January 30, 2023

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As the advantages continue to erode for U.S. manufacturers operating in low-cost countries, interest in reshoring and near-shoring continues to climb. This is especially true in the age of COVID-19, with the pandemic’s near-crippling impacts on supply chains, including for logistics and distribution, according to a recent report from Yardi’s CommercialEdge.
“Moving back to the U.S. or near-shore destinations such as Mexico, Canada, or Costa Rica have distinct advantages—most notably shorter and easier-to-manage supply chains, improved communication, and reduced probability for disruption,” Yardi’s Doug Ressler tells GlobeSt.com.
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Erik Sherman |
In a litigious society where costs of doing business are rapidly rising, expect both sides of a transaction to have lawyers on speed-dial.
Lynn Pollack |
Sales activity rose between 24% to 27% across the 12-month span ending in June for the sector.
Jack Rogers |
Partners will focus on large build-to-suit facilities in food, transportation centers.
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The Business Case for an Intelligent Digital Backbone in Multi-tenanted Commercial Buildings
The commercial real estate industry is navigating changing dynamics with the rise of hybrid working environments and greater demand for digitally-enabled buildings and spaces. But delivering on this demand brings increasing amounts of complexity. Download this eBook for key considerations when evaluating a digital infrastructure.
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2022 Domestic Migration Trends
Download this white paper to understand if and how COVID impacted domestic migration patterns on a state, city and zip code level; including how these patterns are affecting CRE stakeholders.
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2022 Multifamily State of the Industry Report
There are three major trends converging to shape new renter dynamics: The Great Resignation, The Occupancy Fallacy, and The Renter Research Revolution. Download this report to explore these trends and learn how to thrive in this new era.
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