February 28, 2024

Uplatform, a global sports betting and online casino operating platform and solution provider, has issued a new analysis to provide insights into what effectively works with affiliate marketing for operators and what does not.
The main focal point with affiliate marketing is to drive traffic to the website,  in order to get new players to their casinos and boost sales revenue. Affiliate programs are used by more than 87% of brands, according to Uplatform. Over the next few years, affiliate marketing investment is expected to increase by more than 10%. Also, 99% of people start their businesses using affiliate marketing, and 92% of consumers trust brand ambassadors and influences they know, working directly with affiliate marketers.
Uplatform, which offers an affiliate program that assists operators with having the right customized program to meet their business's needs, outlines the following “do's and don'ts” for operators to set up the best affiliate program:
Conducting a high-level competitive analysis is crucial to your affiliate marketing success. You need to understand the market, competitors, and affiliates, so you know who you're dealing with and what you're up against. Conducting complete research helps identify things like who are your players, who are your competitors, what marketing channels are they using, who are their affiliates, what are their conditions – which can all be used as resources towards your own campaigns. Also, knowing your competitors and their marketing strategies is a great way to identify their strengths, and also their weaknesses. Some of your most significant opportunities can come from researching the market and competitors.
Finding the right affiliate may seem like just a basic need for setting up your affiliate marketing, but this is very important for your brand and the resources you have at your disposal. An affiliate can be an individual or a business that markets your brand on their platforms to their customers or followers. Your responsibility as the operator, in this case, is to come up with the content that will be linked to the advertisement. 
Affiliates should have a reasonably big following and be knowledgeable in their niche. They shouldn't be strangers to the business you wish to market and, in this case, to the casino world. You can always choose among the different options: media platforms, streamers, bloggers, etc., and you can also contact agencies. Another consideration is that the affiliate should be able to offer regionally driven traffic and geo-targeting strategies to boost the efficiency of a campaign that builds a connection with your audience.
Most affiliate programs, especially those provided for online casino operators, have modules that ease managing an affiliate system. These modules will allow you to analyze different affiliates by showing how much traffic is generated by that affiliate. That's why Uplatform’s solution is a powerful but easy-to-use affiliate marketing tool with detailed reporting and in-depth statistics based on a broad range of criteria that gives you complete control of all processes to manage and analyze affiliates and their results with ease in a single platform. 
A beneficial commission system will motivate your affiliate while also driving the necessary traffic to your site. Commission rates must be both sustainable and competitive. Commissions are highly valued and considered the primary incentive for performance and motivation. So, generally speaking, the commission system has a significant impact on your ability to drive revenue and growth.
Here are a few steps to having the best commission rate:
Uplatform’s affiliate multi-brand system integrates all necessary tools to successfully run affiliate marketing, manage, track and report across different brands, for total control over every individual brand campaign, according to the company.
Uplatform offers 5 flexible commission options to select from:
With the straightforward convenience of weekly payments, swift turnover of funds, and various methods of payment, operators are able to attract website owners, group admins, social media, and arbitrageurs, and establish highly stable, hassle-free affiliate partnerships.
“With the dynamics and the personalization of the internet rapidly evolving over the past five years, the game has really changed when it comes to Affiliate marketing. With minimal constraints on what is available in the digital sphere and so many more mediums and spaces vying for people's attention, the new digital era has had a significant impact on the gambling industry. The growth rate of online casinos and sports betting exploded in the last few years, and Affiliate marketing has followed suit,” Uplatform concludes. 


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