April 1, 2023

Karri Green is the 24-year-old program manager for the University of Alabama at Birmingham Entrepreneurship Program.
What is your background?
I am an entrepreneur in my heart and soul, and I love serving others.
My entrepreneurship experiences started with my family and my upbringing. My dad and my brother are entrepreneurs in the services and real estate industries. Through family and friends, I have had many experiences with entrepreneurs over the years.
I am the program manager for UAB’s award-winning entrepreneurship program. We are growing fast and have been very successful at fundraising. I manage our ecosystem initiatives and various programs, advise students, communicate with entrepreneurs across the state and the country and assist with strategic coordination for our Endowed Chair, Patrick Murphy.
I am also the editorial assistant for an international scholarly entrepreneurship journal based in the U.K. — the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development. I am a UAB undergraduate and MBA alumna. I was a former NCAA D1 track athlete and also competed in high school. My Alabama state records for the 400 m and 200 m events are still unbroken.
What is your proudest accomplishment?
My proudest accomplishments are obtaining my MBA and getting hired by the UAB Entrepreneurship program. Ever since I started thinking about a career, I never thought about a title, but always thought about how to make an impact. We make a lot of impact, and I am inspired to do this work with a strong ‘think global, act local’ mindset that makes a difference right here in Birmingham.
What is Birmingham doing right to foster innovation?
Birmingham is making serious efforts to build an ecosystem for entrepreneurs based on the power of a rich and diverse community. Our entrepreneurship program’s mission reflects UAB’s mission, which is to support and elevate Birmingham whenever possible.
But Birmingham has really stepped up and is investing lots of resources into our work at UAB Entrepreneurship. Our program is new but our entrepreneurship students are already landing great jobs in the regional entrepreneurial sector. Many of them will surely become successful entrepreneurs and continue to elevate Birmingham.
Our community is celebrating the entrepreneurial mindset at a cultural level. Members of our whole ecosystem are learning to engage uncertainty, make radical pivots, and bounce back from errors and mistakes at world-class levels. It is exciting to be part of it.
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