November 28, 2023

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Unistream, the Israeli organization helping curb socioeconomic disparities, continues to influence young people to go after their business dreams
Unistream was founded in 2001 by entrepreneur Rony Zarom, to promote innovative, entrepreneurial, and technological thinking throughout Israel. His vision is to ensure that every teen, no matter their socioeconomic background or geographic location, is given equal opportunities through entrepreneurship education to reduce socioeconomic disparities.
Thanks to Unistream, for over two decades, Israeli teens have been given the tools to dream big and gain entrepreneurial and advanced employment skills that will help them succeed in their future careers. The personal, social, and national change that Unistream is promoting will drive the growth of Israel’s future economy and ensure the prosperity of every sector of Israeli society. It will ensure that Israel, the world’s startup nation, will keep its claim to fame, and continue to harvest a thriving startup ecosystem.
Recently, Unistream hosted an international investment committee panel, headed by Ifat Bechor, CEO of Unistream, where groups of teens partaking in Unistream’s program presented their startups to senior business people from around the world. As part of this initiative, students can win prizes worth thousands of shekels (NIS), but also recruit mentors to lend continued support as they progress with their startup ideas. Some of the business people who took part in the panel were representatives from Blackstone, Zygo, RiskPayed, Thundermark Capital, TargImmune Therapeutics AG, and inCitu to name a few.
Ilay Sulam, a 17-year-old from Tirat HaCarmel, who partook in this initiative said, “When I participated in the investment committee and when I presented in front of the panel, it boosted my self-confidence and prepared me for the next time I will have to present myself or my ideas in front of a crowd. The whole experience really made me understand the effect Unistream has on us, and what an important role it plays in our lives.”
Among the innovative startups presented by the teens was an app that aims to increase awareness and knowledge regarding first aid for people in medical distress through games and videos; a smart mechanism attached to the closet that allows access to any shelf according to the desired height to help the elderly or people with physical disabilities; life-saving inflatable clothing that can reduce accidents in cases of imbalance near water; and many more.
Bechor expressed how important it is to give young people the unmediated connection with businesspeople from around the world; “The opportunity given to trainees to present their ventures, talk directly with executives and receive advice from them is inspiring and enhances their self-confidence and perception that they can achieve all their aspirations, in Israel and abroad.”
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What do you know about the Israeli high-tech ecosystem? Have any insider info, tips, or ideas for an article? Email me at!
What do you know about the Israeli high-tech ecosystem? Have any insider info, tips, or ideas for an article? Email me at!
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