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Sunday, August 21, 2022

By Diane Emeott-Korzen | New Pelican Writer
Pompano Beach – The Community Redevelopment Agency [CRA] Board has approved a maximum of $119,520 to fix the roof of the McNab House.
The project will repair and reinforce the existing roof structure of the front porch and porte-cochere [a covered side building, detached garage].
MUEngineers, an Oakland Park firm, prepared the construction plans. 
For the front porch, the scope of work would remove the ceiling and expose the porch truss structure. Shoring, removal, replacement, reinforcement, and anchoring of structural roof elements are needed, as is replacing and painting the ceiling. All horizontal parts of the front porch structure will be reinforced. The lath and stucco need to be replaced, to repair the porch’s front façade perimeter beam, which will be repainted. Facia boards will be replaced in several areas.
The porte-cochere scope of work includes more shoring, removal, replacement, reinforcement and anchoring of structural roof elements, with all horizontal parts to be reinforced. The ceiling facade of the porte-cochere must be restored to a finished surface ready for painting. The work will include painting the ceiling as a close match to the original, with replacement of fascia board in several areas. 
The CRA wants to use the city’s Sourcewell construction contract with Shiff Construction & Development to procure these services. Sourcewell provides local governments with a cooperative purchasing program to manage solicitation requirements and offer a network of awarded contracts.
“The CRA did reach out to several other companies who were either non responsive or not interested,” said CRA Project Coordinator Sarah Mulder.
“This has been competitively bid,” said Mayor Rex Hardin.
Commissioner Andrea McGee was “excited” about the project.
Commissioner Tom McMahon said it was “good to see some construction going forward.”
The McNab House is located at McNab Park. After the house, built in 1926, is restored, a restaurant and botanical gardens are envisioned for the property.  
Other business
In Old Town, the CRA Board approved a lease agreement with CJOT for the vacant bay at 27 NE 1 Ave. Pompano Pharmacy is situated directly in front of this bay, in the same building. The CRA does not currently have a lease on the Pharmacy.
“The CRA’s goal is to create a master lease, to have some control over what goes in there,” said Hardin. The CRA will eventually sublease it to what it considers an appropriate business, at an annual fiscal impact of $14,805.
Resident Vincente Thrower asked, “Can I put an MJ [marijuana] shop in there? A hookah lounge? We want something that will benefit the young people so they can come and have a good time.”
CRA Project Manager Kimberly Vazquez responded that a restaurant, art gallery, retail space or a bookstore with a wine shop or coffee shop would be desirable for the 1,400 sq. ft. property.
Commissioner Cyndy Floyd took issue, and asked for a breakdown of what “desirable” means to the CRA in this situation. 
“Something desirable to go in there. Complimentary to the vision [for Old Town],” said Commissioner Rhonda Eaton.
The CRA Board granted the chair or vice chair the authority to follow through on any matters that arise during the August hiatus from meetings. 
The next CRA meeting will be Sept. 20, where the board will approve a final budget for 2023. A draft version of a proposed budget for the East CRA, and a separate NW CRA budget were presented by Vazquez at the meeting.
Two speakers from the East CRA Advisory Board spoke in favor of the CRA Board doing something to honor former commissioner Barry Dockswell in the beach area he represented. 
East CRA Chair Jack Rogerson said he was part of the CRA “in the dark days. I think Dockswell provided the balance between city needs for development and revenue, and the residents’ needs to keep the feel of their neighborhoods, to make sure there is no Eiffel Tower there.” 
East CRA Board Member Fred Stacer said he would like the CRA to put together a plaque to be displayed at some location in the East CRA, somewhere near the pier or parking garage. 
“[Dockswell] told constituents they are not going to have a parking garage on that beach. He studied it [more], and found it should be another way.”
Hardin called the idea of honoring Dockswell, whom he served with, “a great idea.” He said Dockswell took a lot of stands and took heat for it. “Without a strong voice, I don’t think we would have the Pompano Beach Fishing Village we have today,” Hardin added.
Eaton suggested that since there is already the Fisher Family Pier, maybe there should be the “Dockswell Docks?”
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