October 2, 2023

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This week, on the MarketBeat Podcast Kate sits down with ETF portfolio manager Dave Gilreath, who offers a perspective on “dividend achievers”,
This week, on The MarketBeat Podcast Kate sits down with ETF portfolio manager Dave Gilreath, who offers a perspective on “dividend achievers” and why these deserve a role in your portfolio. Dave gives us ideas for some mid-caps that may not be familiar names, but are showing potential, and paying dividends, which offset price declines, even in a market downturn. 
 Dave also gives us his forecast for the market direction after the U.S. midterm elections and discusses an old-school tech in his portfolio, as well as a familiar industrial name.
-How do midterm election years in the US tend to affect the market? Why is it common to see a larger downdraft in midterm years?
-Based on market history, what can we expect in the fourth quarter?
-How has the S&P 500 performed in the 12 months after the midterm elections, going back to the 1960s?
-How is the strong dollar affecting markets at the moment?
-What is the Nasdaq’s Dividend Achievers Index, and how does Dave use this in his investment strategy?
-What is Dave’s method for avoiding downside risk in stocks, when it comes to the Dividend Achievers?
-How do dividends offset the downside in a bear market?
-Which of the Dividend Achievers has the least downside risk?
-Why is a high P/E ratio not necessarily a concern when evaluating a stock with strong growth?
-How companies outside manufacturing industries can flourish in a time of high inflation?
-Why is a uniform rental and cleaning-supply company among the stocks Dave likes now?
-Why management ownership is an important factor when it comes to being aligned with other shareholders
-How to evaluate whether a company is likely to contract or expand in a recession
-Why a mid-cap maker of industrial filters has been successful in retaining customers
-Do investors overlook “non-glamorous” companies in favor of so-called hot techs? Are they missing good stocks for that reason?
-Why does Dave like a mid-cap industrial distribution company that is a new Dividend Achiever?
-How did analysts arrive at this company’s upside potential?
-Why buying during a time of market volatility can be advantageous to investors?
-Why an old-school tech name has resurfaced as a top pick, despite trading at 1999 levels
-What is driving the business rebound of this U.S.-based broadband networking leader?
-How has the business model for networking companies changed over the years?
-Why a beleaguered big industrial is on Dave’s list, despite being mired in litigation
-How a higher-than-normal dividend yield makes this stock attractive, and why Dave believes the bad news is already baked into this stock
How to find Dave and Innovative Portfolios
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