October 4, 2022

On this episode of In The Know: Find My Dream Room, host Will Taylor (@brightbazaar) helps Mara find a New York City apartment that’s big enough to fit her growing surfboard collection! Mara is looking for a Brooklyn one or two-bedroom apartment that’s more spacious than her current studio. With her budget of $4,000 a month, she’s hoping to find a sunny apartment that comes with the latest modern amenities. Can Will help Mara find her dream apartment? Let’s find out!
Apartment number one, which Will calls the “Sun Soaked One-Bedroom,” is a one-bedroom unit in Brooklyn that rents for $3,800 a month. The apartment is spacious with a gorgeous wooden fireplace, a dishwasher, high-ceilings, and built-in cabinets. Mara says she loves the personality of the apartment, although she is slightly disappointed it doesn’t come with a washer-dryer.
Next up, Will shows Mara a one-bedroom he dubs “The Brand New Build.” The apartment rents for $3,900 a month and features modern appliances, including a washer-dryer and a “hidden” dishwasher that is designed to blend in with the kitchen cabinets. Mara is immediately won over by the apartment’s shining appliances and, especially, its view. She loves that the apartment is under budget, and that both the living room and bedroom come with stunning views of the city.
Finally, Will shows Mara a slightly over-budget two-bedroom he calls “The Newly Renovated,” which rents for $4,200 a month. The apartment is massive, with a primary bedroom that fits a king sized bed, and a living room big enough to host large get-togethers in. The apartment features a dishwasher, washer-dryer, exposed brick walls, and plenty of natural light. Mara says she can imagine hosting amazing parties in the space, but is slightly worried about the price of the apartment.
One month later, Mara shares that she chose “The Brand New Build.” She says that the apartment has everything she needs, from the in-unit washer-dryer to the dishwasher. Plus, it has space for her surfboards! Mara shows off one of her surfboards, which leans against the wall behind her, then says, “I just want to say thank you’ to Will for helping me find my dream room.”
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