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Thanks to the way the world is connected these days, young people have more opportunities than ever to become entrepreneurs. Anyone who is willing to put in the work and lean into their interests can carve out a profitable niche that can grow for years to come. An example of this is The Amagi. With a lot of effort and ingenuity, this young man has built a massive following.
As an entrepreneur, The Amagi, also known as Ethan Schulteis, started early. The first iterations of his content began in his preteens. He capitalized on what all young business people have: an idea. His was to create his own animated series that would be enjoyed like the anime he loved. However, when this did not work out, The Amagi embraced something else entrepreneurs need which is flexibility.
In a shift of focus, The Amagi began to create a different kind of content. Instead of his own animations being the main draw, he began to make content that complemented existing shows. This is a great business technique because it allows a creator to capitalize on an established audience. Anime shows have millions of loyal viewers who will readily accept more content to enhance their experiences.
The Amagi also grew as an entrepreneur by using his available opportunities to the fullest. First, he understood the power of video for his audience. Making the most of his YouTube channel, he began making videos about the worlds and characters that anime fans loved and wanted to know more about.
After working consistently on his content, Schulteis got an opportunity that helped propel his growing business forward. One of his videos amassed more than a million views, exposing more potential fans and subscribers to his content.
In turn, The Amagi made a smart move for his page. He increased content production, making sure new viewers had plenty of videos to enjoy and share. This is the right business move. Digital content allows consumers to feel connected to brands and entrepreneurs and that tight bond will improve the growth of the company.
Young entrepreneurs also need to know when and how to expand their businesses and how to find the right partners. Schulteis did this in a way that served to connect him with fans who would be interested in his videos even more.
After gaining more subscribers and views on YouTube, The Amagi partnered with the Avatar Wiki page. “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is one of the shows The Amagi was basing his content on, so the partnership was mutually beneficial. Both parties were able to get more content for their respective platforms and keep their audiences interested.
That is not where the expansion stopped. With the success of that deal, Schulteis joined more collaborations, working with the wiki pages of other hit anime shows. By building on one deal, offerings expanded even more, increasing the value of the brand.
As businesses grow, the entrepreneurs behind them have to make the effort to evolve as well. Sometimes this can involve freshening up your brand, a move The Amagi made in 2021. The YouTube channel and related properties got new logos and art designs to keep the company feeling fresh in people’s minds.
For every entrepreneur looking for longevity, it is critical to find ways to take the things you already love and find a platform for sharing your passion in a profitable way. Even something that may seem very specific can work like it did for Schulteis.
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