June 19, 2024

Austin Film Festival
Oct. 27 – Nov. 3, 2022

In addition to an 8 day film festival and 4 day Conference, we offer Year Round Events, a Young Filmmakers Program, a TV show, Radio show, Podcast and more!

Austin Film Festival is really about creativity, about trying to help people find their voice. And it’s fun.”

– Ron Howard, 2009 Extraordinary Contribution to Filmmaking Award Recipient

– Ron Howard, 2009 Extraordinary Contribution to Filmmaking Award Recipient

The folks [at AFF] share our passion…Which is, of course, why they are so damn adept at crafting a conference that manages to satisfy the needs and desires of all of us attending.”

-Scott Rosenberg, screenwriter

-Scott Rosenberg, screenwriter

Get to know the faces and stories of the people who run the show for the Austin Film Festival!

Want to work with us? We’re always looking for folks to join our team whether it’s through volunteering or interning or working with us on staff. Check out our current opportunities below.
Shelli Wright, 2015 Finalist
This competition accepts both filmed and written submissions in an effort to find talented voices who can adapt their vision to emerging digital platforms. AFF will select one winner who displays the strongest voice and greatest potential for establishing a digital series.
At AFF, we love being able to further the art and craft of storytelling in the next generation! The Young Filmmakers Competition is a FREE film competition is open to young creatives ages 13-18.
Competitions, Screenplay Competition
We are pleased to announce the 2022 Script Competitions Semifinalists (top 2%) and Second Rounders (top 20%). They were chosen from a field of  10,000+ scripts entered in our Screenplay, Digital Series, Playwriting, and Fiction Podcast Competitions. Finalists will be revealed by mid-October and the winners will be announced during this year’s Conference.
If you are an agent, manager, or producer interested in contacting any of our Semifinalists from the competition, please contact sc********@au****************.com to request a copy of this year’s Producers Book which contains their script loglines and contact information.
Semifinalists and Second Rounders are eligible for a discount on registration and special programming during the Conference. If you did not receive your registration packet (included in your notification e-mail) and would like to request a copy, please e-mail sc********@au****************.com or call 512-478-4795.
Best. Bargain. Ever. by N.S. Gladstone
Cancer, Drugs, and Rock N’ Roll by Todd Naylor & Alex Beall
Coke Bottle Syndrome by Scott Ross & Shoe Schuster
Eternally Yours by Lou Wollin
Get the Game by Matthew Sullivan
Here’s Lookin’ At You by Jeff Burgett
Likeable by Courtney Weaver & Liz Goodwin
MacGuffin by Christopher Wright
Materni-tease by Christopher Backs
Our Huge Auspicious Indian Chinese Wedding by Rachel Hong
Red, White, & Juan by Ross Fischer
Sense & Sensibility by Sal Neslusan
THE GREAT DISMAL SWAMP by Ben Samuels & Oliver Samuels
The Man Dance by Jerry Perez
Trick by Jeff Ullman
Try Hard by Nick Adams
Where the Fresh Stay Fresh by Patrick Keogh
World Class by Jessica Jiji
Wreak Havoc IV by Steve Irelanda & Sean Hogan
For feature scripts in all genres with an original concept and distinctive voice that can be produced for under $10 million. The production company was founded by Rick Dugdale and Daniel Petrie, Jr.
A BOY NAMED BOY by Marcela Mariz
All the Livelong Night by Joshua Meyer
Always We Begin Again by Nic Cohen
American Maxim by Jacob Young
DONNA by Aemilia Scott
Échappé by Allison Mattox
FIVE WITH A BULLET by Christopher Isenegger
Glasshouse by JR Rappaport
Helen Would Like a Word by Sandra Fugate
How To Catch a Time Traveler by Graham Parke
In His Image by Kendra Christel
Labor Pain by Jacob R. Dorn
Little Red by Richard H. Moon
My Cousin Numbers by Christos Kardana
My Name Is Carnival by Sarah Mellas
NO GOOD DEED by Heather Farlinger
No Te Olivdes by Nerris Nevarez-Nassiri
She Falls Like Water by Alana Waksman
Snow in July by Sera Barbieri & Heather Barbieri
Sympathy for the Wild by Eamonn Cogan
The Image Makers by Marina Shron
The Living You Make by Austin Hobbs
The Moon Represents My Heart by Jesse Lin
The Seventh Rule by Zackary Hill & Matthew Riffle
The Six-Day Detective by Josh Flanagan
Those We Leave Behind by Amanda Keener
Three Faces of Hunger and Thirst by HF Crum
Tip Toe by Seth Conley
Open to thrillers, dark suspense, sci-fi, and macabre themes.
BLEEDING by Andrew Bell
Blood of the Mob by Johnny Giacalone
Draconis by Alexis Kirke
Em & Toby vs. The Gulches by Steve Holbert
Fire Over the Hills by Alexander Chard
Flesh and Blood by Shannon Pestock
Konbini by Stefan Popov
Moth by Melissa Sweazy
Other by Christopher Backs
Serial Killer Supper Club by Paul Rowe
Tahquitz by Harrison Pierce
The Awakening of EMET by Filip Terlecki
The Banana King by Nick Richey
The Harbinger by Jerold Wallace
The Psycho Killer’s Guide to Love by JP LeRoux
THE TRESTLE by Justin Giddings & Ryan Patrick Welsh
The Virgin by Trysta A. Bissett & Jerry D. Ochoa
Trollstigen by Ruben Estremera & Gregory Wolk
All Semifinalists will be reviewed exclusively by AMC who will determine the Finalists and eventual Winner.
ASOMNIA by Stuart Creque
CALL ME MADAM by Marc Blitstein & Brian Rousso
Camera Obscura by Ian Baaske
Coloma by Brian Duchaney
Confidence Woman by Amelie Yeager
Darker Than You Can Imagine by Peter Hoffman Kimball
De Brocas by Jenn Fonteyn
GREYLORD by Monte Williams & Fred Ellis
Half-Hanged Mary by Amanda Young
HEX by Joey Capuana
HIGH CRIMES by Melanie Abrams
High School Never Ends by Danny Hogan
LOOMING IN THE SWAMPS by Jonathan Samuel
Moral High Ground by Cate Devaney
Not Your China Doll by Veronica Chavira
PHANTOM by Cameron Brent Johnson
PROJECT BLANCA: “Pilot” by Teresa Jusino
River Rats by Bryce Berkowitz
Single Person by Matt Foss
SONS OF SOIL by Dhruv Kanungo
Souvenir, Alaska by Mac Smullen
The Clever Girl by David B. Carren
The Devil’s Brood: Shipwreck by Saiya Floyd
The Found by Noah Miller
THE REAL MCCOYS by Elizabeth Tenan
The Spirit of ’76 by Jerry Jerome
The Valkyrie by Amanda Parham
The Watcher by Connor Pannell & Michael Goitanich
Vaquero by Matthew Brown
Worlds Apart by Thomas C. Gaunt
BABY MAYBE by Andrea O’Malley
Channel School by Robert Rue
Choose Your Parents by Kayla Sun
Churchfolk: Welcome, Stranger by Aaron S. Moncivaiz
DOUBLE DOWN by Cory Joseph Marciel
ELLIES by Mahlena-Rae Johnson
EXALT by Richard Young
Fall From Grace by Paul Pinsdorf
Genesis Incorporated by Aaron Edwards
Halfway Crooks (Legend of the Suffolk County Crew) by Jeru Berry
HELLO, NEWS by Janet J. Lawler
Hirado by Jennifer Wilton
Jungle by Tavish Gudgeon
Lost Prophet by Anna Sophia Vecellio
Mansa by Veronica Jordan-Davis
Outsourced by Katherine Chrisman
Push It! by Mirella Christou
Sovereign by Arielle Waldman & Jordan Henry
Sugarchain: “Without a Word” by Alva Moore
The Assassination of a President by Gary Chafetz
The Masterworks by Jill Hoppe
The Nazirite by Jesse A Chapman
THREE STRIKES by Raphie Cantor
Wayward by Christopher Cramer
Barry: “The Ghost of Janice Moss” by Nadeen Currie
Barry: “The Resort” by Ken Yovanovic
Bob’s Burgers: “Bob’s Books, Beach Mice, and Body Scrubs” by Bryant A. Loney
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “The Woke Bandit” by Michael Streight
Curb Your Enthusiasm: “JEFFREY” by Clayton Jordan
Hacks: “Terminated” by Michelle Askew
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “The Gang Sees a Ghost” by Tyler Gibbons
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “The Gang Gets FriSkee” by Michael Rosenfeld
Mr. Mayor: “Share The Road” by Catherine Holahan
Only Murders in the Building: “Plus Two” by Ellen Tremiti
Pen15: “Hot Date” by Ben Rosen
South Park: “The Great Plush” by Sean Schroeder
The Other Two: “Chase Gets a Reality Show” by Bailey Moore & Wyatt Marks
What We Do in the Shadows: “Curse of The Blood Moon” by Jeremy Wadzinski
What We Do in the Shadows: “Re-Lent-Less” by Stephen K. Krespel
What We Do in the Shadows: “Screamers” by Phoebe Zimmerer & Ken Viteri-Lynn
Bridgerton: “Beyond the Pale” by Lauren Bonett
Shadow and Bone: “Trust Me” by Hannah Clifton
The Boys: “Every Body Needs Some Body” by Cheryl Puente
The Crown: “Last Looks” by Claire Winters
The Umbrella Academy: “Rumor Me” by Matteo Mascanzoni
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: “Salt” by Rolando Gomez
A Father’s Day by Sam Li & Greg Woodland
Andrew by Luke Roberts
Blighted by Sheba Karim
Favors by Michael Kaplan
Getaway by Steven Rodriguez
Hitchhiker by Samantha Walker
Jimmy Dean by Nicholas Sennott
One Who Knows by Shiloh Nyce
Residual by Cristi Rumpza
Slayfest by Mark Renshaw
Starlight by April Rouveyrol
The Australian Girl by Elise Lamb
The Isle of Shelly by Kevin Sterling
The Weight of You by Hunter Rodgers
Wanle by Alison Week & Zoe Eisenberg
Where to? by Brian Thompson
“The Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare (or at least our best approximation) by D.A. Mindell
A Driving Beat by Jordan Ramirez Puckett
Everything All at Once by John Ryan Martine
Midnight Showing by Libby Heily
TALK OF THE TOWN by Mike Bencivenga
Unimaginable by Jill Remez
Walter Under the Bridge by Jacob Wesley Gordner
A More Certain Light by Elizabeth Corbett
A War in the Mind of God by Jerry Mayer
ASYLUM by Craig Nobbs
BLADE & BONE by Edward Pannozzo
Blockbuster, Alaska by Callie Bloem & Christopher Ewing
Blowback by Eric Murphy
Burying Brutus by J.K. Zepeda
Calling From Cheboygan by Riley Taggart
Captain Blood by Kate Imy
Ella by Michael Dean
Faith by Naomi Sheridan
Fire and Brimstone by Chad Ashworth
FLORA by Don Shroll
From Mud by Dave Pilson & Neil Holland
Grace Canyon Ranch by Jim Lopezzo
Grain by Diane Randle
Grass Snakes by Danny Katz
KING’S HEART by Svilen Kamburov
Madame Ram by Isabelle Davis
Man of Another Age by David Warren
Misinterpreted by Tristan Mercado
Out from Undor by Davern Wright
Parishad by Peter Haig
Rough Point by Louis Lehrman
Rules of Being a Princess by Leigha Marie Daliet
The Fuck-It List by Nick Gambino
The Gold Fish by Barbara Ward Thall
The Last Queen’s Painter by Lindsey Galloway
The Newlyweds by John Lawniczak
The Owl and the Hummingbird by David Ciccarelli
The Rowan by Liz Cardenas
The Sickness by Joe Marino
The Táin by Luke Hart-Moynihan
The Tigers by Laura Nicole Town
The Valley Rose by Patrick Runi
The Village Doctor by Laura Kenner
Turnstile by Raul Sharma
UnCut by Neer Shelter
Union by Marc Moody
Wheelz by Jade Johann
WHY THE WILLOW WEEPS by Dwight A. Jolivette
Open to science fiction, fantasy, horror, surrealism, myth/legend and fantastical storytelling.
Beyond the Pale by Frankie Whitty
Folding City by Josh Kim & Edward Gunawan
LIFELINK by Johnny Gilligan
Paschar by Jennifer Richelle Burns
PROXY L-2 by Heather Ostrove
REVELATIONS by Johnny Gilligan
SURRENDER! by Shannon Wells
The Horse Killers by Josh Flanagan & Ben Hurst
Time Wolves by Stian Hafstad
Open to scripts from underrepresented writers in the industry. 
Esperanza by David Christopher Loya
First Blooded by Kenya Collins
IN MEMORIAM by Chadd Alciati
LA DOÑA by Ana Lydia Monaco
Momentous by Ana Maria Defillo
No Te Olivdes by Nerris Nevarez-Nassiri
Old Maiden’s Prayer by Grace Gao
OVER YONDER by Jalen Wesley Young
Proclamation by Bryce Marrero
r.e.g.g.i.N by A. D. Smith
THE 40 by M.B. Stevens
The Garden by Ruby B. Hernandez
The Last of the Son by Cris Blak
The Man by Carla Queipo
Allegra Sparkle’s Guide to the Great Composers (You Might Not Have Heard Of) by Lillie Gardner
Helen Would Like a Word by Sandra Fugate
The Death of Rasputin by Erin Reinelt
The Man by Carla Queipo
Adolescent by Samuel Holladay
Chad + Trixie 4EVA by C.W. Madsen
I-CON-IC by Daisy Hobbs
KYLIE CAN’T QUIT by Meg Ryan & Sean McBride
Old Habits by Brittani Harris
Outside the Garden by Benjamin Lewis
The Piece by Maria Carolan & Claire Woolner
UNTETHERED by Charlie Frazier & Chris Frazier
All Semifinalists will be reviewed exclusively by Warner Bros. who will determine the Finalists and eventual Winner.
AT LEAST I’M TRYING by Chandler Smidt
Book of Jeb by Gilda Porcari
Chosen Families by Jack MacCarthy
Dragon’s Den by Jon Comulada
End Days by David Silverstein
Esperanza by David Christopher Loya
Father, Forgive Me by Taryn O’Connor
FRENCH CLUB by Andrea Shawcross
Gourmet by Sean Winslow
He Had It Coming: Princess Marguerite by Mady Dever
Here for the Wrong Reasons by Sabrina Batchler
IN MEMORIAM by Chadd Alciati
LOOMING IN THE SWAMPS by Jonathan Samuel
Mercernary by Louisa Isaacs
Momentous by Ana Maria Defillo
Out of the Woodwork by Ryan Dellaquila
Ranger by Allen Baldwin & Jane Ackermann
Resurrection Men by Ben Fickes
The Curious Case of Agatha Christie by Ashley Kreeb
The Daily by M. Brennan
The Displaced by Matt Ford
The Found by Noah Miller
The Policy by Sal Ragonese
The Tutors by Mallory Baysek
Tin Can Alley by Thomas Schoch
To Kill a Pope by Gianmarco Giacomelli
Treasure Humpers by Kathryn Q. Wright
Troman: Welcome to the Jungle by Robert Pietzsch & Adam Rocke
UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) The Incident by Jackie Zabel & Bryce Zabel
Wish You Were Here by Keith Hallworth
Back To Normal by Vincent Nelson & Josh Covitt
Behind The Scale by Alex Otis
MAN OF ACTION by Mitchell McLean
Related: The “Incident” That Went Too Far by Ariel Sinelnikoff & Ariana Sinelnikoff
Walk Into a Bar by Cassandra Rose
Celeritas by Alexander Adell
Choi’s Choice by Wei Liu
Damsel is a Dirty Word by Caitlin Trimble
Grace and Grammy Solve a Mystery by Ellen Haun
KLAM Radio by Anna Kryczka & Lenae Day
Land Yacht Radio by Anthony Wood
Lilith by Mark London Williams
The Life and Times of a Chosen One by Christopher Dole
What Happened to Dottie McCline? by Ana Worrel & Amy Frances Wright
Competitions, Screenplay Competition
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