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Digital marketing is often used as a ubiquitous term. But in real life, there are many types of digital marketing and their capabilities are expanding by the end of the day.
One of the crucial digital marketing strategies is performance marketing. The performance marketing strategy allows the users to pay for the services when specific actions occur. It involves the action when a viewer clicks through their page and makes a purchase.
To understand the key players of the performance marketing agencies in India, we have to understand what is performance marketing. Performance marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is based on results. It is an ideal method for a company that is opting to reach its audience in large numbers. It is ideally more efficient as the payment is based on how the users interact with the content.
Performance marketing is a form of digital marketing in which the brands only pay the marketing service providers after their goals have been sufficed or when specific actions have been taken from their site. The actions include a click, sale, or lead. In other words, the marketing approach is strictly performance-based.
The type of marketing works when the advertisers connect with either agencies or publishers to place advertisements for their company on numerous performance marketing channels. 
The channels include social media sites, search engines, videos, embedded web content, and many clothes. The advertisers pay based on how well the ad performs, and the performance is measured by the number of clicks, impressions, shares, or sales.
In the performance marketing approach, the advertisers put their ads on a given channel and pay based on how well the ad is received by the individuals. The different types of payment vary according to the following ways:
While there are a lot of performance marketing agencies available in the competitive market., it is crucial to choose the right one that meets the purpose of the clients.
Many key factors should be brought into the light to determine the right performance marketing agency to satisfy the user’s needs:
First, specialization is an integral characteristic to look out for. Generally, performance marketing agencies provide a varied range of services that meets the need of the customers. However, some special areas require undivided attention.
The second criterion is web design vs User experience design. Some agencies have expertise in artistic creative web design, whereas other agencies emphasize user experience designs. It helps in creating a more functional, user-centered design that is backed by user research, heatmap data, and artificial intelligence. They do not focus on subjective ad art-centered ideas and trends.
One can easily identify what the performance marketing agency specializes in by looking at its homepage. Agencies focused on their UX designs are more emphasized their results, KPIs, and metrics which drive the marketing agency.
Choosing a performance marketing agency is a crucial step. One provides all the sensitive information to the agency. As a result, the users must always look for proof. Thus, testimonials, reviews, and case studies are essential criteria. 
Lack of proof can be a red flag. However, some agencies are good at marketing but can not promote their agencies because of excessive pressure.
The user should not strictly rely on google reviews as the latter can be manipulated. They should ask the agency to provide proof and examples. 
The industry is covered with shady practices, and agencies prioritize their interest first rather than the clients’. But, it can be identified by discussing it with the agencies. Some things the client must consider before using the services of a performance marketing agency: Does the company provide SEO without clearly defining it, or is the company involved in obtaining the SEO strategically?
Does the company try to trap the users into proprietary hosting platforms or other systems rather than providing ownership to the clients freely?
Do the review and testimonials speak about the company based on its moral character?
The fourth criterion that should be looked into while opting for a performance-based marketing agency is the focus on metrics. Any good performance marketing agency should be focused on moving the needle of the client’s organization with the help of KPIs and metrics.
The agencies should have a proper marketing strategy otherwise the agency would be considered inefficient. The agencies are often equipped with strategists who are competent and helpful in following a marketing plan and meeting business needs.
iProspect India is the country’s leading and multi-award-winning performance marketing agency. It is a part of Dentsu International that has employed 300 people all around the world. The company operates in four cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru.performance marketing
The company has won the digital mandate for multiple countries of online career and recruitment resource Monster.com. 
The unique perspective of the company allows the users to understand the interaction in ways that makes them better at building brands out of every media connection, now and for the future. 
The company operates in 93 countries and has collaborated with 126 offices. They have assisted more than 2600 clients in meeting their goals.
The company provides various services ranging from marketing activation (PPC Paid Search, Organic Search, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Commerce, Paid Social and Programmatic), Strategy and planning, and voice and assistant manager.
Dentsu Creative India, the organization of which iProspect is a subsidiary has won 1 gold, four silver, and three bronze awards as well as the Agency of the Year at the Cannes Lions, 2022.
The performance marketing agency has received multiple reviews regarding its efficient services. They assist in designing mobile-friendly pages suited for optimal SEO ranking, content impressions, optimal reach, and progressive targeting tactics.
2. WATconsult:
The performance marketing agency was founded by Rajiv Dhingra in 2007 and works under the parent organization Dentsu International. It is regarded as one of India’s largest marketing agencies and has been ranked as the Best Integrated agency in 2021.main qimg d0b5297c1e4338080ac66e3726cb4246 c
WATconsult provides a range of services that are discussed under the following heads:
It helps in campaign conceptualization, digital and social content, digital video production, mobile marketing, digital media planning, and buying.
It deals with e-commerce consulting, programmatic consulting, online reputation management, and research and consulting.
It includes website and app development, AR, VR, and Mixed Reality, Interface Design, Phygital solutions, and Media innovations.
The company achieves its goals with the help of digital tools on the path of social and mobile platforms. The Social Media consultancy services are opted for by the top brands, which include the Fortune 500 companies.
WAtconsult has a team strength of 201 to 500 employees and currently operates in New Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. 
3. Webchutney:
It has been regarded as India’s favorite creative agency, which was established in 1999. The company was founded by Sidharth Rao and Sudesh Samaria. 
The company Webchutney is under the Dentsu agencies and is the home to India’s finest creative talent. dentsu webchutney
In March 2020, Dentsu Webchutney won the mandate for Dentsu Webchutney.
They are progressive in their approach to Online Marketing. The marketing service provider has the perfect combination of technology and creativity.
The company is renowned as one of the top performance marketing agencies in India that offers various services like website design, mobile marketing, social media marketing, and online advertising.
It has the key players as its top clients including, Flipkart, Airtel, Bacardi, Red bull, and Microsoft. 
Webchutney has received various awards and recognitions, including DMAI awards for its projects in Remi2india, Standard Chartered, and Cleartrip. 
It is regarded as the number one digital agency, brand equity agency reckoner, 2016.
4. Mirum India:
Mirum India is a part of WPP and a leading digital agency that operates throughout India. The company has a team of more than 225 professionals. They are involved in a wide range of services.mirum india and india on track launch a customized sport offering for brands
Mirum is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner and has over eight years of association with Salesforce and 80+ Marketing Automation installations across the entire stack of Social studios. 
Mirum India has been awarded the IMC Digital Technology Award 2019, which was organized by the famous Indian Merchants Chamber for its pioneering work in the field of marketing Automation.
The company even caters to the needs of the pharma and wellness industry.
The services provided by the company involve:
The company deals with social media assets, driving conversions, or running a creative campaign.
Mirum has the expertise to partner with clients to serve the purpose.
The company optimizes the campaigns in real-time and improves the marketing ROI a the ease of one click.
Mirum has the expertise to provide specific and customized solutions for consumers and HCPs thus, helping the consumers leap.
5. Quasar media:
Quasar Media Private Limited is a private industry that was founded on 7 April 2005. It is classified as a non-governmental company and is registered by the Registrar of Companies. Its paid-up capital accounts for 150,000 INR.quasar media logo 380
The company mainly deals with advertising and has a crew of 100 digital specialists spread around the nation providing services in digital media, creative solutions, e-business, solutions, search marketing, optimization, and other services that have not been experienced by the world yet. 
The company has emphasized the creation of programs that encourage engagement with the client’s target market. The company emphasizes interaction with the users and makes them the influencers who spread the word about the company. 
Qasar is a part of the Smile Interactive Technologies group family that has been the leading e-solutions developer in the country for the last 7 years. 
Quasar media is even the largest media buyer controlling 25 percent of the digital media in India. 
The services provided by Quasar media include:
The top clients include Twinnings, Unicorn, Dolby Honda, and many others.
6. Pinstorm:
Pinstorm is the largest performance marketing agency established in May 2004 by Mahesh Murthy and is headquartered in Mumbai.pinstrom startuptalky
It is a famous agency that has been working in the same sector for many years and has achieved its reputation in the market.
It is an integrated market service provider and is the most famous place for Content Marketing.
The company believes that now is not the time to become a media service agent or a mainline agency. But, nowadays, to make an impact in businesses, one needs to look for transformation agencies.
The services the performance marketing company provides include:
The top clients include Cafe Coffee day, ICICI Bank, HSBC bank, and many others.
7. iStrat:
iStrat is a management, technology, and research consulting company that has been founded by a highly experienced and qualified team consisting of the alumni of top US colleges and Indian universities. The company is focused on strategic consulting and streamlining enterprise business and technology processes using technologically engineered solutions and provides research and development services.istrat logo 1 1024x640 1
iStrat offers services related to management and technology consulting and research. There are various divisions of iStrat that offer various services including, strategic, operational, and technology.
Enterprise Technology includes internet solutions, enterprise applications, web design and development, e-commerce, intranet/extranet, and client-server software.
The company was founded in 1991 and has Navneet Singh Sahni as the CEO of the performance marketing agency. The company operates in different locations, including New Delhi, Gurugram, Australia, and the USA.
8. BCWebwise:
It is regarded as one of the best digital marketing agencies in India. The company is involved in all aspects of internet media solutions, and promotional and advertising services for brands. bc web wise
Their marketing agency in Mumbai is known for a range of services such as social media marketing, search marketing, website development, media planning and buying, video production, etc. 
It is regarded as one of the best self-owned digital agencies for fifteen years. The company operates its presence in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore and offers a 360-degree portfolio of digital marketing services for the digital marketing needs of the brands.
The performance marketing agency was founded in 2000, and the top clients include Hero, Bharat Benz, Nutrela, Park Avenue, and many others. Chaaya Baradhwaaj is the CEO of the company, and the company presently operates in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai.
Their services include:
9. Resultrix:
Resultrix is one of the leading performance marketing agencies that fall under the Publicis Groupe and is one of the renowned names in the industry.
They have a creative team that regulates the media models for their clients, which is intended to assist customers in attaining their reveries. Performance marketing agencies provide interesting UI/UX design services that ensure customers spend significant time on the website.
The company deals with the following services 
The company was founded in 2008 and has Vidur Luthra as the CEO of the company operating in Gurugram and Mumbai.
Resultrix has also been offered by IAMAI Digital Award for the Best SEM Campaign, 2013.
10. Ogilvy Public Relations worldwide:
Ogilvy is a New York City-based British advertising, marketing, and public relations agency. The company was founded in 1850 by Edmund Mather in a London-based agency.ogilvy restructures scaled
It is of the top performance marketing agencies in India, which provide a range of services from Traditional Marketing Services to Digital advertising.
The services provided by the company include:
The top clients of Ogilvy agency include Philips, IKEA, Tiffany and Co., and many others. The company was founded by Stuart Smith in 1980. 
The company operates in various locations in India, including Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurugram, Kolkata, and Mumbai.
Performance marketing strategy has an exciting future in India and is currently setting the path for the company’s success. Every organization is moving towards a customer-centric strategy, and marketers are more worried about how much first-party data they have and how should it be used regularly to get the most efficient results.
The brand may be able to achieve its expectations at a low cost. Performance marketing strategy is a useful and unique way to broaden the audience’s reach and collect pivotal data.
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