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He belongs to the new generation of entrepreneurs in Greece, managing through a business structure he has created to reach 3 million euros in annual sales within five years from 50,000 euros when he started. At the same time, Chris Tsounis is one of the most known YouTubers in Greece. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, he started running his own YouTube channel in order to talk about the two things that excited him the most: Business and Investing.
The channel was an unexpected success and was followed by the content production platform «Financial Greeks» with a corresponding YouTube channel. Financial Greeks was an attempt to unite all the Greek Financial Influencers under one Channel. Nowadays, has become one of the largest networks of digital marketing in Europe. Mr Tsounis’s goal is to establish the brand «Financial Europeans» as the leading financial influencing Network in Europe.
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Q: JNBC was founded in 2018 with the aim of providing consulting services. How did the company manage to expand its activities to such an extent that today has 4 companies under its “umbrella”? 
Chris Tsounis: JNBC was founded during a pivotal point of my career. I had already started a number of businesses before and I wanted to bring everything together. JNBC was meant to become a holding company from day one. We just focused on providing some services until we were big enough to spin-off separate entities.
1st came WeCommerce, our e-commerce agency. With this entity we focused on development, management and advertising services for e-commerce platforms. Now the company operates a number of highly successful e-commerce platforms on various B2C and B2B markets.
Almost a year later, I utilized our e-commerce experience to launch a new e-store, anystore.gr. Hence ANYSTORE PRIVATE COMPANY was born and became the commercial department of JNBC. The company’s main activities are wholesale trade and retail trade through the online store www.anystore.gr. In June 2021, www.sofabox.gr was created, the company’s second online store with linen, decoration, and furniture products.
Shoppingway came third as another electronic store manager and right now it manages the online stores www.mycasa.gr & www.spitimarkt.gr. www.mycasa.gr is the largest online store for home decoration and equipment in Greece. www.spitimarkt.gr focuses on furniture, offering high quality at affordable prices.
Finally, the jewel of JNBC is Financial Greeks (right now Financial Europeans), a company that in earlier stages focused at Content Creation Services, YouTube Channel Management and other Social Media as well as Online Advertising Space Management in Greece and other European countries.
So currently, JNBC’s core activities are the Management of Subsidiary, Royalty Management and Consulting Services.
I believe that this was the natural course of the things. If you want to scale, you must step out of your comfort zone. The current state of JNBC is the snowball effect that occurred form my intend to scale my business. This structure enabled us to grow from €50,000 to €3,000,000 in annual sales in just 5 years.
We are so happy with our growth!
Christos Tsounis Managing Partner at JNBC.GR
Q: Financial Greeks is the most well-known of your companies because of the videos you upload on YouTube. What was the trigger to start your involvement with YouTube? 
Chris Tsounis: At March of 2020, at the very beginning of the Covid Pandemic and the start of the global lockdowns, I decided to use my free time, to create my YouTube Channel. My businesses were closed and I found the opportunity to start a side project in order to talk about the two things that excited me the most: Business and Investing. Outside of Greece Investing Channels and Financial Influencing was starting to boom and I though a Greek Youtube Channel about these matters is something that is missing. So I jumped the gun and started.
To be honest I never thought that it would get so big so quickly.
One and a half year later a new channel was created: Financial Greeks. It was an attempt to unite all the Greek Financial Influencers under one Channel. What started as common Financial Influencing roof ended up becoming one of the biggest networks of digital marketing in Europe.
Q: What have you studied? Would you consider selling Quizdom a milestone in your career? 
Chris Tsounis: My Bachelor’s degree is Technology Management – Business Administration and Management. I attended my Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship but never received my degree as I dropped off to pursue my entrepreneurial career. At that time, I was scaling yourse.gr which was my 1st entrepreneurial endeavor.
When I got Involved with Quizdom, I already had numerous years of entrepreneurial experience. Triantafullos Xylouris, in 2017, suggested that I should take the position of CEO at Quizdom. We had worked together in the past, but I was more of an outside consultant than a member of the team. That was a big step up in my career, because suddenly I had a full dedicated team to work with and the budgets skyrocketed. Deals were then for thousands of Euros.
Quizdom was an interesting experience and it molded me to the entrepreneur I am today. It was my first big hit! I would like to believe that I actively contributed at the transformation of the platform into a unified global app at 5 countries.
Q: Can you explain to us how Financial Greeks works, how far has it expanded today, and what are your future plans? 
Chris Tsounis: In simple words, we are a network of Financial Influencers. We undertake the most difficult part that every creator faces. Funding. Generally speaking, we cover both the creator’s and sponsor’s needs. The sponsor pays to be promoted by the creator. We take care of everything. Deal flow, payments, quality of deliverables, conversion rates, you name it. We can now create a content creator from scratch. Find the right name, channel, content, sponsors, build their public image, social media, everything. Generally speaking as Financial Greeks it is our job to help new creators under our umbrella, to monetize their channel in the most efficient way. At the same time, we help financial brands enter all European Markets we are involved in: Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK and more.
Our plan is to establish the brand “Financial Europeans” as the leading financial influencing Network in Europe.
Q: You have just published a new book. Can you tell us more about the title and the content? How many books have you published so far?
Chris Tsounis: The book is called «Τα 4 βήματα του πλούτου» which translates to “The 4 steps of wealth”. It is my only publication so far.
The book is a simple and complete guide on how to get your personal finance in order: from writing your own expenses to start saving money and investing.
The theme of how an individual can achieve their financial freedom is scattered within the book and even the most difficult concepts are explained with simple language and many examples, in such a way that even a kid can understand them. And one very important thing! The book does not promise riches within the next months or even years. The book offers a long and steady process, that will last a decade, even more.
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