December 2, 2023

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Known as @saltdon on Instagram, Gavin T. is the first 20-year-old billionaire, the youngest ever, making waves in the real estate industry. He has hopes to attract the attention of massively successful people such as Grant Cardone and Gary Vee. 
A native of San Angelo, Texas, Gavin owns one of the fastest-growing real estate investment firms changing the game by making $123 million in sales in 2021. He’s on track to hit $500 million this year.
With unrelenting determination and a game-changing business plan, Gavin has disrupted the industry and inspired many young entrepreneurs looking to break into the real estate space, seeking the same fame and attention he has achieved. In an industry that oftentimes requires significant initial investment and capital, many are wondering what his secrets are. 
We recently reached out to him for comment: “It’s incredibly stressful sometimes, but it’s worthwhile. By 19, I was already making big moves, buying all the buildings up in Miami, Austin, Dallas, NYC, and across the country.” His methods and secrets to success, going from zero to hero, remain to be seen as he develops his real estate course. 
It hasn’t always been easy for him though. With plenty of tragedy in his family, from the deaths of family members to homelessness, he’s had to find ways to make his fortune. After getting kicked out of his home at the age of 16, Gavin found a job at a sushi restaurant, struggling to make ends meet. With only a couple thousand to his name, he acquired his first real estate property: a house in dire need of renovation. He began flipping real estate and moved into commercial real estate deals over time, selling properties to REITs.  
Gavin says his company is looking to employ more people who can help the company towards sustainable growth. With 100 employees, the company is expected to grow to 500 within the next quarter. His goal is to “help people get into jobs that pay well,” and eventually even exceed former kickboxer and creator of Hustler’s University, Andrew Tate. 
In accordance with his plans to give back to his San Angelo community and teach them how to be successful, he recently donated $1 million to Women Empowering Women (WEW) Inc. We reached out to him for comment. His rationale? “I’ve done pretty much everything. I have the material possessions I’ve wanted. I’m looking for something more, a community, and I just want to give back.”
“I want the youth to know that there’s much more than earning a college degree or entering the military. It’s important to think for yourself and be a problem solver,” shares Gavin. He wants people to know that to be successful, you [must] break the standard procedure.
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