September 24, 2023

Forward looking statement notice
Statements made in this Form 10-Q that are not historical or current facts are “forward-looking statements” made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 (the “Act”) and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These statements often can be identified by the use of terms such as “may,” “will,” “expect,” “believe,” “anticipate,” “estimate,” “approximate” or “continue,” or the negative thereof. We intend that such forward-looking statements be subject to the safe harbors for such statements. We wish to caution readers not to place undue reliance on any such forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date made. Any forward-looking statements represent management’s best judgment as to what may occur in the future. However, forward-looking statements are subject to risks, uncertainties and important factors beyond our control that could cause actual results and events to differ materially from historical results of operations and events and those presently anticipated or projected. We disclaim any obligation subsequently to revise any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of such statement or to reflect the occurrence of anticipated or unanticipated events.
Financial information contained in this quarterly report and in our unaudited interim financial statements is stated in United States dollars and are prepared in accordance with United States generally accepted accounting principles.
The Company was incorporated as “Minaro Corp.” under the laws of the State of Nevada on March 14, 2017. Minaro has only one officer and director who is Yulia Lazaridou. We are engaged in business of 3D design and we intend to provide 3D rendering, animation and architectural visualization services to architects, builders, advertising agencies, interior designers and related. Minaro has developed their website to implement customers’ ideas and projects. You can reach it at
On March 14, 2017, the Company issued 2,800,000 shares of restricted common stock to Yulia Lazaridou. The value of these shares is $2,800 based on the par value of $0.001 per share of common stock.
About 3D design with visualization
The term 3D visualization is used synonymously with 3D graphics, 3D rendering, computer generated imagery (CGI), and other terms. They all basically refer to the process by which graphical content is created using 3D software. It’s a technology that has become mainstream over the last few decades and has evolved into one of the most viable options for producing high- quality digital content. Three-dimensional rendering and 3D modeling is accomplished by taking two-dimensional forms and giving them volume. Created with specialized software, the computer-generated images are wide used in architecture.
Minaro Corp. produces 3D visualizations (3D exterior for commercial space and interior renderings, prototyping, 3D modeling). We are the startup in this area, but we believe we can reach the highest level- to enter the international level and become a part of 3D developers of a global scale. Minaro Corp. is going to provide our clients with the high quality products, visualizing their thoughts and ideas.
During the work process we would like keeping our clients up to date on our progress, so they can follow us and know in advance what the finished product will look like.
Minaro Corp. is fast, affordable and our main goal is to make each client being pleased with the result and willing to develop a long-term cooperation. Minaro Corp. operates in a highly collaborative manner with each client utilizing their knowledge and talents to achieve a total client satisfaction.
Our goal at the beginning of each new project is to reach the highest level of our client vision understanding to transform it into stunning 3D design visualization.
Minaro is a start-up stage company incorporated in Nevada engaged in providing 3D design service for commercial spaces. Minaro is committed to the providing service in Cyprus. Rather than focus on providing 3D design service in one market, Minaro intends to pursue providing 3D design with visualization and organization of commercial space in the global marketplace through internal growth, industry leading development of high-quality service, marketing.
Minaro plans to become a rapidly growing specialty designer who will offer the service of 3D design for commercial spaces produced and designed by us. Our service will include, but will not strictly be limited to, produces 3D visualizations that include 3D exterior for commercial space and interior renderings, prototyping, 3D modeling and other 3D design related merchandise. We intend to expand and develop our business throughout Cyprus and internationally, into a well-recognized and respected company. Currently, we have active agreements with ASBILI and Twidel Co., to provision of service to the client for a period of one year.
In the work Minaro Corp. going to use the program such AutoCAD (commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application), SketchUp (3D modeling computer program for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering), Adobe Photoshop (raster graphics editor), Autodesk 3ds Max (professional 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models) and Revit (building information modeling software for architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, designers and contractors). These programs are important for our service, as they have excellent speed and accuracy, optimal set of functions, easy to use, good value for money, proven as reliable programs and can perform a variety of tasks.
Our order execution process in general can be described as below:
The most important stage is to be known about the:
1. Measurement (size of the room),
2. The tasks (what will be built, under whom, for how many people)
3. Concept development (future plan / planning decision)
4. Sketches (3D model in sketchpad for example)
5. Visualizations
6. Drawings (technical documentation)
The process of 3d architectural visualization begins with the collection of all the documents necessary for the project such as AutoCAD drawings and photographs of the project, videos, images, reference materials, target audience and expected objectives. Once the documents are collected they are being reviewed and analyzed to evolve the right action plan to assure the best output. The texture (for a more realistic look) and appropriate lighting (for the enhancement of the layout with landscape) are the last touches applied to the shorts prior to 3D rendering.
Scheme of the master plan based on the Architectural solutions up to 3 survey of the site (GP);
We plan to market our services in Cyprus. Architectural visualization services we plan on providing are highly dependent on construction industry in Cyprus.
Initially, our services will be promoted by our President, Yulia Lazaridou. She will discuss our product with her friends and business associates. The marketing and advertising will be targeted to architects, builders, advertising agencies, interior designers and various sectors which have need of 3D visualization in Cyprus. We intend to develop and maintain a database of potential clients who may want to use Minaro’s services. We will follow up with these clients periodically and offer them free presentations and special discounts from time to time. Our methods of communication will include: phone calls and emails. We will ask our satisfied clients for referrals.
We will market and advertise our product on our web site ( by showing its advantages over visualization services offered by other companies. We intend to attract traffic to our website by a variety of online marketing tactics such as registering with top search engines using selected key words (meta tags) and utilizing link and banner exchange options. We intend to promote our website by displaying it on our promotion materials.
We plan to expand our services to USA market in the future only when or if we have the available resources and growth to warrant it. Currently this option is questionable.
We intend to continue our marketing efforts during the life of our operations. We intend to spend from $500 to $8,000 on marketing efforts during the first year. There is no guarantee that we will be able to attract or retain enough customers to justify our expenditures. If we are unable to generate a significant amount of revenue and successfully protect ourselves against those risks, then it would materially affect our financial condition and our business could be harmed.
The Company leases a 32-square meter office space located at 39 Markou Mpotsari, Kaimakli, Nicosia, 1037, Cyprus. The lease contract was signed for a one-year term from September 1st, 2017 with the option of expansion for an additional term and terminated since September 1, 2021.
As of today, Minaro Corp. has customers: ASBILI, Twidel Co., Nikolas Rondeas, Nokoletta Samara, Thalis Zografiadis, Daphne Chontili, Eros Stathiades, Leonidas Kiriakou.
There are many well-established 3D design companies that provide service in our area like K3d Architectural 3d & Graphic Art, SPOON Ltd., Changa Vision, Bizzy Bee Media et?. Most of our competitors have greater financial resources than we do and will be able to withstand sales or price decreases better than we can. We also expect to continue to face competition from new market service entrants. We may be unable to continue to compete effectively with these existing or new competitors, which could have a material adverse effect on our financial condition and results of operations.
We have not incurred any research expenditures since our incorporation.
There has been no bankruptcy, receivership or similar proceeding entered into either voluntarily by the Company and involuntarily against the Company.
There have been no material reclassifications, mergers, consolidations, or purchase or sale of a significant amount of assets not in the ordinary course of business.
We will be required to comply with all regulations, rules and directives of governmental authorities and agencies applicable to the construction and operation of any facility in any jurisdiction which we would conduct activities.
We do not believe that any existing or probable government regulation on our business, including any applicable export or import regulation or control imposed by Cyprus will have a material impact on the way we conduct our business.
We have no employees as of the date of this report, other than our director and secretary. Our director, Yulia Lazaridou, currently devotes as much time as needed to provide management services to company matters. After receiving funding, Ms. Lazaridou plans to devote as much time to the operation of the Company as she determines is necessary for her to manage the affairs of the Company. As our business and operations increase, we will assess the need for full-time management and administrative support personnel.
There are no pending legal proceedings to which the Company is a party or in which any director, officer or affiliate of the Company, any owner of record or beneficially of more than 5% of any class of voting securities of the Company, or security holder is a party adverse to the Company or has a material interest adverse to the Company.
We have incurred recurring losses to date. Our financial statements have been prepared assuming that we will continue as a going concern and, accordingly, do not include adjustments relating to the recoverability and realization of assets and classification of liabilities that might be necessary should we be unable to continue in operation.
We expect we will require additional capital to meet our long term operating requirements. We expect to raise additional capital through, among other things, the sale of equity or debt securities.
As at July 31, 2022, our total assets were $11,110. Total assets were comprised of $47 in current assets and $11,063 in fixed assets.
As at July 31, 2022, our current liabilities were $77,002 and Stockholders’ deficit was $65,892.
For the six months ended July 31, 2022 net cash flows used in operating activities was negative $9,555.
For the six months ended July 31, 2021 net cash flows used in operating activities was $28,909.
For the six months ended July 31, 2022 and 2021 we have generated no cash used in investing activities.
For the six months ended July 31, 2022 net cash flows used in financing activities was $4,333.
For the six months ended July 31, 2021 net cash flows used in financing activities was $26,871.
Youshould read the following discussion and analysis of our financial condition and results of operations together with our financial statements and the related notes and other financial information included elsewhere in this report. Some of the information contained in this discussion and analysis or set forth elsewhere in this report, including information with respect to our plans and strategy for our business and related financing, includes forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties.
We qualify as an “emerging growth company” under the JOBS Act. As a result, we are permitted to, and intend to, rely on exemptions from certain disclosure requirements. For so long as we are an emerginggrowth company, we will not be required to:
– Have an auditor report on our internal controls over financial reporting pursuant to Section 404(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act;
– Provide an auditor attestation with respect to management’s report on the effectiveness of our internal controls over financial reporting;
– Comply with any requirement that may be adopted by the PublicCompany Accounting Oversight Board regarding mandatory audit firm rotation or a supplement to the auditor’s report providing additional information about the audit and the financial statements (i.e., an auditor discussion and analysis);
– Submit certain executive compensation matters to shareholder advisory votes, such as “say-on-pay” and “say-on-frequency;” and
– Disclose certain executive compensation related items such as the correlation between executive compensation and performance and comparisons of the CEO’s compensation to median employee compensation.
Wewill remain an “emerging growth company” for up to five years, or until the earliest of (i) the last day of the first fiscal year in which our total annual gross revenues exceed $1 billion, (ii) the date that we become a “large accelerated filer” as defined in Rule 12b-2 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which would occur if the market value of our ordinary shares that is held by non-affiliates exceeds $700 million as of the last business day of our most recently completed second fiscal quarter or (iii) the date on which we have issued more than $1 billion in non-convertible debt during the preceding three year period. Even if we no longer qualify for the exemptions for an emerginggrowth company, we may still be, in certain circumstances, subject to scaled disclosure requirements as a smaller reporting company. For example, smaller reporting companies, like emerging growth companies, are not required to provide a compensation discussion and analysis under Item 402(b) of Regulation S-K or auditor attestation of internal controls over financial reporting.
Under the JOBS Act, an “emerging growth company” can delay adopting new or revised accounting standards until such time as those standards apply to private companies, as set forth in Section 7(a)(2)(B) of the Securities Act. We chose not to take advantage of such extended transition period for complying with any new or revised accounting standards and acknowledge that this election is irrevocable.
Our cash balance is $47 as of July 31, 2022. We have been utilizing and may utilize funds from Yulia Lazaridou, our Chairman and President, who has informally agreed to advance funds to allow us to pay for offering costs, filing fees, and professional fees. As of July 31, 2022, Ms. Lazaridou advanced us $76,848. The next year Ms. Lazaridou does not intend to request to be repaid before the Company will fully implement the plan of operations and begin to increase the revenues to the level of sufficient income to manage the business in full.
We are a newly organized company. Long term financing beyond the maximum aggregate amount of the offering may be required to expand our business. The exact amount of funding will depend on the scale of our development and expansion. Our expansion may include expanding our office facilities, hiring service personnel and entering into agreements with new clients. We have not planned our expansion, and we have not decided yet on the scale of our development and expansion and on the exact amount of funding needed for our long-term financing.
The material terms of our sales contracts with customers contain performing production and postproduction services for the Customers’ design in accordance to Customer’s needs. The period term of such contracts is one year. Customers agreed that the price for the service provided by Minaro Corp. to the Customer should be specified in the invoice provided by Minaro Corp. to the Customer.
Our independent registered public accountant has issued a going concern opinion. This means that there is a substantial doubt that we can continue as an on-going business for the next twelve months unless we obtain additional capital to pay our bills.
To meet our needs for cash we are attempting to raise money from the offering and from selling our 3D design visualization service. We believe that we will be able to raise enough money through the offering or through selling our service to continue our proposed operations but we cannot guarantee that once we continue operations we will stay in business after doing so. If we are unable to successfully find customers, we may quickly use up the proceeds from the offering and will need to find alternative sources. Now, we have not made any arrangements to raise additional cash, other than through the offering. We are signed the agreement with our first customer. We are in negotiations with one of our potential customers and we believe that we might get a production order from this customer soon.
If we need additional cash and cannot raise it, we will either have to suspend operations until we do raise the cash, or cease operations entirely.
We have no off-balance sheet arrangements that have or are reasonably likely to have a current or future effect on our financial condition, changes in financial condition, revenues or expenses, results of operations, liquidity, capital expenditures or capital resources.
There is no historical financial information about us upon which to base an evaluation of our performance. We are in start-up stage operations and have generated no revenues to date. We cannot guarantee we will be successful in our business operations. Our business is subject to risks inherent in the establishment of a new business enterprise, including capital resources and possible cost overruns due to price and cost increases in services and products.
We have no assurance that future financing will be available to us on acceptable terms. If financing is not available on satisfactory terms, we may be unable to continue, develop or expand our operations. Equity financing could result in additional dilution to existing shareholders.
We have no assurance that future financing will be available to us on acceptable terms. If financing is not available on satisfactory terms, we may be unable to continue, develop or expand our operations. Equity financing could result in additional dilution to existing shareholders.
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