June 19, 2024

The newly launched website, CARvengers.com helps consumers locate the best auto repair shop near them while creating a way for local businesses to access a technology platform to grow their clientele.
A Chicago entrepreneur has harnessed technology to create a new way to find the most reputable, best local auto repair shop, and that’s with the CARvengers website at carvengers.com. The recently launched website helps consumers find honest and reliable auto repair shops for their routine or emergency needs. The new site was launched by Jim Korpolinski, an entrepreneurial mentor and former advertising sales executive with Grubhub, Inc. and vice president of business development at Chowly, Inc.
“The idea came to me when I met a woman in a busy Chicago intersection with a sign in her hand, protesting the way a car repair shop took advantage of her and was holding her car hostage,” Korpolinski said. “Repairs are usually never timely, often more expensive than expected, and it can be scary to locate the right shop to make the correct repair for the appropriate cost. CARvengers helps consumers locate the best auto repair shop for their needs while creating a way for those businesses to access affordable, valuable technology tools, share their expertise, and grow their clientele. When customers need to find the best place to take their car, it’s CARvengers to the rescue!”
For consumers, an account at CARvengers.com is FREE. They locate nearby auto repair shops in their vicinity by entering their zip code, car model, and required service. They can read and compare verified reviews, find coupons, daily deals and discounts, and even schedule appointments. Reviews can only be left after the shop confirms that service took place. It is a one-stop shop for consumers to locate their best auto repair option, make an appointment, and read or leave qualified reviews.
Car-related service businesses wishing to list on carvengers.com can subscribe with a one-time set-up fee for their profile and an affordable monthly or annual subscription fee to be placed on the site. All features are intuitively designed for easy management at the push of a button. Businesses can post flash offers and other deals at will and reach a specific audience of car owners seeking their services. For a premium, subscribers can secure special placement on the home page billboard for quicker access to their business profile page. They can also access a fully functioning platform for their scheduled appointments with future service reminder buttons for past customers.
Korpolinski says he is working hard to be the outlier tech startup that elevates, rather than hinders, the growth of the industry he serves. His vision is to differentiate the site from the competition on the market by incorporating verified reviews, a broader participant base, and depth of content available on CARvengers. Korpolinski says transparency is key.
“There are no fake reviews on the site. CARvengers does not direct search results based on paid advertising, proprietary certifications, or affiliates. Only actual customers who have patronized the auto repair shop can leave a review—positive or not—on CARvengers.com. Shops also have the option to respond to a bad or good review,” he said.
In many areas of the country, a dealership may offer the only service shop available within many miles of peoples’ homes. Korpolinski says that’s why CARvengers is inclusive of ALL repair shops no matter size or designation. Those doing business the right way can be rewarded by receiving new and/or repeat business. Additionally, CARvengers offers car-related services such as ride-booking inspection sites, car wash and detail centers, tow services, car component add-ons, tinting, and other automotive services.
Launched in the Chicago area, the community on CARvengers.com is spreading nationwide. CARvengers is positioned to become an indispensable resource for consumers to find and reward the best auto automotive service-related businesses while helping them grow organically. Korpolinski is planning to aggressively grow the CARvengers website throughout the rest of 2022 and beyond.
For more information, visit carvengers.com.
About CARvengers.com
CARvengers @carvengers.com is a community-based car repair website to help connect those in need of car repairs, maintenance, and other related services with local, reputable service providers. For consumers, the site is FREE to browse, FREE to create a customer account, schedule appointments, read verified reviews, discover valuable coupons, and locate local car service repair shops of all types. CARvengers is also a resource for ride booking inspection sites, car wash and detail centers, tow services, car component add-ons, tinting, and other automotive services. The site offers local car service shop owners a subscription-based, affordable, flexible tool with unique features to help grow their business such as the ability to offer customizable coupons, daily deals, discounts and flash offers, classified ads, merchant events, and verified reviews with an owner reply option. Visit CARvengers.com or call (312) 786-5399.

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