October 2, 2023

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I Love Wine transports you to the best winemaking regions of the world
Fastest Rebound Since 2003 Invites Skepticism for Indian Stocks
Cineworld Says Chapter 11 Is Possible: The London Rush
Musk Says Tesla Full Self-Driving to Cost $15,000
China’s Pinduoduo to Enter US Market in First International Step
Vodafone Agrees to Sell Hungary Unit for 1.8 Billion Euros
Deadline Looms for Petition to Challenge Kenyan Election Result
Biden Discusses Nuclear Talks With Europeans: Iran Snapshot
BlackRock Warns SEC’s Plans on ESG Disclosures Will Backfire
Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Seeks to Buy as Much as 50% of Occidental
US Demand to Lift India’s Lab-Made Diamond Exports to $8 Billion
‘House of the Dragon’ Debut Crashes HBO Max for Thousands
Shipping Giants Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Avoid Billions in Taxes
Liz Truss Shouldn’t Mess With the Bank of England’s Independence
Feminist or Not, Giorgia Meloni Has a Duty to Italy’s Women
The Finnish Florist Who Brings New Life to Faded Flowers
Richest Silicon Valley Suburb Says Build Anywhere But Here
Neobanks Are Struggling to Make Good on Their Lofty Promises
Singapore Sex-Ban Repeal Comes With Big Hurdle for Gay Marriage
They Pledged Not to Prosecute Abortions. The Reality Is Tougher
Foot Locker Comeback Hangs on Woman Who Rewrote Beauty Playbook
Hiker Missing in Utah Flooding as Monsoon Hits US Southwest
Many Still Seeking Food, Shelter a Year After Haiti Quake
Pandemic-Proof Airport Closer to Reality in Post-Covid Singapore
Brazil Set to Build the World’s Biggest Urban Garden by 2024
Electric Scooter Revolution Faces a Reckoning in Stockholm
Australia to Map Crypto Tokens as Part of Regulatory Ramp-Up
Ethereum Overhaul Risks Creating a New Class of Kingpins
FTX US, Four Others Ordered to Correct FDIC Insurance Claims

A key US banking regulator said it will be taking a closer look at growing bank-held commercial real estate loans, citing macroeconomic volatility. 
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. announced in a report on Wednesday that its next test cycle will focus on “newer CRE credits, credits within stressed sub-categories and geographies, and credits with payments vulnerable to rising rates and rising costs.” 


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