April 12, 2024

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas  — In Texas, the Governor’s Commission for Women is focused on making Texas the #1 state for women owned businesses and it all starts at a young age. 
Emma Pierre is one young entrepreneur who lives in Brooks County where she’s homeschooled. 
Right now, she’s preparing for the Governors Small Businesses Junior Pitch Competition happening Thursday at South Padre Island. 
8-year-old Pierre has different interest. 
From the world of fashion to running her business, Miss Emma’s Lemonade Stand with a Twist of Boss Baby Bling.
“I sell lemonade, mini sodas, some potato chips and lemon squares,” Pierre explained. 
Emma said she has some experience running a lemonade stand but with the help of her mom, Marchelle Pierre, it was able to grow into a successful career.
“This year with a group of 25 children. I took them through the entire Lemonade Program,” said Marchelle Pierre. 
As a homeschool parent, Pierre took it upon herself to teach younger children about how to start, own and operate their very own business.
The hard work, passion and drive was up to them. 
“She kept saying she wants to do a You Tube channel. I think it’s a lot of work but, she just keeps talking it up, so we’ll be going with that venture,” Pierre said. “I just let Emma follow her passion,” she said. 
That’s exactly what Emma is doing. Following her passion. 
Marchelle Pierre tells KRIS 6 News Emma’s roots are from Haiti where they have a small school out there. 
“Emma wants to try and have a zoom call to teach them how to make Lemonade so they can have a Lemonade Day in Haiti. I said, we could probably do that,” Pierre said. 
Emma said she is planning to continue with Miss Emma’s Lemonade Stand even after the competition. By doing this she’ll be able to send a portion of her earnings to children in Haiti who lack the same opportunities. 


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