April 17, 2024

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Josh Universe is looking to take his pursuit of educating the world about astronomy and space to another level as he recently announced plans to launch a new non-profit research institute called The Celestial Institute. The entrepreneur and public figure has built a reputation for sharing his vast knowledge about astronomy and space news, videos, as well as a host of other resources via his website and social media, with more than 29k followers on Instagram.
I am working on a company called The Celestial Institute, where I research these topics and ultimately hope to publish them as papers and speak worldwide to ensure the world takes a step in the right direction when approaching space.” – Josh Universe.
Tons of information continue to fly around about space, with people in different parts of the world getting more interested in the activities in that part of the universe. However, much of the information on the internet and other such platforms are not only inaccurate but misleading. Consequently, Josh Universe is looking to continue spreading the word about space and encourage more people to learn about science fiction and the possible realities as he launches The Celestial Institute.
Josh Universe has grown over the years to become the go-to source for interesting topics such as astronomy, simulation theory, theism, materialism, and rocket launches. Other subjects covered by Josh Universe on his several platforms include space law, social media strategy, general philosophy, and planetary colonization.
In addition to the soon-to-be-launched company, Josh Universe also runs a personal brand called Josh the Cyborg, where he spreads the knowledge of NFC/RFID microchip implants. The sci-fi enthusiast also plans to continue making an impact as he seeks to turn science fiction dreams into reality, using all available resources to him. As an influencer for astronomy and biohacking, Josh is also looking to help guide humanity toward the cosmos in the right direction and expand the presence of biohacking technologies.
For further information about Josh Universe and his works, visit Instagram and Twitter. Josh also has a growing online following across several social media platforms, including Instagram, where he explores everything biohacking and cybernetics.
About Josh Universe
Josh Universe is an American entrepreneur, public figure, and student. He is also the founding chair of The Celestial Institute, StarDash, and other organizations where he shares his enthusiasm for science fiction, space, and other similar phenomena. As a real-life cyborg influencer with 3 cybernetic implants and tens of thousands of followers across social media, he is known for speaking about space law and humanity’s future in space.
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