February 24, 2024

A Filipino domestic worker in Singapore has become a successful entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses after her employer of 22 years paid for her business classes.
Jocelyn Mompal, 58, recently shared with Shin Min Daily News that her long-time employer, surnamed Wang, was instrumental in her drive to improve herself.
According to Mompal, Wang convinced her to sign up for entrepreneurship, time and money management courses in 2008 and footed the bill. The 75-year-old educator even brought Mompal with her to drama workshops.
"[Wang] supports me, understands me, gives me enough freedom, and encourages me to continue to learn and improve myself," Mompal was quoted as saying.
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Today, Mompal owns and manages a travel agency and shoe store in Iloilo City, Philippines. She is also a proud owner of a condominium unit in Manila.
Mompal started working as a maid for Wang in 2000 and has since come to be considered part of the family.
Wang even attended the wedding of Mompal’s daughter in the Philippines. "I treated her family like my own," she said.
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When Mompal's three children and her granddaughter visited Singapore for three weeks back in 2018, Wang welcomed them all into her home.
Wang shared that she felt Mompal is now equipped to have a sustainable source of income when she reaches her 70s.
"She never borrowed a penny from me and we trust each other very much," Wang added.
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Mompal still has two years left until her eligibility to work as a domestic worker comes to an end, as the maximum age for domestic workers that Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower allows is 60 years old.
"I'll miss her very much,” Mompal said. “Thanks to her encouragement and allowing me to start my own business, I will have an independent source of income after retirement.
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Featured Image via Jocelyn Mompal
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