April 12, 2024

Andrew Ray with IFA Chair and CEO of Propelled Brands, Catherine Monson, at IFA Convention
BrightStar Care, a nationwide home care and medical staffing franchise known for providing the highest standard of quality in-home care, announced today that Andrew (Andy) Ray has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer. After successfully operating two of his own BrightStar Care agencies in Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona, he is taking the next step in his career by entering the BrightStar Care C-Suite. Ray will assume the position of Chief Operating Officer beginning October 17, 2022.
As COO, Ray will have direct oversight of BrightStar Care’s enterprise revenues, unit growth, enterprise EBITDA and franchisee profitability to drive the company forward. Ray will also support operations by leading the brand’s Field Support Coaches who provide resources and support to the robust network of franchisees. Ray will also leverage key learnings from the BrightStar Owned program to scale networkwide operational efficiencies for the brand.
As part of this transition, Ray’s two Arizona agencies will be acquired by the BrightStar Owned organization as he moves into his new role. His agencies truly delivered a higher standard of care within the Mesa and Gilbert communities and will be great additions to the Scottsdale, Glendale, Sunrise and Surprise BrightStar Owned operations.
“I am truly honored to be stepping into the role of Chief Operating Officer of BrightStar Care. For the past three years, I’ve led my agencies in Arizona with resiliency and passion. However, I’m now ready to take on the next phase of my career at BrightStar Care,” said Andy Ray, Chief Operating Officer of BrightStar Care. “I’ve witnessed firsthand the tremendous evolution of this company and am excited to help accelerate the trajectory of where the brand is heading.”
“As we celebrate 20 years of BrightStar Care, we’re thrilled to name Andy Ray as Chief Operating Officer. Andy came to BrightStar Care three years ago with more than 30 years of professional experience in the healthcare industry. He quickly grew his agencies’ to becoming top performing locations,” said Shelly Sun, CEO and Founder of BrightStar Care. “As he transitions into the role of COO, he will offer our team invaluable insights that can only come from someone who has walked in a franchisee’s shoes.”
Under Ray’s leadership over the last three years, BrightStar Care of Mesa/Gilbert, AZ, has become the provider of choice for thousands of families across the community. In March 2022, Ray was also named Franchisee of the Year by the International Franchise Association for exemplifying excellence in the community for his agency’s outstanding work in providing a higher standard of care to the veteran community in Arizona.
Before joining BrightStar Care, Ray spent many years in President and CEO level roles within the Medical Technology and Life Science Industry, leading companies ranging in size from $50 million to more than $2 billion in sustained revenue. In each of these roles he brought a relentless pursuit of profitable growth while developing world class operating teams. As an entrepreneur and former franchise owner, Ray has extensive experience and knowledge in navigating the franchise landscape and will bring that expertise to the corporate side of BrightStar Care’s operations. Moving into this new role, Ray will lead BrightStar Care through the evolution of the brand and as it aligns with where the industry is heading.
About BrightStar Care (Franchise):
BrightStar Care is a national home care and medical staffing franchise headquartered in Chicago with more than 365 locations nationwide that provide medical and non-medical services to clients in their homes and supplemental care staff to corporate clients. BrightStar Care operates with five separate revenue streams allowing franchisees uncapped earning potential. Over the last 20 years, Founder and CEO Shelly Sun has built BrightStar Care from a local business into a $639 million nationally recognized brand using a franchise model built for infinite growth. In addition, BrightStar Care is the only national home care franchise to receive The Joint Commission’s Enterprise Champion for Quality award consecutively for the last decade. Other prestigious BrightStar Care accolades include making the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list for twelve consecutive years, ranking on Franchise Business Review’s Top Franchise for 2021 list, and Franchise Times Top 400 list for 2022. For more information on BrightStar Care, please visit http://www.brightstarfranchising.com
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