October 2, 2023

SANTA CLARA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 20, 2022 / The Taiwan Tech Summit, the largest Taiwanese multi-industry conference in the US, was held on September 17, 2022 in Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley, with thousands in-person professional attendees and over 500K online streaming traffic worldwide. There were over 30 organizations joining the summit together from the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Boston, and Texas.
A New Horizon
The pandemic has significantly impacted humanity and created a new order in the way society functions at large. It has accelerated innovation and development across many industries. The Taiwan Tech Summit invited influential and successful industry leaders to share their insights in the post-pandemic era, and light up ways for the next generation to look for the new normal.
The Goal of Taiwan Tech Summit
Katie Hsieh, Chairperson of Taiwan Tech Summit and CEO of Silicon Valley Influence Foundation, noted that the goal of Taiwan Tech Summit is to build an ecosystem to connect Taiwanese Professionals across industries, including Web3, Semiconductor Hardware, Biotech, AI & Data Science, Venture Investment and Startups. We would like to build a very strong network and database to support each other.
Opening keynote speakers
Dr. Tim Lu, a renowned biotech entrepreneur from MIT, co-founder of Senti Biosciences. Since 2010, Dr. Lu has been an MIT faculty member in the departments of Biological Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He co-founded Senti Biosciences, which raised $105 million for its new programmable biology platform and cancer therapies.
Michelle Kiang, a successful female serial entrepreneur and investor in hardware. She is with a strong technical background, and hands-on operational experience, specializing in developing strategy and execution plans for new market entry and business growth for leading-edge technology companies. She is the managing director and co-founder of impact science ventures.
The 5 Innovation Forums Were:
Artificial Intelligence & Data Science-Revive and Thrive: AI & Data Science in the New Era
In this forum, the speakers delved into how AI and data science have become indispensable tools in shaping business and product development strategies, and how organizations are committed to extracting insights and trends through big data and data science, while using AI and data engineering to create new types of business opportunities and products. Forum speakers shared use cases of data science in retail, technology, and SaaS industries, discussed how AI in different sectors is trending towards the broad public, as well as the key developments in the next 5-10 years.
Biotech Forum-Biotech Trends and Challenges in the Post-Pandemic Era
It was shared in the forum that after the all-time highs of biotech investments and valuations over the past two years, the market is undergoing a tectonic shift, with the potential to greatly influence life sciences strategy, deal-making, and investments. Despite the recent correction, growing geopolitical complexities, and market volatility, the fundamentals of biotech across the US and European markets remain strong. To succeed post-pandemic, biotech leaders must have a clear vision of their short- and long-term goals aligning with the public health policies. Forum participants got a taste of the future in entrepreneurship, investment, and public health.
Hardware Forum-From 0 to 1, Innovation from Lab to Market
The forum focused on how science and innovations create opportunities for new businesses but the impact on the commercialization of hardware products is less obvious than in other industries. The commercialization process necessitates the consideration of the overall market business model, fundraising, market niche, product positioning, time-to-market, marketing strategies and more. In this forum, the speakers shared their experiences and success stories from the perspectives of a venture capitalist, technology expert and business operator to dissect the challenges and solutions faced by companies at different stages of growth.
Venture Capital-Opportunities and Challenges for Venture Investing in The New World Order
Respectively representing three entrepreneurial generations of networking hardware, consumer electronics and Internet startups in Silicon Valley and Taiwan, and as active angel investors and venture capitalists, the speakers shared their lessons learned as entrepreneurs and as startup investors, market insights and trends in the tech industry. In addition, the opportunities and challenges for Taiwanese entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley in the post-epidemic era, in light of the tension between China and the United States, the strong dollar and interest rate hikes, were also discussed.
Web3 Forum-The Future of Economy, Lifestyle and Community in Web3
In this forum, the following aspects for boosting Web3 growth in Taiwan were discussed: (1) Culture: the need to support flexible work styles and management; (2) Education: the promotion of computer technology education; (3) Funding: Taiwan’s government could be more supportive of investment in this area (e.g., offering tax incentives); (4) Laws and regulations: taxation or other preferential incentives; (5) Corporate collaborations: Taiwan boasts a strong hardware industry and should make good use of this advantage to adopt web3 business models, e.g., the rapid growth of Helium and Pollen.
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