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Sep 29, 2022, 11:00 ET
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NATICK, Mass., Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AffyImmune Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical stage biotechnology company using its Tune & Track platform to develop CAR T cells for the treatment of solid cancers, announced today that serial biotech entrepreneur Robert Forrester has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Mr. Forrester’s biotech experience spans more than two decades as a chief financial officer, chief operating officer, chief executive officer, and board member. He brings decades of corporate leadership experience and an established track record of scaling startups from early stage to their growth phase.
“It gives me great pleasure to welcome Robert to AffyImmune’s Board of Directors to help steer and govern the company as it scales up its clinical development from advanced thyroid cancers to additional indications. Robert’s management experience, strategic mindset, industry connectivity and strong interest in AffyImmune will make him a valuable addition. The Board and team are both committed to bringing true patient benefits to those who suffer from solid tumors by using our proprietary Tune & Track CAR T technology,” said Simone Song, Chair of AffyImmune’s Board of Directors and the founding partner of ORI Capital and ORI Healthcare Funds. “As AffyImmune continues its growth, ORI Capital will continue to incubate, support, and add value, particularly through the attraction and development of top-tier talent.”
“AffyImmune’s technology and team make it uniquely positioned to be an industry leader, bringing the promise of CAR T cell therapy to patients with solid tumors,” Mr. Forrester explained. “It is an honor to join this team and this board as we bring hope to patients facing dire diagnoses with limited treatment options. In my previous work with ORI-incubated companies, I have seen firsthand their dedication to excellence, and that is reflected in the expert management team now assembled to lead AffyImmune into the next phase of their clinical and corporate development. I look forward to drawing on my experience and network to assist the AffyImmune team through this next phase, provide input to and help guide key strategic decisions, and provide counsel to management.”
“Robert brings a wealth of experience to AffyImmune, and our management team will certainly benefit from lessons learned in his time as an executive and a director throughout the biotech sector. He has rapidly become a trusted partner to our management team, and we look forward to working with him in the years to come,” said AffyImmune President Matt Britz.
Mr. Forrester is a co-founder of EQRx. He is also a co-founder and serves on the board of IDRx, Brixton Biosciences and EyeCool Therapeutics. He also serves on the boards of Pillar Biosciences and Deciduous Therapeutics. He holds law degrees from the University of Bristol and University of Law Guildford in the United Kingdom.
AffyImmune is realizing the potential of cancer immunotherapy by extending the anti-cancer activity of CAR T cell therapy to solid tumors. AffyImmune’s Tune & Track platform finely tunes the affinity of CAR T cells to reduce toxicity and increase CAR T cell longevity while allowing in vivo monitoring through a proprietary tracking system. The company was founded in 2016 and in 2020 began enrolling patients in its Phase 1 trial to treat advanced thyroid cancer.
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Matt Britz
AffyImmune Therapeutics, Inc.
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