February 24, 2024

Following the official launch of his first book entitled Fear-Less, Belfast businessman Tom Smyth has quickly attracted the attention of Grant Cardone’s organisation, one of the world’s most successful motivational coaching enterprises in the world.
The managing director of Dream Luxury Serviced Apartments and a number of other successful companies used time during the pandemic lockdowns to achieve one his life’s ambitions, to write an inspirational book to help people overcome fear, lack of confidence and achieve anything they set their minds on.
Inspired by his own life and brand, the 46-year-old developed a unique self-improvement system called DREAM. It’s based on the five simple core principles of Determination, Regeneration, Energisation, Ambition and Motivation.
Tom’s high-energy success story and new book, inspired by Belfast’s resilience and transformation journey, have been recognised by the global expert who has reached out to work with him.
The internationally renowned business expert and world’s number one sales and marketing trainer has invited Tom to represent his company as a Grant Cardone 10X certified coach, speaker and mentor in Ireland, UK and across Europe.
Grant Cardone launched his famous 10X movement in 2011 and since has attracted millions of devotees who use his theories to improve their business success and personal relationships.
He is an incredibly successful American property entrepreneur and media personality, as well as a dynamic international speaker, coach and consultant with his teachings used by hundreds of millions of people. He is star of hit TV series the Undercover Billionaire and is currently making a movie with Robert De Niro.
The best-selling author of seven books, including the New York Times bestseller If You’re Not First, You’re Last, and the Axiom Award Winner Sell or Be Sold, also established the Cardone University, the premier online sales training tool in the world with over 50,000,000 users and counting.
“This is an incredible opportunity to work with the world’s most experienced and respected coaching expert, to say I am privileged is a complete understatement.” Tom said.
“I have been studying with Grant Cardone for several years, and I am blown away by his teachings, so much so that I enrolled all my sales staff in his training programs.
“His insights, powers of motivational speaking and positive attitude to overcoming all challenges have paid dividends for my business productivity, so I know 100 per cent that this system works.
“Having been elevated to an official member of the 10X mentoring team, I am incredibly grateful to now have the opportunity to help bring Grant Cardone’s tried-and-tested methods for success to a UK, European and Irish audience. Grant’s teachings combined with my own mindset, my new book and my unwavering belief that absolutely anything is possible when you put your mind to it, means that this is a very exciting moment, with so many people set to benefit.”
Over the last nine months, Tom has diligently recorded his thoughts, ideas and strategies for success and his debut book is a history lesson and a street-psychology lecture, animated by a personal narrative of ambition and learning tough life lessons.
“Fear and self-doubt has a paralysing effect on people’s ability to think and work out a strategy for success. It has a very negative impact on physical and mental health, and it is often the root cause of failure,” Tom says.
“When the pandemic hit in early 2020, I needed to find an antidote to self-limiting fear for both my staff and family. I explored the research and resources I have personally used over many years in my life, both personally and professionally and wrote it all down for this new book.
“Grant Cardone’s work has always been a massive source of inspiration to me. So, I am truly honoured to be part of his elite team.
“I truly want to help others fulfil their potential, so this winning combination is set to help anyone who wants to build their resilience and develop strategies for personal and professional development to achieve and smash their goals.
“With the guidance and support of Grant Cardone and his organisation, I can now reach out and help many more people fulfil their potential. I am excited to bring his methods and teachings to the UK, Ireland and beyond because I know the incredible transformations he can inspire.”
*Fear-Less by Tom Smyth is set to be realised in early 2021 and is available to pre-order on Amazon now.
Tom will be offering world class business and personal development programs that will enable individuals and companies to create more revenue, employ more people, and impact more lives with their products and services from March 2021! 

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Please visit www.fear-less.co.uk to register for more information on joining Tom’s DREAM Team.


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