February 28, 2024

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Mom sues after LA school project made children pick cotton
Virginia post office at 4th U.S. President’s estate shut down over ‘White’ and ‘Colored’ signage
Egyptian judge sentenced to death for killing his wife
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Why the story of Caesar Bowlegs, a well-known interpreter in the Seminole nation, is important to American history
13 flags that represent Black struggles and freedom in the last 100 years
How an ex-slave made a fortune in the coal business by beating white merchants at their own game
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How girls in the Maasai community are using rite of passage to fight female genital mutilation
Amasunzu, the historically rich traditional Rwandan hairstyle that made an epic comeback
Kenya traditional rites President-elect Ruto must fulfill before he ascends the presidency
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Idris Elba sparks debate after refusing to cast his daughter in his new film ‘Beast’
‘House of the Dragon’ star says he was racially abused after being announced as lead actor in series
Tems, the African star to watch out for this year
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Do you know that many Americans are opting for virtual dating because of rising inflation?
The story of how Europe’s heat wave led stranded Kenyan man to love at UK airport
Dad cuts locs he’d been growing for the last 10 yrs to support daughter going through chemotherapy
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Kenya election: 24-year-old Linet Chepkorir ‘Toto’ makes history in parliament
This CEO escaped a terrifying abduction to build a successful real estate firm
Murder of Nigerian job seeker Ini Umoren: from a hashtag to justice being served
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How racism pushed this Jamaican man to start Noirbnb, the Airbnb for Black travelers
Meet the first all-Black classical symphony orchestra to feature at Carnegie Hall in its 130-yr history
Historic all-Black crew operates flight in honor of Juneteenth
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This is now the best city to operate in if you are a Black-owned business in U.S.
Renaming McLean Street after Missy Elliot has huge economic implications, find out why
Five movies every Black entrepreneur should watch
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Jorge Appiah on how his grandmother inspired innovation behind electric motorbikes in Ghana
After resigning from Google, Ope Bukola now has her own online university teaching STEM, here’s how 
As Kenyan car buyers dash for hybrid cars, is it time to consider electric cars amid rising fuel costs in Africa?
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People didn’t know about wine – says woman who left UK to transform Ghana’s wine industry
Muratina: The Kenyan traditional brew making waves in the UK thanks to this man
A look at the new Ghanaian app that allows diasporans to own and run farms remotely
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Here are the top 10 African cities with the highest cost of living
Visit Monumento Mãe Preta, the statue in Brazil remembering slave mothers forced to breastfeed their white owners’ babies
‘Nature spoke for me’: Nigerian who biked from London to Lagos on how he almost died in Sahara Desert
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A brief history of fast fashion and why it’s bad for you and the environment
Demand for Telfar bags founded by Liberian American spikes after Beyoncé mentions brand in song
The Ghanaian computer science student with her own handmade beauty line at only 22
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Zimbabwe painting depicting Jesus as a Black man finally returns home after 70 years
In remembrance of the legacy and life of prolific Nigerian filmmaker Biyi Bandele
The history behind Africa’s most famous Benin Bronzes
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‘Representation matters’ – Why a Nigerian medical illustrator’s drawing of a Black foetus went viral
[Quiz] Can you perfectly match these maps to their respective African countries?
[Quiz] Can you match these African fabrics/materials to their countries of origin?
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Jolenta Joseph is fighting hidden hunger in Tanzania through food brand she started with no capital
Shaquille O’Neal spends $25K buying dinner for entire restaurant, leaves workers ‘biggest ever tip’
These two sisters made history opening the world’s first oat milk ice cream shop
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Abu Mubarik
Full bio
August 19, 2022 at 10:30 am | Success Story
Abu Mubarik is a journalist with years of experience in digital media. He loves football and tennis.
Patrice Stewart is the founder of Tax Cred Academy, a boutique-style consulting firm that offers an array of services like tax preparation, business funding, business planning and strategy, and business Coaching as well as credit consulting.
Stewart has 17 years of experience in the accounting and finance industry. Shortly after she graduated from college, she worked as an account manager for a small electric distribution company and then moved to BMO Harris Bank where she served as a relationship banker.
According to her, her career in the banking field improved her capacity in customer service and once she left the banking sector in 2013, she decided to leave corporate America and step out on faith with her business.
From comic books to luxury women’s shoes, the remarkable story of a Bronx-based Jamaican designer
17-year-old SA entrepreneur unveils sneaker brand he started from his mother’s garage
How this self-made millionaire is helping over 1000 authors to become six-figure storytellers
How Burkina Faso immigrant Adissa Barry became a self-made U.S. millionaire
She started Tax Cred Academy in 2008 while working for BMO. She rebranded her firm and put the love of taxes and credit into the business hence the name Tax Cred Academy.
“When I left corporate America, I was making 40K annually. I was let go in March 2013, and by December 2013, I had made $98,733. I gave myself a 60K pay raise in less than 6 months after being fired in 2013,” she noted, according to Black News.
Stewart said she was inspired to start her firm because most people are not taught finance unless they go to college. The Chicago native further noted that most parents in Africa live check to check and do not teach their children financial management.
However, she was fortunate to have learned finances from her father and grandmother. Her father was an accountant and a professor at Howard University and her grandmother, Viola Lewis, was the first African American to fight for equal pay. And one of the things Stewards is big on is education and empowering employees to become entrepreneurs. And she is hoping to transfer what she learned from her family to young entrepreneurs. 
She organizes training programs, webinars, and coaching sessions to share her knowledge and experience. Her advice and guidance have helped thousands define their dreams and reach their business goals, according to Black News.
“I teach business owners how to leverage the tax laws and loopholes established for businesses to keep more of their hard-earned money in their business. I share tips and strategies used by the wealthy to preserve their wealth,” explained Stewart.
“My passion is coaching and empowering employees to become entrepreneurs, which is why I created ‘THE LAB – Life and Business with Patrice’. It is a group mentoring and coaching membership program for entrepreneurs struggling with both life and business.”
Stewart is an alumnus of Chicago State University where she acquired a Bachelor’s in Business and Administration with a focus in Management Information Systems. 
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Do you know that many Americans are opting for virtual dating because of rising inflation?
‘I was told to know my place’: Olympian shares why she left Nike to launch her own shoe brand
3 strange sex rituals that should have no place in 21st century Africa
42 ancient Egyptian laws that might have inspired the Ten Commandments
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