April 20, 2024

There’s a reason the best mini fridges get people so excited: They’re an affordable and compact solution to many common household problems. Not only can these pint-sized devices rival the best refrigerators when it comes to keeping your lunch chilled and storing extra groceries, but they’re also great for keeping a cold beer at an arm’s length in your basement den—and there’s no better space-saving accessory for a tiny dorm room. Heck, some mini fridges can even help you chill your favorite skincare products and other cosmetics. While they have a reputation for being sub-par to regular refrigerators, the reality is that the best mini fridges can stand up to their larger counterparts, and then some. (Our top pick is the RCA RFR322-B Single Door Mini Fridge, which is a solid, reasonably priced option with excellent temperature control.)
The best mini fridges don’t need to make major compromises when it comes to style. The Midea Compact … [+] Refrigerator, pictured here, is one of our top picks—and it comes with a freezer.
Of course, mini fridges are not a “one-size-fits-all” purchase. Some have tiny freezer compartments that do little more than make ice cubes; others have complete freezer sections—much like their grown-up counterparts. Others still are designed exclusively to chill wine or keep canned beverages cool at the correct temperature. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re in luck: Ahead, we’ve outlined the best mini fridges to meet a variety of different needs.

This traditional-looking 3.2-cubic foot mini fridge and freezer is a solid choice for any scenario in which you need to handle the gamut of foodstuffs—from chilling beverages to storing produce and freezing ice cubes—but on a smaller scale. The moveable shelves, sizable door bins and soda rack give plenty of options for storage. It includes an adjustable thermostat for keeping everything at the right level of cool while helping to conserve energy.
But what really gives this mini refrigerator an edge is the modern design. An invisible door handle gives the fridge a sleek look that makes it look a little sharper than you’d expect in this price range.
Williams Sonoma
Smeg’s 1950s-inspired refrigerators are charming little retro-styled appliances at any size, including this 2.5-foot tall beauty. The Italian-made mini fridge has adjustable glass shelves inside and stainless steel handles for 50’s-inspired charm. Unlike fridges from yesteryear, however, the Smeg is energy efficient and equipped with an adjustable thermostat and modern LED lighting for a natural, and decidedly modern, feel. The sleek design immediately upgrades the design of any kitchen, at home bar, kids’ playroom, or office.
Home Depot
Finding a great mini fridge for under $100 can be a challenge. This 1.7 cubic-foot model from Magic Chef might be just what you’re looking for, though. Don’t expect miracles at this price range, of course; you won’t find a freezer or adjustable shelves, and the styling is not particularly chic.
But this petite-but-mighty model is big enough to hold several containers in the main compartment and has room for drinks on the door, making it a great fit for a dorm room, bedroom, or office—as long as the ability to freeze ice cubes isn’t a priority. If you are looking for something small and efficient to keep things cool on a budget, it is a solid choice.
Ditch the stereotypical mini-fridge cube and upgrade to a model that looks and works like a full-size refrigerator and freezer. This pint-size fridge is like a dollhouse version of the one in your kitchen with a completely independent freezer that’s big enough for a few pint-sized ice cream containers or ice trays—0.9 cubic feet in total.
The two compartments have separate thermostats; you can dial the 2.2-cubic-foot refrigerator compartment from 32-50 degrees and the freezer from minus 11-5 degrees. You also get a separate fruit and vegetable drawer and door storage for cans and small bottles. The finish comes in white, black, or stainless—both adorable and functional. All that’s missing are your favorite magnets.
Best Mini Fridge For Beer Or Soda
If your cooling priority is keeping beverages frosty, this mini fridge delivers. The 3.2 cubic foot refrigerator holds a truly ridiculous number of cans of beer or soda—120 in all. And with a quick adjustment of the three chrome shelves, it can accommodate several bottles of wine as well. The cooling system treats the entire interior as a single zone and can be set as low as 34 degrees.
It’s relatively quiet as well, so it shouldn’t be a bother in an office, home bar, gaming room, or kitchen. The fridge’s signature feature, though, is no doubt the see-through glass door that lets you make your beverage selection before opening up. Be aware, though, that this fridge isn’t intended to store any sort of food or produce—it’s for canned beverages only.
Keep your best bottles of wine and champagne close at hand and at just the right temperature with this 19-bottle capacity fridge. The fridge is air tight with reinforced glass door and a quiet cooling system. It clocks in at 35dB, barely more than a whisper. That’s not hyperbole; 35dB is in between the sound of a whispered conversation and the inside of a library. It can keep your bottles between 41–64 degrees and a constant humidity.
In addition, the aesthetics are awesome. The sleek design includes adjustable metal shelves and a gentle interior light that gives you an optimal view of your wine selection, and the LED display on the front always shows the interior temperature. Tuck this mini fridge under your kitchen counter, and have easy access to your miniature wine cellar. 
Whether you like to keep hummus and bottled cold brew on hand at your desk or are a nursing mom who needs a tiny cooler nearby to store breastmilk, Cooluli has you covered. Unlike most mini fridges, this one runs on multiple power sources: AC, of course, as well as USB (handy if you keep it at your desk and want to plug it into your PC) or your car’s power adapter.
It’s also super portable, weighing in at 4 pounds and easy to pick up with a handle on top. It’s designed to keep its contents up to 45 degrees cooler than the ambient room temperature. And just in case you need to keep something warm, it also has a warming capacity of up to 144ºF.
Serums, creams, jade rollers, essential oils, face scrubs, and other cosmetics stay fresh longer in the fridge, but there is no need for them to share fridge door space with your ketchup and mayo. Finishing Touch’s mini beauty fridge is designed to keep cosmetics at the optimal temperature. The fridge is petite and cute enough to sit on your vanity or bathroom counter, and the inside shelf slides out in case you need to store lotion or other taller items.


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