April 20, 2024

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Richland Homes LLC to Jipp, Andrew and Kimberly, 17507 Tucker St., $296,745.
Davis, Donnal D. to Nolan Holdings LLC, 19150 Bennington Road, $375,000.
Celebrity Homes Inc. to Anderson, Trever L., 14862 Leeman St., $306,925.
Richland Homes LLC to Brooks, Eboni, 17614 Samuel St., $384,504.
Spraggs, Michelle Dawn and Perkins, Michelle D. to Weiland, Thomas G. and Dawn M., 8107 N. 173rd St., $425,000.
Fecht, Charlene to Lizzy Mae LLC, 14550 Mormon St., $210,000.
Doner, Mark and Maes, Timothy to Olson, Thomas and Valorie, 8206 Kilpatrick Parkway, $370,000.
Celebrity Homes Inc. to Fadikpe, Adenijin Ayolola Benoit and Dossa, Mondoukpe T. Roucelle, 14760 Leeman St., $400,240.
Deines, Benjamin A. and Bieber-Deines, Natalie J. to Bobolz, Cody and Jennifer, 7815 N. 153rd St., $312,500.
Seeing Double LLC to Ossenkop Investments LLC, 342 N. Allen St., $304,000.
Advantage Development Inc. to Sklenar, Charles B. and Sharon K., 12603 N. 161st Ave., $698,145.
Seeing Double LLC to Ossenkop Investments LLC, 346 N. Allen St., $304,000.
Showcase Homes Inc. to Petersen, Eric S. and Amanda M., 17026 Emma St., $589,900.
David Thoms Construction LLC to Johnson, Steven E. and Katherine M., 12407 N. 161st Ave., $660,000.
Hrc Anchor View LLC to Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC, 7606 N. 177th St., $61,950.
Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jones, Laura A. and Hamilton D., 21062 George B Lake Parkway, $394,348.
Advantage Development Inc. to Hildy Construction Inc., 4415 S. 219th St., $87,000.
Rosin, Kirk and Judith to Liu, Xianghong, 573 S. 184th St., $315,000.
Robert W. Pojar Living Trust and Pojar, Robert W., trustee, to Englund, Curtis D., 3422 N. 207th St., $265,000.
Griffin Enterprises PC to Griffin Homes Inc., 21833 I St., $49,900.
Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kucera, James W. and Laura E., 5707 N. 181st Ave., $429,597.
Citadel Signature Homes LLC to Astorino, Maria F., 5417 N. 205th St., $545,800.
D.R. Horton Nebraska LLC to Banghart, Shelley, 3751 N. 192nd Ave., $354,990.
Oelco LLC to McCoy, Stephen and Patricia, 2612 Piney Creek Drive, $356,575.
Oelco LLC to Placzek, Kate and Gernhart, Gary, 19910 Piney Creek Drive, $304,575.
Thomas, Nathan N. and Amanda L. to Williams, Zachary and Danielle, 1402 N. 196th St., $980,000.
Sherwood Homes Inc. to Schulte, John F. and Claudia K., 21760 K St., $460,032.
Meyers, Paul E. and Laurie B. to Thibodeau, Joseph and Theresa, 21325 A St., $1,200,000.
Steinkemper Properties LLC to Barrows, Rhonda J., 914 S. 184th St., $450,000.
Woodland Homes Inc. to Lienemann, Leah Renee, 21805 Blaine St., $530,807.
Showcase Homes Inc. to Sommerfeld, Robert E. and Mary A., 20604 Hartman Ave., $728,195.
JBT Holdings LLC to Ramm Construction Inc., 18210 Corby St., $37,500.
Ramm Construction Inc. to Betten, Alison M. and Brady W., 18210 Corby St., $652,717.
Celebrity Homes Inc. to Walker, Eddie J. III and Justine, 6105 S. 212th St., $384,197.
Robert E. Sommerfeld Trust and Mary A. Sommerfeld Trust to Samuelson, Toby Joe and Ellyette Grace, 21842 Hillandale Road, $600,000.
FLD Fund I. LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 21120 Arlington St., $72,500.
Richland Homes LLC to Chandran, Bhuvaneswari and Kadirvelu, Chandrasekar, 4313 S. 213th Terrace, $356,745.
Nathan Homes LLC to Swartz, Faith, 3303 S. 209th St., $78,939.
Wayne Thomas & Tabatha Ann Essner Rev Tru and Essner, Wayne Thomas, trustee, to NEI Global Relocation Co., 3905 N. 191st St., $498,000.
NEI Global Relocation Co. to Gafurova, Dilfuza and Boboev, Daler, 3905 N. 191st St., $498,000.
Coveted Custom Homes Construction LLC to Skyline Custom Homes LLC, 21115 Atwood Ave., $194,000.
Ideal Designs Remodeling and Construction LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 3950 S. 211th St., $87,000.
Rosenbaum, James B. and Caitlin E. to Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC, 3024 N. 182nd St., $60,000.
Oelco LLC to Wilhelm, Dallas E. Jr. and Carol A., 2706 Piney Creek Drive, $362,575.
Woodland Homes Inc. to Conway, Ryan P. and Makenna, 2026 S. 211th St., $672,130.
Vencil Construction Inc. to Bruck, Jack and Madison, 21845 I St., $553,884.
Midwest Dwellings LLC to Ramold, Corey and Concey, 1102 S. Lakewood St., $363,448.
Debra A. Hansen Revocable Trust and Hansen, Debra A., trustee, to Zinkov, Ashley and Maksim, 65 Shaker Pl, $645,000.
Larsen, Jack and Kierra to Larsen, John E., 25325 Spencer St., $170,000.
Radik, Ryan to Holy Virgin LLC, 210 S. 16th St. 918, $322,500.
KMC Properties LLC to Keeline Building LLC, 319 S. 17th St., $2,680,000.
Willman, Eric Brent and Rebekah Catherine to Greenfield, Andrew and Jasmine, 2718 N. 49th Ave., $197,000.
Amster, Fred and Rita A. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 4544 Camden Ave., $49,000.
5109 Real Estate LLC to Painter, Erin Elise, 2315 N. 45th St., $131,500.
Wang, Xin to Odell, Roger and Falke, Jessica, 4528 Burdette St., $137,500.
Thomas, Verla K. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 2028 N. 70th St., $130,000.
Grace Home Solutions LLC to 6073 Ellison Omaha LLC, 6073 Ellison Ave., $130,000.
All Z. Properties LLC to Bella Holdings LLC, 4413 N. 60th Ave., $325,000.
Paragon Investment Properties LLC to Melgar, Jaslyn and Reid, Matthew, 6306 Sprague St., $182,500.
Wacker, Robert J. and Arroyo, Danielle N. to Johnson, Paul Arthur and Pascocello, Beth, 1610 N. 59th St., $378,000.
Karabon, Anne E. to Czyzewski, Jerome and Cheryl, 1701 N. 49th St., $325,000.
Bro Real Estate LLC to Bratches, Bethany Ellen, 2005 N. 49th Ave., $110,000.
Lieben, Andrew P. and Julie Ann to Pope, Alexander and Willoughby, Kyle, 1802 N. 58th St., $275,000.
Brown, David A. and Patricia A. to Weber, Eric M. and Katherine, 5115 Parker St., $370,000.
Hyde, Bruce to Kehud Royal Estates LLC, 6241 Decatur St., $100,000.
Hatcher, Shane A. and Bailey to Matthews, Phil U. Sr. and Felisa R., 3015 N. 50th St., $210,000.
Ja, Lying La and Noh, Aine to Cuellar, Joaquin O. and Guardado, Maria Veronica, 5415 N. 48th Ave., $200,000.
Woods, Kimberly A. and Patrick S. to Engel, Adam and Mercy, 2035 N. 69th St., $205,000.
Lueckenotto, Curtis A. to Cuadros, Ana, 1819 N. 48th St., $200,000.
Steen, Terry L. to Portillo, Victoria, 4821 Sprague St., $225,000.
Rodrigues, Ruthecia and Cunha, Diego to Bergin, Jennifer and Hethcock, Christine, 3017 Pacific St., $320,000.
FA Properties LLC to Perez, Adela Genchi, 2422 Pierce St., $159,999.
Odhiambo, Anthony and Akuavi E. to GTM Properties LLC, 2413 S. 27th Ave., $85,000.
Kieselhorst, Ryan E. and Gowen, Shelby to Clarke, Katherine and Ryan, 3224 Poppleton Ave., $305,000.
Beam, Chris R. and Nicole J. to Coquillard, Tyler James and Arant, Alison Elizabeth, 3051 S. 32nd St., $235,000.
Beecham, John D. and Jenkins, Jessie S. to Stringfellow, Tommy and Clark, John Wilbur, 4621 Woolworth Ave., $265,000.
Hagge, Matthew James and Amy M. to Hagge, Matthew Jacob, 4520 Pine St., $275,000.
Grace Home Solutions LLC to Tacke, Brian and Katie, 1419 S. 46th Ave., $250,000.
Bel Fury Investment Group LLC and Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Creating Homes LLC, 2909 S. 60th St., $115,000.
Tomasello, Eugene P. and Tomasello, Tammy P., per rep, to Hatchell, Luke, 5857 Bancroft St., $202,900.
Waugh, Alex to Wilmes, John D. and Jessica R., 5819 Frederick St., $210,000.
Rodriguez, Maria C. to Sanchez, Jose A. and Turcios, Jose A. Sanchez, 4907 C St., $58,150.
Herman, Brittany D. and Schneider, Andrew to Kramme, Jesse and Eckstrom, Anna, 5013 Pacific St., $230,000.
Schmidt, Anna to Ramos, Leslie Isaura, 6115 S. 33rd Ave., $105,000.
Greenhagen, Angela M. and Ricardo to MSJ Enterprises LLC, 4733 S. 18th St., $147,000.
Bender, John H. to Ornelas, Manuel and Elva, 4107 R St., $82,500.
Allen, Roger Dean to Mares, Eleazar Gomez and Gomez, Noemi, 1340 Madison St., $85,000.
Steinle, Larry David and Fiorella L. to Modesta, Virginia Dircio, 4512 S. 26th St., $109,000.
Barraza, Diego to Alvarez, Arturo Ramirez, 5122 S. 40th St., $185,000.
Satriano, David S. to Vazquez, Ivan E. Herrera, 6010 S. 36th Ave., $201,000.
Huber Living Trust and Huber, Carole A., trustee, to Estrada, Jose Ascencion Ramirez and Ramirez, Carmen Morales, 4826 S. 22nd St., $74,500.
Crase, Lisa M. to Bilodeau, Lauren, 4215 Hillsdale Ave., $205,000.
Poplin, Steven J. to Modra, Dena, 5122 S. 38th St., $75,000.
PBPM LLC to Southside Redevelopment Corp., 5408 S. 32nd St., $523,000.
Beaton, Christopher M. and Renee to Wegner, Vanessa M. and Santorsa, Michael W., 5406 S. 23rd St., $250,000.
Lewis, James A. and Laurie L. to Vb One LLC, 1115 Arthur St., $135,000.
Loya, Jose G. Moya and Moya, Jose Guadalupe to Villezcas, Jesus and Irma, 4232 S. 23rd St., $120,000.
Monteleone Family Trust and Monteleone, Joseph, trustee, to Gonzalez, Edgar, 4520 S. 39th St., $60,000.
Cortes, Mario to Cortez, Guadalupe and Garcia, Diego Jesus Carrillo, 3929 Monroe St., $175,000.
Walton, Bradley and Bowden, Alexandrea to Solorzano, Rigoberto Rios and Hernandez, Guadalupe A. Perez, 4971 S. 41st St., $206,500.
Schlick Properties LLC to Medrano, Daniel and Jocelyn, 1017 S. 23rd St., $116,000.
Betanzos, Francisco Rangel to Becker, Naomi and Stefan, 107 Stanford Circle, $115,000.
Jean A. Craig Irrevocable Trust and Decesare, Karen, trustee, to Mathews, Robert D. and Turnbeaugh, Jon M., 2111 Martha St., $90,000.
El Paso Property Investments LLC to Bishop, Brendan, 1436 S. 12th St., $175,000.
Lemus, Cupertino to Hetzel, Scotty and Pamela, 1014 Martha St., $185,000.
1401 Company LLC to MTC Holdings LLC, 1401 William St., $125,000.
JCEM Properties LLC to Acpage Consulting LLC, 1438 S. 13th St., $525,000.
Lisbon LLC to Magana, Marco Antonio and Carbajal, Salvador Zarza, 1462 Spencer St., $90,000.
Rowland, Kimberlie M. to Lue, Glennetta, 1621 Laird St., $51,000.
Station, Malaina S. to Stickler Enterprise LLC, 1618 Binney St., $45,000.
Williams, Derek and Becky to Nwinye, Chinwendu and Pruess, Christin, 2512 Pinkney St., $90,000.
Wayne E. and Or Karen K. Mander Rev Living Trust and Mander, Wayne E., trustee, to ITM LLC, 6216 N. 42nd St., $33,500.
FA Properties LLC to Ocana, Martha, 3560 N. 40th St., $84,000.
My Hometown LLC to Bassett, Austin Ray and Tristan Alaina, 4118 Binney St., $155,000.
Degand, Christopher and Pamela Davis to Valenzuela, Kayla and Saenz, Jose Valenzuela, 4456 Nebraska Ave., $129,000.
Iontach Investments LLC to Romero, Jose Moises Portillo and Vasquez, Glenda Xiomara Amaya, 2615 Camden Ave., $100,000.
Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Mario, Benjamin Okum and Akot Cicilia, 2865 Manderson St., $138,000.
Brown, Steve A. to Howard, Howard D., 1513 Military Ave., $32,500.
Cloonan, Arthur J. Jr. and Diane K. to Cab Homes LLC, 4321 Emmet St., $100,000.
Pere Inc. to Relford, Theodore III, 5610 N. 44th St., $14,160.
Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Toe, Dei and Klo, Hsoe, 2864 Manderson St., $138,000.
Garrison, Alexandra and Joneson, Jeffrey to Vb One LLC, 6710 N. 41st St., $170,000.
Faulkner, Devin J. to Project Houseworks, 2578 Newport Ave., $121,000.
Smith, Tyler Amadeus to Simba Realty LLC, 6728 Florence Blvd., $124,000.
Schwisow, Davianne and Summers, Davianne to Stickler Enterprise LLC, 2881 Newport Ave., $100,000.
Anchondo, Ricardo and Jennifer to Brown, Cheryl, 2721 Titus Ave., $160,000.
Turner, Christine Elizabeth and Matthew David to Harper, Wilson, 10605 Parker St., $235,000.
Bushon, Christine L. to Bushon, Ryan and Morley, Chelsea, 1817 N. 81st St., $120,000.
Stewart, Lisa T. and Krutter, Lisa Stewart to Eric R. Pearson Revocable Trust and Lorraine Chang Revocable Trust, 770 N. 93rd St. 6B4, $463,000.
Raval, Samir and Bolas, Christine to Steliga, Mark, 1018 S. 92nd St., $370,000.
Hibbard, Tracy T. and Robert Newell to Kalasky, Richard and Candace, 120 S. 93rd St., $1,425,000.
John A. Lewis Revocable Trust and Lewis, John A., trustee, to Grant, Joshua W. and Olivia, 14719 Grant St., $430,000.
Milford Select and TTKM Holdings LLC to Podraza, Adam J. and Allison K., 4816 N. 161st St., $345,000.
Marie Schroeder Real Estate PC to Schuman, Kathy and Mitchell Dean, 16328 Sprague St., $336,000.
Johnson, Andrew C. to Jacobs, Cameron, 5911 N. 154th St., $405,000.
Severa, Kristin D. and Rager, Benjamin to Luhrs Properties LLC, 6129 N. 147th Ave., $205,000.
Charleston Homes LLC to Aithal, Abhijit and Udupa, Devika Kunjaoor, 17717 Jaynes St., $372,225.
Jackson, Florence A. to Burtzel, Joseph W. Jr. and Carena, 3011 N. 146th St., $300,000.
Kirby, Milton D. and Santina I. to Asproperties LLC, 6211 N. 157th Avenue Circle, $380,000.
Schoenberger, Todd to BGRS Relocation Inc., 6618 N. 148th St., $275,000.
Sea, Douglas E. and Laurel A. to Cook, Brandon G. and Michelle L., 16703 Erskine St., $260,000.
Parakh, Abhishek and Emily to Starkey, Nicholas and Danielle, 14474 Grant St., $355,000.
Lane Building Corp. to Tedesco, Collin and Olivia, 2907 N. 167th Circle, $423,682.
BGRS Relocation Inc. to Casebeer, Alexander N. and Blair D., 6618 N. 148th St., $275,000.
Laumpoon & Ricky Savage Living Trust and Savage, Laumpoon, trustee, to Duree, Dalton and Streeks, Alexis, 4212 N. 163rd St., $320,000.
Celebrity Homes Inc. to Townsend, Matthew A. and Saltzman, Amy L., 6206 N. 170th Ave., $459,404.
Ferguson, Joseph B. and Angela L. to Mikkleson, Raymond L. and Regan N., 6331 N. 148th St., $260,000.
Eckman, Michael D. and Larissa L. to Dah, Donnie and Htu, Rosy, 15325 Fowler Ave., $300,000.
Sky & Tracy Svevad Living Trust and Svevad, Sky M., trustee, to Peitzmeier, Taylor and Alexandra Marie, 2702 N. 154th St., $415,000.
Rosenbohm, Kimberly R. to Sankey, Brooke and Austin, 2526 N. 165th Ave., $366,000.
Bruck, Madison Ashley and Shramek, Madison Ashley to Maley, Michael, 15085 Meredith Ave., $390,000.
Latham, Harry S. and Valerie L. to Maverick Empires LLC, 17107 Camden Circle, $260,000.
Celebrity Homes Inc. to Larr, Marcus W. and Allison D., 6307 N. 169th St., $471,105.
Anderson, Troy D. and Leah A. to Wright, Christina, 14939 Butler Ave., $330,500.
Meza, Eduardo and Gonzalez, Tania to Chavez, Fernando Lepes and Lepes, Leslye, 6015 S. 49th Ave., $50,000.
Garfias, Angela Michelle and Van Der Gaag, Jeroen to Catalan, Janete, 6236 I St., $170,000.
Byrne Trust and Moore, Jeanele R., trustee, to Davenport, Michael J. and Kimberly S., 4830 S. 49th St., $16,000.
Trizila, Lars M. and Bethany A. to Vb One LLC, 5818 Orchard Ave., $154,000.
Haddad, Thomas D. and Elizabeth A. to Karnish, John R. and Chris A., 726 S. 159th Ave., $400,000.
Harold J. Weinmaster Revocable Trust and Weinmaster, Kerry D., trustee, to Too Hot Properties LLC and Brooks, Louis R. Jr., 17503 Franklin Place, $252,000.
Gettman, Jill to Aheiev, Serhii and Oksana, 15937 Lafayette Ave., $445,000.
Barnes, Derrick T. and Kelly A. to Cavalieri, Anthony and Molly, 16011 Nottingham Drive, $340,000.
Beulke, Richard Jeffrey and Dianna M. to Satyal, Bipin R. and Carrie A., 16707 Leavenworth Circle, $550,000.
Simusa, Forster M. and Faith M. to Gorobchuk, Vladislav and Dolar, Marites, 7971 Bartlett St., $265,000.
Linton, Michaela Jane to Red Ladder LLC, 8717 Quest St., $220,000.
Dolan, Patricia R. to Yellowstone LLC, 8202 Potter St., $135,750.
Bender, Jenna K. and Thorne, Andrea to Kim, Soon Sun and Tae Hyo, 7902 Howell St., $255,000.
Genoways, Lynn M. to Complete Real Estate LLC, 7533 Newport Ave., $155,000.
Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kendall, Rachel M., 8627 Reynolds St., $337,400.
Celebrity Homes Inc. to Chasen, Jeremy L. and Nicole J., 8609 Young St., $298,890.
Kalasky, Richard D. and Candace M. to Kizer, Josephine and Ebert, Geoff, 8720 Cedar St., $550,000.
Rothlisberger, Jeff and Equity Trust Co. Cust to Flores, Yanet, 8106 Valley St., $179,000.
Wigington, Cassi C. and Dilworth, Jason to Mason, Colleen and Turner, Patrick, 9620 Frederick St., $595,000.
Onken, Barbara and Rich to Fleming, Maxwell and Natalie, 1715 S. 94th St., $395,000.
Moore, John A. and Judy K. to Rector, Cynthia A., 10053 Nina St., $300,000.
Smith, Earley and Blythe, Donna to HNWH Real Estate LLC, 9825 Pasadena Ave., $230,000.
Shannon, Liliana E., trustee, to Reo Asset Management Co. LLC, 5064 S. 105th St., $212,700.
Webb, John A. and Laurie N. to Vinderslev, Shayna K. and Ronald Lee, 10534 V St., $185,000.
Tomasello, Daniel E. to Dugan, Josephine and Capizano, Christopher, 6022 S. 95th St., $265,000.
Zongker, Eric and Gabriella to Garfias, Angela Michelle and Vargas, Yolanda, 9008 T Circle, $290,000.
Lisko, Adeline and Pivovar, Leslie A. Sa to Lisko, Eugene M., 8906 Monroe St., $90,000.
Lisko, Eugene M. and Pivovar, Leslie A., per rep, to Gordon, Michael J. and Lori J., 8906 Monroe St., $90,000.
Esnough, Lorri L. and Taylor-Mejstrik, Mara, per rep, to Peters, Gregory D. and Jennifer Jo Johnson, 5418 Bay Meadows Road, $213,000.
Hiller, Cecil Henry and Dianna Kay to Drwal, Kevin, 8020 Park Drive, $200,000.
Janet L. Gorman Trust and Gorman, Janet L., trustee, to Edmonds, Cruz Alan and Sarratt, Winter Rayne, 6609 S. 83rd Ave., $205,000.
Soejoto, Kenny S. and Ramona M. to Macy, Reed James and Natalie Rae, 18202 Cedar Circle, $675,000.
Real Growth LLC to KMJ Properties Co. LLC, 16524 Cedar St., $280,500.
White, Elizabeth and Rossiter to Giller, Matthew and Jodie, 19273 Williams St., $695,000.
Cole & Katie Stichler Living Revocable Trust and Stichler, Cole G., trustee, to Pincock, Jeffrey D. and Amy F., 19294 Briggs St., $675,000.
Jeffrey & Kori Vanderloo Family Trust and Vanderloo, Jeffrey D., trustee, to McDonald, Christopher and Kathleen, 18401 Poppleton Circle, $785,000.
Dondzila, Tara to Eckles, Daniel L. and Stephanie J., 2101 S. 194th St., $498,000.
Barth, Bryson and Kelli to McMillan, Jake and Sandra, 1506 S. 170th Circle, $308,000.
Oam Holdings LLC to Chinn, Jennifer L., 1411 S. 200th Avenue Circle, $630,000.
Ferrante, Phillip J. to Ferrante, Phillip J. and Dougherty, Catherine A., 17718 Frances St., $173,650.
Saporito, Vincent P. and, Kathleen A. to Swan Realty Group LLC, 1006 Glenwood Ave., $201,000.
Gilkerson Family Trust and Gilkerson, Larry B., trustee, to Pearce, Trent M., 602 N. 41st Ave., $236,000.
First National Bank of America to Reekers, Michaela and Geyer, David, 3315 Charles St., $85,000.
Orange Investments LLC to Walkable Midtown LLC, 141 N. 35th Ave., $320,000.
Burtis, Eric M. and Price, Cassie A. to Wild, Drew I. and Darcy A., 357 N. 41st St., $300,000.
Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Dalton, Alysha Jonnae, 5436 Western Ave., $238,000.
Fisher, Daniel M. to Houlton Investments LLC, 6927 Lafayette Ave., $100,000.
Kirby, Benjamin M. and Devin R. to Cass, Colleen Heavican, 320 S. 50th Ave., $298,500.
Goedken, Christopher M. and Molly K. to Alvarenga, Immar, 4621 N. 83rd St., $228,000.
Spa LLC to 2706 N. 75th Street LLC, 2706 N. 75th St., $1,700,000.
Hogan, Lashari and Hogan, Valisha, per rep, to Rideout, Tamika D., 4334 N. 81st Avenue Circle, $199,000.
Sigler, Carey D. and Jennifer J. to Roman, Carlos Ordonez and Ordonez-Roman, Carlos A., 5708 N. 107th St., $240,000.
Kobza, Patricia A. to Ballpark Properties Inc., 8004 Grant St., $80,000.
Spereman, Caro A. to Breci, Christopher, 5208 N. 85th St., $232,000.
Hurt, Diane M. to Wah, Toe Ber and Paw, Eh Moo, 4815 Parkview Drive, $177,000.
Charron, Marion E. to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 7346 Lake St., $205,500.
Stade, John K. and Katherine L. to Johanek, Matthew and Jenna, 5401 S. 165th St., $380,500.
Carroll, Bryan E. and Betsy L. to Baer, Trisha Annemarie, 16366 Monroe St., $368,000.
Serhan, Zaher A. and El-Hajjar, Dana F. to Abuissa, Hussam, 16529 Weir St., $289,400.
Witthuhn, Kyndra L. to Rodriguez, Brenda, 16600 Adams St., $285,000.
Schall, Cory D. and Schall, James L., per rep, to Sheppard, Sherre, 19517 T St., $246,500.
Beale, Nechole to Elite Nebraska PC, 6225 Van Buren Drive, $385,000.
Kennedy, Chad L. and Shanna to Hay, Robert, 19409 R St., $240,000.
Schroeder, Colin and Henne, Taylor L. to Meier, John and Showalter, Dalene, 4709 S. 194th Ave., $335,000.
McClay, James C. and Dianne J. to Keller, Matthew and Kathryn, 4633 S. 166th Circle, $575,000.
Dennis, Avery and Carey to Jamison, Jamie L. and Forrest J., 5503 S. 157th St., $350,000.
Johanek, Matthew and Jenna to Lansman, Trey and Keenan, Jennifer, 16508 Weir St., $301,000.
Gelster, Daniel R. and Mary Ann to Guhr, Alex and Lisa, 5605 S. 171st St., $439,000.
Sally M. Fielding Revocable Trust and Wilson, Lisa M., trustee, to NF Holdings LLC, 16267 M Circle, $357,500.
Gatlin, Jennifer Joy and Jason Mark to Rasmussen, Jacob and Nicole, 5520 S. 169th St., $470,000.
Horst, Robert L. and Abigail to Azizi, Nargis S., 6501 S. 185th Ave., $528,000.
Abundance Properties I. LLC to Lopez, Jose Ortiz and Vega, Angely Neco, 19505 T St., $270,000.
Fitch, Lloyd L. and Fitch-Clayton, Jennifer L., per rep, to Ivener, Lance and Dorothy, 4529 S. 198th Ave., $357,500.
Rocole, Galen S. and Jessica J. to Allen, Sam, 15218 Sharp St., $292,000.
Cameron, Joshuea M. and Sarah L. to Rosa, Tyler D. and Michelle L., 15208 Patterson Drive, $300,000.
Weise, Breanna K. and Borchers, Joann S., per rep, to Peters, Noah, 15335 Drexel Circle, $173,000.
Morrill, Alexander to Gadzinski, Benjamin and Krystal Nicole, 4817 S. 126th St., $220,000.
Miller, Douglas and Deborah A. to Payan, Armando Jr. and Erika M., 14222 Madison St., $230,000.
Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to Next Level Properties LLC, 15136 Madison St., $188,000.
4859 S. 132 LLC to DJG Properties LLC, 4859 S. 132nd Ave., $650,000.
Andersen, Hilary K. and Ryan to Flowers, Krystal and Brandon, 7427 N. 108th St., $280,000.
11T Ne LLC to Logar Home Construction LLC, 6906 N. 119th Ave., $41,000.
Perlinger, Kelsey A. and Boone, Matthew D. to Fuqua, Valerie and Robin, 7422 N. 108th St., $227,500.
Herrera, Luis A. and Wendy to Shetterly, Derek and Jaimee, 7316 N. 111th Ave., $244,000.
Rachel J. Valleley Revocable Trust and Valleley, Christopher, trustee, to Craft, Paige and Justin, 15201 Howe St., $280,000.
Gazaryan, Kimberly and Kimberly Marie to West, Patricia Ann, 13927 Pine St., $270,000.
Mohrman, David and Barbara to Gach, Tanner, 10929 Spring St., $276,500.
Rodriguez, Heriberto Quintana to Verde Investments LLC, 3530 S. 120th St., $200,000.
O’Hearn, Thomas Michael and Johnson, Sheila Kay to Brockman, Robert and Ireland-Brockman, Kimberly, 12613 Westwood Lane, $240,000.
Mozzini, Ricardo and Kirwan, Robert J. to Holz, Terry and Julie, 3728 S. 116th St., $350,000.
Taqueria El Rey Inc. to Melgar, Mayra and Manuel A., 2541 S. 123rd St., $234,000.
McKee, Todd and Theresa to Preheim, Kim A. and Jennifer L., 3409 S. 114th St., $305,000.
Lloyd B. & Dava L. Hendrickson Revocable Trust and Hendrickson, Lloyd B., trustee, to Steinkemper Properties LLC, 1518 S. 152nd Circle, $395,000.
Abigail Land Holdings 3 LLC to Caveman Holdings LLC, 12212 C St., $125,000.
Schmoker, Patrick and Kyleen Marie to Sullivan, Mark R. and Rachel R., 3722 S. 119th St., $280,000.
Donley, Kile J. and Alyssa A. to Christensen, Brian and Hansen, Kelsey, 12508 Poppleton Ave., $290,000.
Satyal, Bipin and Carrie to Beeghley, Zachary and Tiffany, 15523 Arbor St., $395,000.
Neutzner, Heinz G. and Patricia L. to Goedken, Christopher M. and Molly K., 8342 N. 46th St., $400,000.
McAndrews, Elizabeth A. to Anderson, Melissa and Mark, 6875 State St., $1,475,000.
Eh, Saw and Paw, Nee Thaw to Paw, Gay Klu and Ko, Yo Taw, 7175 N. 60th St., $218,000.
Solonynka, Nicholas to Licea, Sergio, 6904 N. 57th St., $225,000.
Aloys Acres and Kanne Korp LP to Urban Spark Construction LLC, 9010 N. 64th St., $145,000.
Sparks, Garold E. and Wendee L. to Catlett, Wendee L. and Sparks, Wendee L., 8517 N. 46th Ave., $162,700.
Salas, Jacobo D. and Dongpo M. to Vollmer, Jamie and Taylor, 15356 Hillside Circle, $405,000.
Houck, Scott E. and Amy M. to Swinicki, Kylie and Kyle, 926 Eldorado Drive, $344,527.
Hamilton, Jay E. and Denise M. to Fechner, Daniel and Christa, 14918 Franklin Place, $265,000.
Volk, Pamela A. to Bohn, Bryan and Koperski-Bohn, Jenna, 15332 Leavenworth Circle, $300,200.
Gardner, Marilyn and Lienemann, Leah to Royce, Michael, 607 S. 124th St., $240,000.
TK Properties LLC to Lami, Abdullah, 15439 Douglas Circle, $240,000.
Dagosta, Molly I. and Muir, Molly I. to Meduna, Spencer, 15427 Westchester Circle, $285,000.
Sellgren, Sara Frasier and Frasier, Bruce, per rep, to Mclaughlin, Kristina, 912 S. 118th Place, $371,500.
Cramm, Adam K. and Amanda to Miller, Joshua and Megan, 640 N. 155th Ave., $360,000.
Burright-Manion, Claudia J. to Masika, Joel and Kimeu, Daisy, 11211 Farnam St., $180,000.
Marsh, Zachary and Dana to Welch, Michael and Shannon, 592 N. 153rd St., $375,000.
Ott, Aaron M. and Sarah E. to Wilson, Brady, 1855 N. 153rd Place, $260,000.
Fulk, Dakota to Gorans, Benjamin Scott, 6233 N. 129th St., $240,000.
Adrian H. Streit Irrev Ad Trust and Adrian H. Streit Living Trust to Armstrong, Rhonda R., 2216 N. 127th Circle, $188,000.
Bueltel, Mary Jo to Kvetensky, Alan L. and Laurie A., 13835 Sprague St., $296,200.
Fries, Seth T. and Nelson, Nicole A. to Gomez, Alfredo Velez and Develez, Rocio Morales, 5551 N. 131st St., $248,000.
Adrian H. Streit IIrev Adm Trust and Adrian H. Streit Living Trust to Tiger Management LLC, 4716 N. 129th Ave., $596,000.
Adrian H. Streit Irrev Admin Trust and Adrian H. Streit Living Trust to Streit, Mark A., 13114 Grand Ave., $162,000.
SCM FFA 3003 LLC to Santa Teresa Capital LLC, 3003 N. 108th St., $4,415,000.
Cotten-Cromer, Kathleen K. and Cotten, Gerland, per rep, to Horst Power Holdings LLC, 2811 N. 120th Ave., $250,000.
Bitz, Justin R. to Lewis, Brandon and Tessa, 11430 Taylor St., $345,000.
Judy Lynn Dawson Trust and Dawson, Judy Lynn, trustee, to Barba, Nicholas, 11717 Grand Ave., $260,000.
Weiland, Thomas G. and Dawn M. to Sekpona, Koffivi, 13041 Himebaugh Ave., $255,000.
Shellenberger, Tiffany A. to Thielen, James Bernard Jr., 13022 Nebraska Ave., $175,000.
Peitzmeier, Taylor D. and Alexandra Marie to Ahmed, Dina and Yagoub, Abdalla, 13025 Vernon Ave., $246,000.
Shepherd, Deborah A. to De Luna, Enrique Alonso Rodriguez, 1503 Englewood Drive, $160,000.
Bonen, William R. and Erin to Hall, Arial and Thomas, 1216 St. Andrews Road, $222,000.
Harper, Kristianna to Degner, James L. and Jacquelynn K., 3009 Vicki Circle, $268,000.
Dandrea Garcia, Jonathan to Milner, Connor and Roxanne, 1707 Avery Road, $180,000.
Rock, Jeffrey P. and Snead, Melinda S. and Rock, John M. and Kristine M. to Sindelar, Catherine and Alexis, 2112 Twin Ridge Drive, $215,000.
Marco, Jon A., trustee, and John A. & Hertha C. Marco Irrev Trust to Beckerman, Rachael, 1804 Anna St., $215,000.
Krim, Ronald L. and Tracy to Wendl Properties LLC, 1203 W. 16th Ave., $157,000.
Wood, Neil J. and Robyn to Johnson, Tyler A. and Nikki G., 608 Brentwood Drive, $405,000.
Luebbe, Robert A. and Christina A. to Roberts, Ryan K., 17609 S. 259th St., $380,000.
Hackett, Kenneth D. to Salinas, Petra and Chavez, Cipriano Salinas, 10614 S. 212th St., $371,000.
Pierce, Karen K. to Brady, Jo Ann, 343 Michael Drive, $245,000.
Harris, Brad W. and Karen C. to Schmidt, James L. and Dianna L., 11810 S. 210th St., $313,000.
Eliason, Wayne F., trustee, and Eliason, Linda S., trustee, to Eliason, Dianne K., trustee, 725 Apache Drive, $188,000.
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Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pugh, Sean B. and Autumn E., 8058 S. 199th St., $393,000.
Schnell, Annette M. and Stanley E. to Bermel, Nichole, 213 Acorn Circle, $210,000.
Charleston Homes LLC to Larsen, Alyssa and Roberts, Dustin, 20857 Camelback Ave., $364,000.
Celebrity Homes Inc. to Burch, Jeffrey L. and Pamela D., 11709 S. 112th St., $424,000.
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Bilbrey, Randall C. and Annette Marie to Arent, George B. and Linzey A., 2005 Queen Drive, $295,000.
Hreig LLC to Novotny, Michael J., 703 N. Madison St., $353,000.
Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to McDonald, David A. and Cristina M., 12211 S. 111th Ave., $354,000.
McKittrick, Mark A. and Janet M. to Boulter, Robert and Megan, 1007 Clearwater Drive, $420,000.
Moore, Linda K. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 1111 Laport Drive, $170,000.
Real, Christopher S. and Patricia S. to Dearing, Timothy and Michelle, 1204 Engberg Road, $340,000.
Celebrity Homes Inc. to Renfro, Elizabeth M., trustee, and Renfro, Lawrence A., trustee, Elizabeth Renfro Living Trust, 11743 S. 113th Ave., $405,000.
Surface, Shane S. and Jeanne L. to Sutter, Sarah M., 1128 Hackney Drive, $275,000.
Richland Homes LLC to Morris, Christopher and Sara, 10502 S. 113th St., $414,000.
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Pine Crest Homes LLC to Zadina, Joseph F. Jr. and Christine A., 10315 Pheasant Run Lane, $367,000.
Kratt, John and Amanda K. to Chiesa, Craig, 2107 Quartz Drive, $349,000.
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Padgett, Timothy to Barragan, Roxana C., 3510 Lynnwood Drive, $275,000.
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Japs, Janice L., trustee, to Clark, Brenda and Jeff, 3503 Daniell Circle, $225,000.
akab Properties LLC to Baeza, Christopher Anthony and Keighly Faith, 10707 S. 17th St., $240,000.
McKinney, Eric and Diana to Smisek, Robert and Amber, 2708 Hunter Drive, $315,000.
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Wittmuss, John W., successor trustee, to Miller, Scott Lee and Tammy Renee, 4201 Jeanette Circle, $347,000.
Smisek, Robert L. Jr. and Amber F. to Lucero, Christopher and Carrica Lucero, Rebecca, 11012 S. 24th St. Circle, $266,000.
Reeves, Chelsea and Burton to Bloom, Raymond A. and Rhonda F., 13308 S. 34th St., $265,000.
Morris, Brittany N. and Ryan to Marcum, Joshua T., 1808 Mesa St., $395,000.
Celebrity Homes Inc. to Oppenheim, Phillip S., 2008 Hummingbird Drive, $391,000.
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Savage, Peggy J. to Andersen, Norma, trustee, 2510 Joann Ave., $365,000.
Gohr, Patrick and Mary to Roach, Peter and Chelsea, 8133 S. 94th St., $415,000.
Hill, Jennifer L. and Terry D. to Wertz, Sarah C., 8824 S. 99th St., $350,000.
Streck Inc. to Streck Nest LLC, 11623 Emiline St., $397,000.
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Zhang, Michael C. and Corina A. to Sheridan, Sean G. and Mary P., 702 Fall Creek Road, $435,000.
Mechanic, Jack H. and Kathleen L. to Parks, Thomas D., trustee, and Parks, Debra K., trustee, 11615 Ridgeview Circle, $310,000.
Johnson, Daniel L. and Linda A. to Drake, Teresa, 5002 Fountain Drive, $340,000.
Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Calabro, Christopher Salvatore, 7704 S. 184th Ave., $395,000.
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Baker, Steve E. and Kelsey to Miller, Molly and Michael, 18112 Edna St., $238,000.
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Vanhoozer, Christine L. to Adams, Katie, 14913 Olive St., $215,000.
Wheatley, Jerrica N. and Aaron J. to Essumang, Louis and Umagba, Sylvia, 13205 Carpenter St., $170,000.
Burkhart, Patrick K. and Burkhart, Duane and Nancy to Barth, Kaylen T. and Barth, K.C. and Jennifer A., 13818 Meadow Ridge Road, $235,000.
Langpaul, Alan J. and Jane B. to May, Hannah E. and Jeremy D., 9610 S. 10th St., $298,000.
Best Price Homebuyers LLC to Clemen, Kai Alexzander, 7648 S. 39th Ave., $209,000.
Blobaum, Lorraine M. to Beltran, Luis, 3714 Barretts Drive, $259,000.
Timmerman, Vincent, per rep, and Kathryn A. Timmerman Estate to Sema Enterprises LLC, 2216 Cornelia St., $362,000.
Bratcher, Michael W. and Debra J. to Proper P. LLC, 7323 S. 41st Ter, $150,000.
Sarraillon, Jason W. to Adame Fraire, Miguel, 8614 S. 36th St., $230,000.
Santee, Alexis A. and Matthew J. to Watson Rei LLC, 7202 S. 36th St., $183,000.
Peterson, Scott E. to Sedlak, Michael and Sharon, 5027 Copper Creek Road, $250,000.
D.R. Horton Nebraska LLC to Kosalka, Vernetta Boston, 8711 S. 64th St., $434,000.
Babcock, Thomas and Melissa to Coe, Mary Pat and Jeffrey A., 7317 Wood River Drive, $251,000.
Estrada, Eduardo and Lopez, Gabriela and Padron, Felisa to Estrada, Eduardo and Lopez, Gabriela, 5110 Arrowrock Drive, $145,000.
Rakes, Gust J. and La Donna J. to Wegner, Linda, 5045 Trail Creek Ave., $205,000.
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According to a report, Nebraska has three coaches — including two in the Big 12 — high on its list of candidates to replace Scott Frost as head coach of the football program.

Nebraska doesn’t need a big name like Urban Meyer and it’s not going to contend for a national title anytime soon says Tom Shatel. It needs to be built the right way, brick by brick.

Nebraska athletic director Trev Alberts said on Thursday that reports he’s seen on Twitter aren’t accurate. “I don’t know that I’ve seen anything that’s accurate.”

Former NFL coach Vance Joseph views his brother, Nebraska interim coach Mickey Joseph, as “the truest form of a coach,” who prioritized building communities and helping kids over status or money. 

The three-time Olympic medalist and three-time Nebraska volleyball All-American Jordan Larson has returned to the state of Nebraska, taking a position as a volunteer assistant at Midland University.

John Cook thought he had made it clear he didn’t want to celebrate win No. 800. Then Trev Alberts walked on the court with a belt buckle after the match.

Nebraska defensive coordinator Erik Chinander built a bad defense, Sam McKewon writes, but there’s no guarantee firing him brings the Blackshirts back

Nebraska fell one spot in the latest AVCA volleyball Top 25 poll while Creighton slipped to No. 22.

Nebraska running back Ajay Allen is out for the season and underwent surgery Monday from an undisclosed injury, interim coach Mickey Joseph said Tuesday. 

Trev Alberts was overhauling NU’s administrative, financial and facility framework whether Frost stayed or not. At the new Nebraska, the coaches coach and Alberts runs a focused, money-making ship.
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