April 16, 2024

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Lately, I have had a fascination with discovering books. There was a time I could not stomach self-help books because I deemed them fickle. I have since grown out of my obtuse thinking and have come to understand the value in learning from those who have walked the path before me. As of late, I have taken to uncovering African history and paid a lot more attention to African-American history. This is an attempt to understand my heritage and how Africa came to be what we know it today.
This, I have done with reading and listening to the likes of Chimamanda Adichie (Nigerian), Dambisa Moyo (Zambian) and Vusi Thembekwayo (South African). I have started paying attention to the change-makers of my generation, whilst paying attention to the history of Africa.
In addition, I have listened to Martin Luther King and paid closer attention to Malcolm X. I have a great hunger to understand world economics and why the world functions the way it does. However, I also pay attention to American authors who have gone on to dominate the world as billionaires.
This is how I came across Grant Cardone, a billionaire, who authored ‘The 10x Rule’. I have always understood that you have to do twice as much to get half of what they have. I have, from a young age, come to understand the value in handwork and I have always understood that you have to put in far more than the average person if you want to attain greatness. However, I have never had it summarised so well as it has been in the book – The 10X Rule.
So, who is this brilliant man?
Grant Cardone is an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investments, entrepreneurship, social media and finance. His five privately held companies have annual revenues exceeding $1.4 billion. Forbes named Cardone #1 of the ‘25 Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2017’.
‘The 10X Rule’ is based on the idea that you should figure out what you want to do, your goals – be it making a certain amount of money, finding your ideal loved one or achieving a certain body weight – and multiplying the effort and time you think it will take by 10.

Here are the fundamental rules from the book:
1. The biggest mistake most people make in life is not setting goals high enough.
2. Operate at activity levels far beyond the normal – 10X action and execution. It will take you far.
3. Set targets that are 10X the goals you would ever dream of. 

4. Your thoughts and actions are the reason you are where you are right now.
5. To go farther than you ever thought possible, you must both think and act at levels 10X beyond the norm.
Thanks so much for reading. To get more information on this brilliant man:
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