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By  //  September 30, 2022

Nick Ayala is a successful entrepreneur in both the insurance and marketing industries. Born in Boca Raton, Florida, Nicholas (Nick) Ayala did not start out as the savvy businessman and innovative entrepreneur he is known as today. 
The founder and managing partner of Priority Life Insurance Group graduated from Florida State University with the view of becoming a professional golfer. Ayala toured the world and although he was doing very well, Nick ultimately decided to move away from his love of golf to pursue another of his passions, empowering others.
Over the years, Ayala has founded several successful businesses within the marketing and insurance space. As a well-known leader in the industry, many have looked to Nick for guidance and mentorship which he gracefully provides with passion and dedication.
Although Ayala has a full schedule, he still finds time to give back and together with his wife, Adriana, supports a number of charities close to their hearts.
Building a Business Career
Following his decision to end his career as a professional golfer, Ayala went to work trying to make his need for helping others a reality. This led to the start of Point America 365 in 2012, a digital ad agency that helps their clients drive growth through lead generation and brand awareness.
The company provides small businesses an array of digital marketing services which includes content creation, marketing strategies as well as connecting them with influencers for cleverly targeted campaigns.
After two years of running the Point America 265, Ayala founded Align Capital Ventures. The family run office specialize in futures and equity trading. His experience in finance, business, insurance and stock markets as well as mentorship and support from professionals around him inspired the versatile entrepreneur to continue exploring new business ideas.
In 2018, Nick founded Priority Life Insurance Group when realizing that many people and families were vulnerable without anything to protect their assets. With Ayala’s leadership and knowledge, the company quickly put itself on the map and in only 3 short years was sold to Integrity Marketing Group, which Ayala is still a managing partner of today.
Through various partnerships with insurance companies, Priority Life’s  top class agents are trained to understand their clients needs in order to partner them with the perfect solutions.
In 2017, Entrepreneur 360 recognised Ayalas forward thinking and creativeness and named him as one of their top entrepreneurs for his innovative mindset and leadership abilities. 
Giving Back to Others
Nick quickly realized that in order to make a positive difference, it was important to share his own knowledge with others to help them achieve their goals. Working with his own mentors, it was clear that he could now make a difference in shaping other’s businesses by sharing his skills.
It has become a passion mentoring other agents across the United States in both English and Spanish, helping them to see immediate results in their own work. Many look to Nick for guidance due to his positive mindset and leadership skills.
Ayala is quoted as saying: “One cool aspect of mentorship is the ability to get constructive criticism. You can learn from your mistakes and make your business stronger. Having a mentor will also increase your knowledge in your field, help you make other business connections, and assist you in setting goals.”
Not only is Ayala a mentor and leader to many agents, but he is also involved with many charitable foundations. Nick and his wife, Adriana both serve as chairman for the Make a Wish Foundation, a charity set on making the dreams of children going through tough times a reality. They are also involved in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as well as Habitat for Humanity, an organization that builds homes for impoverished communities.
Perseverance and Future
Nick himself has said that not all his business plans always worked out in the way he had planned, but through perseverance and a “looking forward” mentality, he has made a name for himself as one of the top entrepreneurs and businessmen in the insurance and advertising industries. 
Nick continues to offer support to others through thoughtful leadership and by teaching them how to maintain discipline while leading a balanced life. With an unsurpassed determination, there are still many waves to be made for this versatile entrepreneur.
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