June 20, 2024

Model and celebrity superstar, Kendall Jenner, talks about her newfound health obsession and gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her wellness room where state-of-the-art advanced technology from 10X Health System helps her stay in optimal health.
Kendall Jenner + 10X Health System
MIAMI, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Daily Mail reports that co-founders Grant Cardone, Brandon Dawson, Gary Brecka, and Sage Workinger’s 10X Health System Red Light Therapy Bed was featured on the season finale of Hulu’s hit reality series, The Kardashians. 
Kendall Jenner, the 26-year-old model, states that she has loved health the last few years, as she allows cameras (for the first time ever) into her wellness room, revealing her state-of-the-art health gadgets.
Inside this room, you can find many things, including her advanced medical 10X Health System Red Light Therapy Bed (previously referenced as the TheraLight360)—as part of the Superhuman Protocol system.
Kendall Jenner, a self-proclaimed health enthusiast, was seen with her family friend, Hailey Bieber, earlier in the season getting NAD+ IV Drips at Dave Grutman’s house from the 10X Health System Team.
Being in optimal health and taking care of her body has become an obsession for her, as well as so many other celebrities, athletes, and other uber-successful business owners.
Don’t count yourself out if you don’t have millions of dollars. 10X Health System has made it easier (now more than ever) to take care of your body with current advancements in medical technology and modern-day solutions for a fraction of what Kendall Jenner and so many others have paid to have their own private wellness room.
The benefits that you can get from red light therapy are incredible,” says Gary Brecka, Human Biologist and co-founder of 10X Health System. “This type of treatment, done in our 10X Health System Red Light Therapy Bed, can help increase your blood flow, speed up cellular process, and even increase collagen production—helping to minimize and potentially prevent premature wrinkles.
Brandon Dawson, Co-Founder and CEO of 10X Health System, stated that any person can have access to the exact Red Light Therapy Bed that Kendall Jenner (and so many others) use today. To learn more about how the Superhuman Protocol works, visit the 10X Health System website at: https://10xhealthsystem.com/superhuman
About 10X Health System: They’re all about Personalized Precision Wellness… To bring modern-day health solutions and opportunities to everyday people to create optimal health and performance. It’s not about the symptom, it’s about the specific person and what they need. 10X Health System’s goal is to help you take control of your health and wellness.
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Kendall Jenner + 10X Health System

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