March 1, 2024

Grant and Elena Cardone Living 10x
Being married to an entrepreneur is hard work but it’s worth it when it works. Elena Cardone
Modern day power couple and stars of the G&E show Grant and Elena Cardone share their tips on the “business of marriage” in their weekly episodes. Books, conferences, trainings and real estate it is a lot for one couple to handle. How do the Cardones manage it all and keep their passion alive while giving back and exuding so much energy?
The Cardones were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules right after  the 10x Growth Conference to share and help other entrepreneurial couples along the way.
Lori Hil: What lights you up?  
Grant and Elena Cardone: When we are looking at new challenges and new opportunities, making new friends, hearing new stories and have new things to look forward we are most alive in our own lives and in our marriage. For instance we are planning an 18 city worldwide tour starting in the last half of the year where we will visit our friends and partners in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, Jerusalem, Dubai, Moscow, St Petersburg, New Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Tokyo, Taipei, Singapore, Bali, Sydney, Capetown, Rio, Mexico City and Bogota.
Lori: That is a lot of travel and a lot to do. Is there a balance in love and business or do you take a more integrated approach?   
Grant and Elena: We are living our lives and our lives include all of the things we are doing.  We aren’t doing a marriage or a job, or a business, instead we like to look at it as we are doing our lives in a 10X fashion and the only way to have balance in our lives is to live our lives and make the marriage, kids, and the career part of our lives. The busier we are, the happier we are.
Lori: Busy certainly seems to be working for you. What is a mistake you have made when it comes to working together that others can learn from?   
Grant: When we aren’t clear on who is in charge, we have problems.  It is vital that we have clearly defined roles of who does what.  Elena is in charge of everything to do with home, the kids, and relationships. I am in charge of everything business and money and real estate. There is no other time we have had trouble.  
Lori: What are you most proud of in your business and in your relationship?   
Elena: The thing we are most proud of is the number of people we reach and help. Grant has been in business for 35 years most of that has been working with big companies. In just the last seven years or so we started focusing on individuals and entrepreneurs and the response has been phenomenal. Also, we are proud of our work with US Military helping them transition into civilian life and our philanthropic work raising almost $200M for charities.
Lori: Being able to give back like that is a wonderful reason to be in business. What do you love most about working together? What do you find the most challenging?
Grant and Elena: The thing we like the best is how fast it all goes and the thing that is most challenging, believe it or not, is achieving a target and then recalibrating our goals again for new challenges.  
Love and Entreprenuership
  Lori: When issues do arise in your life, business and relationship how do you resolve them?  
Elena: With Grant it is mostly just making sure he gets fed. A hungry man is impossible to deal with. With myself it is always communication and a few compliments. But the glue is being clear on the future. Anytime we are having problems it is because one or both of us is stuck in the past.      
Lori: Great. Living in the moment and looking forward. When you need space, what is your go to place?   
Grant: Elena goes running, kickboxing and shooting, and I go back to work.
Lori: What practical tips and wisdom do you have for readers when it comes to making it all work?   
Grant and Elena: Go big or get bored. Relationships die because the couples depend on the other for happiness. It is impossible for one human being to make another human being complete. We each have individual goals and if those goals are not being pursued, the individuals will become discontent.  Men and women must be responsible for their own happiness and it is proven men and women are most happy when they are achieving their goals and experiencing their potential.
Both need to show up.


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