June 19, 2024

CEO describes program as introductory course taught by top professionals
Commercial brokerage GPARENCY has launched a 30-day educational and mentorship program for people interested in becoming commercial mortgage brokers.
“GPARENCY Experience” is an online mentorship program focused on commercial real estate and commercial mortgage and technology services, according to the company’s Press release. It offers interactive classes, one-on-one mentorships, webinars, and networking opportunities for a one-time-only fee of $40.
“The benefit of GPARENCY being a remote company allows each attendee to fully immerse themselves into the company for these 30 days,” said Ira Zlotowitz, founder and CEO of GPARENCY. “It’s an easy first step and introductory crash course taught by top professionals who are not only providing industry fundamentals, but also sharing their experiences, knowledge and, frankly, wisdom.”
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The rollout of GPARENCY Experience comes on the heels of the launch of Broker Assist, the firm’s white label service that assists commercial mortgage brokers with securing and underwriting commercial property mortgages.
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“We are committed to training a new generation of commercial mortgage brokers and real estate professionals of all ages,” Zlotowitz said. “Our programs are designed to build an equitable foundation of learning, offering access to careers throughout the commercial real estate industry. The 30-day program is a concentrated introduction, and our recruitment program is a game-changing career opportunity. Many participants will find their true calling in the commercial real estate space, while others may choose not to go further. But everyone who invests the time will learn important business fundamentals.”


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