July 17, 2024

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The world’s second-richest person also said that India is full of incredible opportunities and the real growth story is just starting
Gautam Adani, on Tuesday, said that diversified conglomerate Adani Group will invest over $100 billion in the next decade, mainly in new energy and digital space that includes data centres. He was speaking at a Forbes global CEO conference held in Singapore.
“As a Group, we will invest over 100 billion dollars of capital in the next decade. We have earmarked 70 per cent of this investment for the energy transition space. It is our commitment to invest $70 billion in an integrated hydrogen-based value chain,” said Adani in a statement.
The world’s second-richest person continued to reveal his energy plans. As per his statement, the ports-to-energy conglomerate will add 45 gigawatts of hybrid renewable power generation capacity and build three giga factories to manufacture solar panels, wind turbines and hydrogen electrolyser.
“In addition to our existing 20 GW renewables portfolio, the new business will be augmented by another 45 gigawatt of hybrid renewable power generation spread over 100000 hectares of land, an area 1.4 times that of Singapore. This will lead to commercialization of three million metric tonne of green hydrogen,” said Adani.
While revealing the Group’s aim to become one of the least expensive producers of the green electron and then of green hydrogen, Adani said that, “It is an absolute game changer for India ad opens up the unprecedented possibility that India could one day become a net energy exporter.”
Mentioning about the Group’s digital transformation vision, Adani said that, “India data centre market is witnessing an explosive growth but consumes more energy than any other energy and building green data centres will be a game changer. We will interconnect these data centres through a series of terrestrial and globally linked undersea cables drawn at our ports and build consumer based super-apps that will bring the hundreds of millions of Adani’s B2C consumers on one common digital platform.”
Adani also said that India is full of incredible opportunities and the real growth story is just starting.
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