February 5, 2023

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This 10-course bundle can give you the cybersecurity skills you need to level up your IT career.
In the digital age, hackers have gotten more sophisticated and there are greater risks to navigate. Businesses of all sizes can become victims of cybercrime, but it’s much more harmful for a small business than it is for a larger one.
Most entrepreneurs, however, don’t have the budget to invest in a complete cybersecurity team. So, what do you do instead? Become the cybersecurity expert yourself. You can get on the right track with The 2023 Complete Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Certification Bundle.
This extensive, 10-course bundle features training from leading instructors like Joseph Delgadillo (4.2/5-star instructor rating), Saad Sarraj (4.3/5-star rating), and Oak Academy (4.4/5-star rating).
The bundle’s primary focus is on ethical hacking, teaching you the skills you need to test your network to identify vulnerabilities so that you can patch them up. Getting started, you’ll learn how to set up a Kali Linux system, learn essential Linux system commands, and create a secure penetration testing environment. From there, you’ll study wireless network security and learn how to hack using tools like Metasploit and Python, and scan your network for vulnerabilities with Nmap and Nessus.
Additionally, you’ll learn how to crack a variety of encryption keys, learn WPA-Enterprise networks, and protect your OS and your WiFi access point against all kinds of attacks. There’s also a course on Amazon Web Services (AWS) security management, in the event that you use cloud services. Finally, you’ll get on the certification track to pass the CompTIA PenTest+ exam on your first attempt.
Become your business’s primary defense against cybercrime. Right now, you can get this Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Certification Bundle for just $34.99 for a limited time.
Prices subject to change.
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