July 18, 2024

Nick Ayala and his wife, Adriana attracted a lot of attention through the positive impact they had. Given that they are associated with various charity organizations, some of which include the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Habitat for Humanity, Make A Wish Foundation, as well as the leading example Ayala sets in business, we reached out to him for some first hand information worth sharing:
Image Credit: Nick Ayala
Born in Boca Raton, Florida, Nick Ayala is an American businessman and entrepreneur who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business and finance from Florida State University. After graduating from college he had every intention of becoming a professional golfer and traveled all over the world for golf tournaments, but it was not meant to be.
To everyone’s surprise, Ayala decided to change career paths and used his business savvy and entrepreneurial skills to carve out what would become an incredibly successful career in the marketing finance and insurance industry. He is well-known in the industry as a leader and innovator, but also for his charitable work with various foundations.
Nick Ayala has over 15 years of experience in business, finance, stock markets and the insurance industry. His insurance experience covers a variety of aspects such as Medicare, health, life and ACA insurance as well as retirement income planning. 
After making the decision to leave the world of professional golf, the resourceful entrepreneur decided to venture into the business industry. Although some of his business plans did not end up the way he hoped they would, endurance and willpower drove him to continue on which led to the start of Point America 365. As the founder and CEO of the digital advertising agency, Ayala is still helping businesses drive revenue and growth through lead generation and brand awareness.
His passion for always wanting to help others protect themselves and their assets led him to the insurance industry. He then founded Align Capital Ventures which focuses on futures and equity trading. 
However, Ayala’s aspirations did not end there. In 2018 he founded Priority Life Insurance Group which quickly became very successful. In only 3 short years, the company was acquired by Integrity Marketing Group, which Ayala still serves as a managing partner. Priority Life will end 2022 with $100 million + in sales, protecting countless american families. Mentioned by business man Grant Cardone“Speed is the currency that you want to maximize on today. Most people just go too slow. They think too long and they never take any action.” Priority Life is considered to be one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the USA.
In 2017, Entrepreneur 360 named Nick Ayala as one of its top entrepreneurs for his innovative mindset and leadership abilities, two qualities that are crucial in business success. In an interview Ayala said: “I often use the analogy of a rowboat in strong tides to highlight the importance of solid professional relationships.” As a leader, effective communication is a skill that he has perfected in order to drive his teams to reach their highest potential.
Even with an incredibly busy schedule, Ayala has become a pillar for many agents in the industry to find guidance from. He continues to teach others in both English and Spanish across the United States with the goal of helping them achieve their own success. The businessman and entrepreneur believes that egos must be put aside if objectives are to be achieved.
Giving back to the community is an attribute that both Ayala and his wife, Adriana share. They are actively involved in numerous charities such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as well as Habitat for Humanity, an organization which assists low income families across the globe to build homes and communities. 
Both Ayala and his wife are also part of the chairman challenge for the well known Make a Wish foundation. The children’s foundation helps to make the dreams of often very ill children a reality from meeting their favorite celebrity to going to DisneyLand and so much more.
It is clear that Nick Ayala has already made incredibly positive and influential waves in not only the insurance industry, but also the other communities and projects he is involved with. His goal is to create a team of the best specialists around to assist people and families with protecting their livelihoods. 
It is because of people like Ayala that businesses have been able to achieve their growth and objectives as well as why many families can feel secure that their assets are protected in the event of a tragedy.
Through all his success, Ayala remains humble and focussed. The entrepreneur believes that a balanced life is essential and ensures that he spends plenty of quality time with family and friends.

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