April 15, 2024

Donald J. Trump winning the 2016 Presidential Election might have seemed like an anomaly if you listened to any of the bought-off, squawking parrot heads of the corporate media. However, after taking a deeper look into the years leading up to the 2016 presidential race, the fact that he won actually seems quite understandable.
In director and entrepreneur Scott Allan’s 2020 documentary, “Gotta Love Trump,” the elements leading up to this leftist nightmare event that sent shockwaves through the world (Trump winning), are explored in depth.
The WalkAway Campaign movement founded by former liberal Brandon Straka is a true grassroots movement that formed because people who had been voting for Democrats became disillusioned with their party and “walked away” from it. But it hasn’t been easy. While many people have wanted to leave the Democrat Party for many years, some fear the consequences they might suffer from not just friends or family, but also from their livelihoods, if they were to walk away.
One has to wonder why the left has become so extreme and violent in recent times, that they try to label anyone who disagrees with their bigoted viewpoints/ideology as being racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. (the usual leftist grab bag of cheap slurs we’re all used to by now).
Joy Villa, a musician by trade, observes that as a consequence of people leaving the Democrat Party in droves, four out of nine Bernie supporters became Trump supporters leading up to the 2016 election. She adds that generally speaking, people of color have been systematically conditioned to vote for Democrats since they were considered the “good guys.”
She admits that she thought that as well at one time. But as she began to see how unhinged the left was becoming in recent times, she began to question her political alignment. This questioning led her to investigate why the left has become so hate-filled and violent. This led to her switching her way of thinking over to a more conservative mindset.
But at the same time, she faced a dilemma that many in the creative and entertainment industries do—if she were to come out as a conservative, she knew that she would lose lots of work opportunities since most of those industries are so leftist leaning. She goes further on to say that since she was a black Latina female working in Hollywood, she was expected to “think a certain way,” so she remained a closeted conservative before finally finding the courage to come out as one.
She points out that Hollywood used to be a place that was indeed more unfair to non-white people in the various entertainment industries. But instead of healing from those bigoted times, the left, which has taken over most of the entertainment and creative industries, has swung the pendulum back the other way in an extreme way.
Nowadays, people are discriminated against for having too light of a complexion or being Christian, conservative, or simply male. Therefore, white Christian men are often the most targeted by the media. So naturally, Trump is the representation (white, male, Christian) of all that the left hates.
Gene Ho, a famous photographer, was another person who turned away from the disturbing extremist trend that the left has been going through in recent times. He described himself in the past as a “darling of the left.” But when he had a chance encounter with someone who introduced him to Trump personally, he was offered the opportunity to photograph the president for a day, which led to an ongoing relationship between Ho and Trump.
Ho states that when he would try to explain to people how Trump treated all people with dignity, no one would listen to him (his leftist friends/associates). But the thing that really disgusted him was watching the constant corporate media attacks (that seemed to be strangely coordinated) that vilified or mocked a man who Ho considered to be a genuine and kind person.
Ho said a light went off in his head and he began trying to figure out why there was such a frenzied, sustained attack on Trump by the mockingbird corporate media—it truly baffled him. After all, as Ho points out, Trump used to be beloved by the media, such as during his “The Apprentice” TV show days.
The documentary goes on to show how Trump had a positive impact on America, especially when it comes to such things as the country’s economy (low taxes, energy independence, low unemployment), boosting up female and black/Hispanic businesses and entrepreneurship, supporting the military and law enforcement, shutting down the southern border and projecting strength throughout the world, to name a few of his accomplishments.
It’s a well-produced documentary that has a number of excellent and informative interviews that shed light on who Trump really is behind the scenes, and how his policies vastly improved America for the four years he was in office. Similar to another documentary that I reviewed on Donald J. Trump, titled “The Trump I Know,” this is a very thought-provoking film that should spark some interesting conversations, and like Gene Ho, turn on a few lightbulbs.
Watch “Gotta Love Trump” on Epoch Cinema here.
Directors: Scott Allan
Running Time: 1 hour, 31 minutes
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Release Date: 2020
Rated: 3.5 stars out of 5
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