April 16, 2024

220 Hawley Road. $45,000. B: Kusam Raj. S: Jeanna Newmerzyckyj.
Pfersick Road. $80,000. B: Merlyn Property LLC. S: Smith Investment Trust and Andrew E. Smith.
289 Brookside Road. $45,000. B: James Gleason. S: Samuel Bland.
31 Cailan Way. $392,000. B: Richard A. Ciampolillo and Linda M. Ciampolillo. S: Susan M. Weber.
183 Central St. $275,000. B: Christine Caranzaro-Awalt and Karl H. Awalt. S: Peter M. Civilik.
172 Cottage St. $135,000. B: Homestead Real Estate Investments LLC. S: Kids Corner LLC.
23 Laurel St. $171,000. B: Graeme Richard. S: Kevin R. McMahon and Lillian T. McMahon.
22 Lincoln Ave. $300,000. B: Sarah G. Quist and Michael P. Quist. S: Jerry J. Surin.
16 Miller St. $319,000. B: Sara Cosme. S: Evan C. Kaiser.
559 New Sherborn Road. $240,000. B: Prisco I. Teixeira-Cruz and Lauren M. Cruz. S: James Alton-Williams.
585 Partridgeville Road. $271,000. B: Thomas R. Patient and Steven T. Patient. S: Reginald C. Haughton Jr. and Emelda A. Haughton.
112 South Royalston Road. $257,500. B: Kimberly Fournier. S: Lori Warner.
467 Vine St. $351,000. B: Nathan S. Breen. S: Paul G. Bachelder.
63 Wilson Ave. $329,000. B: Marc A. Johnson and Tracy E. Johnson. S: Cal-Mek Enterprises Inc.
108 Lee Road. $480,000. B: Lacy Pittelli and Philip Pittelli. S: Duprey 2020 Irrevocable Turst and Nicole Duprey.
16 Butternut St. $470,000. B: Radial Realty LLC. S: William B. Noyes and Dennis J. Cleary.
16 Eastern Ave. $282,500. B: Fred Olszewski. S: Meridith A. Warden.
7 Francis St. $326,000. B: Matthew Kernan-Callaghan. S: Gabriel F. Hmieleski and Kristin A. Hmieleski.
12 Kenwood St. $355,000. B: Strom & Lagreze LLC. S: Eyewink LLC.
20 McLellan Lane. $342,000. B: Andrew R. Cannon and Gillian B. Cannon. S: A Plus Enterprises Inc.
126 Poplar St. $339,900. B: Gail E. Nutting. S: Gary S. Moran.
272 Silver St. $345,000. B: Abigail Jackson. S: Christopher P. Arel and Kimberly A. Arel.
Silvio O. Conte Drive, Lot 19E. $125,000. B: Summit Ice Inc. S: Alan Dretel.
93 Vernon St. $70,000. B: Cowan’s Garage LLC. S: James W. Cowan II and Alice M. Cowan.
20 Cushman Road. $793,250. B: Gregory R. Tuzzolo and Nicole Vajda. S: Henry E. Whitlock.
29 Walnut St. $469,000. B: Brooke A. Donatone and Kristin A. Pape. S: Deborah R. Dugan.
83 Main St. $400,000. B: Scott T. Martineau and Elisja A. Martineau. S: Carla J. Simpson.
515 South Mountain Road. $385,000. B: Devin H. Donohoe and G.E. Carmody-Talbot. S: Scott T. Martineau and Elisja A. Martineau.
91 Daniel Shays Highway. $180,000. B: Wayne W. Eckert. S: Shirley M. Lacroix Estate and Jason A. Lacroix.
21 Dexter St. $245,000. B: David M. Bremer and David J. Leblanc Jr. S: Adrian B. Softic.
145 East Main St. $125,000. B: New Life LLC. S: Wayne D. Whitmore.
294 East Main St. $210,000. B: Tia M. Parsons. S: David Giampa.
31 Evergreen Drive. $257,500. B: Shawn P. Killay. S: Donna R. Killay Estate and Katherine J. Hartin.
29 Sherman Ave. $125,000. B: Ronny D. Departo and John K. Gregory. S: Jeffrey Holston Trust and John E. Holston.
Birch Drive. $32,500. B: Parker N. Russell and Jessica M. Russell. S: Benjamin Hause and Jessica A. Hause.
205 Royalston Road. $342,000. B: Russell W. Sedgwick and Althea S. Sedgwick. S: C & Janis Montalbano Land Trust and Charles I. Montalbano.
361 Montague Road. $300,000. B: Cedar Firesong-Robideaux and Tucker E. Diemand. S: Teru Jellerette.
Amherst Road. $12,000. B: Frederick W. Strong II and Julie A. Kulessa. S: Elizabeth J. Ralicki and Elizabeth Ralicji-Talbot.
246 Plumtree Road. $232,774. B: Weizhao Huang. S: Bonnie L. Ball.
221 River Road. $315,000. B: Janice Chen and Huilan N. Tsao. S: Mindy T. Thach.
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ASHFIELD 220 Hawley Road. $45,000. B: Kusam Raj. S: Jeanna Newmerzyckyj. Pfersick Road. $80,000. B: Merlyn Property LLC. S: Smith Investment Trust…
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