed, for Google, backlinks to a site are still the number one criterion in determining a site’s authority. And that means we can work with it. Are you ready? Then let’s start!
Meet a Real Diamond Among Expired Domains. Google Pet

Brief description of the site:
Today it is the top-rated site in many health-related affiliate niches that collects a lot of traffic on Google and ranks first in the TOP 10 for many money queries on Google. 
I saw this domain at an auction and don’t remember why I didn’t participate in it. Today, the site has published many articles, works well on conversion rate, and continues using its SEO trust to conquer new affiliate niches.
Positions in Google for money words :

Website pages visited

My comment:
Just look at which pages get the most traffic. If you check the following queries on Google:
Best testosterone booster
Nugenix review
Glucofort review
best probiotics
Exipure reviews
Testoprime review
You will see its rankings right before the articles of big media sites like Forbes, Timesunion, Mensjournal, Menshealth etc.. By the way, my next course will be about SEO media posting. However, the fact is that I also publish such articles on more than 50 news sites, and I think that a whole course should be written about this since this is also a very effective technique.
Let’s just say that there are only 2 of them – these are expired domains and paid articles on news sites. So, you will not find other sites that have reached the TOP using any other SEO techniques. But, if you find it, let me know, and I’ll take a look. Very interesting.
Now let’s look at Majestic ‘s domain data for kidneyurology. org

My comment: Always look at the backlink profile for the “Root domain”, not “the main URL”. After all, this parameter helps to see all the links that lead to different site pages. It is they who form the general idea of the back reference mass. 
At the same time, “Historic index” shows how many backlinks the site was able to attract during its life. The kidneyurology.com resource has been around for 20 years; the first data about it is in Archive.org date back to 2002.
Now let’s look at Trust Flow, the most powerful backlinks

My comment: OK, if there were 5 or 10 of these links, but in fact, about 50 authoritative links have a high Trust Flow from 50-80 . The same amount – Trust Flow 30-40 .
Now let’s see how this domain looked before it was expiring and how it looks now:
The site looked before January 21, 2022, when it was still running. However, there are no more screenshots in the Archive after this date, which means that after that, it has already been exploited.

Here on April 27th it still gives an error
Изображение выглядит как текст Автоматически созданное описание
And here it is already raised with new content in June. In almost a month, the site was already working and received the first ratings according to SEMrush almost immediately.

Изображение выглядит как текст Автоматически созданное описание
And, of course, here’s traffic from zero to 135,000 visitors from Google per month.
Real traffic, bounce site rate for July 2022
Изображение выглядит как текст Автоматически созданное описание
Although I should note that the site’s bounce rate is high, it is almost 90%, and the audience views only one page.
Affiliate sites that SEOs create generally do not try to hold the audience. And this is found everywhere. So instead, In my course I recommend doing such navigation inside the article, widgets with announcements of other articles that can be quickly found right in the text. 
Hurry up to get 50% OFF today, Get Access to My Course
Relink similar content on the site to achieve good page visibility. After all, this improves your site’s quality indicators and forces the audience to view thematic content more actively.
As a result, the audience will convert better, and Google will know that it is ranking you at the TOP of its search results for a reason.
E-A-T signals – it’s so Hard to Keep the Trust

Remember, the main problem of affiliate sites created on expired domains is the lack of work on the E-A-T factor (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness ). And a direct hit in the category of sites that Google is trying to get rid of in its search results (YMYL – Your Money Your Life ).
Because of this, many top affiliate sites built on expired domains fall in rankings after a few months or less. As a result, Google is trying to identify affiliate sites that use expired domains and masquerade as authoritative ones.
In the lessons of my course, I described how to properly create a WP money site and fill it with quality content so that Google could rank your site on TOP of search results for as long as possible. These recommendations are marked in the PREMIUM package of my course.
You can download my FREE QUICK START GUIDE, or Get Access to My Course(Save 50% on your order)
Изображение выглядит как текст Автоматически созданное описание
You can check all this information yourself by analyzing the site in services like Majestic, Wayback Machine, Semrush for the specified dates. All this information is available to you from the original source, and you can check it. Everything is exactly as shown in the screenshots.
Let’s not stop and analyze the site on Google. According to the site indexing data, there are 270 unique pages in its database and about 260 more similar ones(they are filtered in the index as duplicates or low quality).
In my course, I explained what tactics you need to choose to successfully install a new site on the old domain and ensure that Google continues to consider it trusted and displays all its pages on the TOP.
Money Site Characteristics
You can look at one of them https://www.kidneyurology.org/best-pre-workout-supplements/ and make sure the article looks pretty weak in terms of conversion. In addition, there are some widgets and dedicated Call links to action.
Изображение выглядит как текст Автоматически созданное описание
At the same time, the design itself is more than simple, so I must say that the site https://www.eapsa.org/supplements/best-pre-workout-supplements/ with the same article looks much better, although it has already partially lost its ratings. EAPSA.org was a niche leader before https://www.kidneyurology.org/
Изображение выглядит как текст Автоматически созданное описание
How much does the site kidneyurology.org earns
Judging by the fact that:
The site has about 500 indexed articles( half of them are corrupt)
The site has very high rankings for money keywords
The site is written in good language and has signs of an effective money site
The site is working on conversion and improving the appearance of its product review articles
The site works in niches with high commission rates(up to 50%)
I believe that the earnings of this resource, even in the summer, are at least $ 30,000 per month(there is a decrease in earnings in the summer period in health products niches). Again, these are estimates based on my earnings from the same affiliate programs and similar rankings I’ve had with my own sites.
In fact, I have not told everything in this analysis. More knowledge and facts are presented in my course. At first, I wanted to present an analysis of one domain, although there are more than 20 of them in my niche that I know and come across. But this is just a huge amount of work that I will do step by step for you with the same format: numbers, stats, and screenshots.
Meanwhile, You Can Get Access to My Course and Save 50%(Limited-Time)
As an example, I used kidneyurology.com as today’s most popular affiliate site in the health niche. I tried to show you how you can invest $3,000-$5,000 in a single expired domain and create a powerful affiliate business. 
But correctly assess it before buying (I talk about this in my course) and start earning and developing it within a month. Making in some couple of months in ascending 10k, then 20k, then $30k per month.
All this is the result of the competent work of SEOs who found such an expired domain, analyzed it, and were not afraid to invest several thousand dollars to win the auction.
There are ten main reasons why this site has made it to the TOP. I’ll tell you about 5 of them right now:
This website has a strong niche relevance
The website is an organization that attracted tons of powerful backlinks
SEOs did not spam the website
The website has passed Google’s algos. It was professionally rebuilt
The website dropped not long time ago
There are 5 more reasons that you’ll understand once you learn my course.
In fact, over 20 big trusted sites rank in Google’s TOP-10 results just about everywhere. But dozens and hundreds of less reputable domains with a price of $200-1000 at auction control less competitive niches and keywords.
In my course, I talk about 3 categories of sites you can buy to get rankings on Google. Yes, sites with fewer backlinks bring less income – 2000-5000 dollars a month, but this is also good money, and you can buy more domains to double this amount.
There is nothing special about this SEO method, that describes how to find, analyze and buy domains at auctions. It’s just a sequence of the right steps needed to get results on Google and earn money using old and trusted expired domains. 
You can do and learn everything on your own, but these are your mistakes, the time and money that you will spend on your experience. Or just pay 175-229 dollars for the course, and you will avoid this long road to success.
I spent years of my life testing this method, thousands of dollars buying useless expired domains, and so much nerves and effort. I wanted someone just to tell me everything, but there were no such courses, which is a pity. Now you have them and can buy access to them and use this method for years to do a profitable affiliate business.

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