May 18, 2024

StreetLight Data, Inc (StreetLight), the Big Data company providing insights into how people, goods and services move, today introduced StreetLight Advanced Traffic Counts, a new analytics product purpose-built for commercial real estate professionals, who need reliable insights to inform site selection decisions.
The company’s traffic metrics have powered commercial real estate decisions for more than a decade, leveraging its market-leading StreetLight InSight® SaaS platform. Now, to address gaps in the industry’s access to granular vehicular and pedestrian data, StreetLight has created a dedicated offering. StreetLight Advanced Traffic Counts offers unmatched geographic and temporal granularity, letting real estate analysts understand local and regional mobility by mode, day of week, time of day, and direction of travel, taking demand insights to a new level.
"Our new Advanced Traffic Counts offering is a critical and powerful new tool for industry professionals engaged in site selection,” said StreetLight CEO Laura Schewel. “Pandemic-impacted changes in how and where we live, work, and commute continue to drive flux in local and regional traffic. Understanding granular demand by mode of travel, even the direction of traffic, can have huge implications for real estate decisions, and we are excited to give our customers the data they need to grow and manage their businesses. We know this tool will also be valuable to others seeking to understand broad national trends in mobility for its impact on emissions, equity, and the economy.”
StreetLight Advanced Traffic Counts provides customers with a detailed set of insights that can be used for understanding traffic patterns near potential sites, a critical input for the real estate site selection process. The pre-processed metrics include vehicle and pedestrian counts, trip characteristics, and traveler demographics for more than 8 million road segments covering the nation. StreetLight Advanced Traffic Counts raises the bar for the entire industry by providing analytics that reflect current trends and are consistently validated against permanent traffic counters, and by transportation industry professionals.
While StreetLight Advanced Traffic Counts can be utilized by other industry segments, the offering is ideal for retail operators and commercial real estate professionals. Companies operating fast food restaurants, convenience stores, or car washes need to know the volume and flow of traffic near popular highway off-ramps to determine if opening a new location would be valuable; or, if closing an existing one would be prudent.
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About StreetLight
StreetLight Data, Inc. (“StreetLight”) pioneered the use of Big Data analytics to shed light on how people, goods, and services move, empowering smarter, data-driven transportation decisions. The company applies proprietary machine-learning algorithms and its vast data processing resources to measure travel patterns of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, accessible as analytics on the StreetLight InSight® SaaS platform. Acquired by Jacobs as a subsidiary in February 2022, StreetLight provides innovative digital solutions to help communities reduce congestion, improve safe and equitable transportation, and maximize the positive impact of infrastructure investment.
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