June 19, 2024

The 10X Life isn’t just for the super wealthy. People look at me today and they see me as a New York Times Best Selling author that has accumulated a large real estate portfolio. Others see me as a man who flies around in my own airplane. Seeing these things, some might come to the conclusion that the “10X” life is just for the super wealthy, the celebrities, and the few “lucky” ones.
What they don’t see is what the 10X life really is. It’s not about being special or having some unique quality. The 10X life isn’t about intelligence, economics, or even who you know. You will never have all the answers, your timing will never be perfect, and there will always be obstacles and difficulties.
I have made hundreds of thousands of phone calls that went nowhere and I have sent thousands of e-mails to which no one responded. You have no idea how many people—even my supporters—suggested to me that I may be pushing too hard. I spent 30 years preparing and studying, and making mistakes to be where I am today.
I have made mistakes but the one thing I haven’t done is failed. You see, failure is impossible if you keep pushing. There are no shortages of how many times I—or you—can get up and continue! It is impossible to “use up” all of your energy or creativity. It is impossible for you to run out of ideas. You’ll never lose the ability to come up with new dreams, have more energy, think creatively, give someone another call, use another tactic, or act with persistence.
People who live the 10X life know there will always be another day, another challenge—and another chance. If the bank you are getting resources from continues to refill you with new supplies of energy, creativity, and persistence, then why not go all in on every hand? There is no failure unless you quit!
Never quitting and always taking action has allowed me to develop a 10X level of discipline. Training and learning are absolutely critical to the development of courage, persistence, unreasonable thinking, and especially discipline. I remind myself that when it comes to dreams and goals, there is no being reasonable or rational and there is no distinguishing between the possible and the impossible.
I think you will agree that it is impossible for you to ever do anything exceptional if you continue to live your life with thinking and actions that are mediocre. Big thinking, massive actions, expansion, and risk-taking are necessary for growth. Staying small and quiet are just ways to continue being small and quiet.
Commit to 10X thinking and 10X action. It’s plenty of hard work and nobody is immune from mistakes, but persistently taking big action is the only way to guarantee the success you desire.
10Xers see life as a blank slate for them to paint a masterpiece.
10Xers don’t see anything as impossible.
10Xers are not normal.
Are you living the 10X life? Do you want to? Go to 10Xeverything.com to learn more about all you need to get started.
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